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Subject: Report on the 2003 IAS Event
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2003 20:17:03 GMT

Report on the 19th Annual IAS Event.

The event was actually held last weekend in the Great Hall at Saint Hill, in the UK. The local orgs all saw the IAS event this weekend video.

Before writing this report I took a look at my 2002 IAS report and realized that both events started the exact same way.

This is what I wrote last year.

"The IAS event started like past IAS events with a video showing a wooded area, and the theme music of the IAS playing (trumpets blaring). Nine guys dress like knights from King Arthur's Court on all horseback come riding through the wooded area. They appear to be on a mission. The lead knight (note: they are wearing regular knight clothes not the armor ;-) is on a white horse and is carrying the IAS torch. The others are riding behind him 4 abreast and are carrying flags. Truth be told, they look like a bunch of good-looking biker types on horses."

As always DM is the first on stage. He gets a very long standing Ovation and sucks in the applause, all while trying to look a bit humble. DM opens with his usual mini State of the Planet address. He began with his usual simplistic and often incorrect commentary on the state of the planet and international events. His prepared speech is never enlightening and it certainly proves that DM only views things from the very little world of the C of S. He is quite obnoxious in his "certainty" yet he shows complete lack of any kind of understanding of what is really going on in world politics. DM summed it all up by telling us it's the "same old same old."

I will try to assemble my report in some sort of order but please understand that this event, is 2.5 hours of straight PR with snippets of data thrown in. They try to cram a whole bunch of "wins" in and there are lots of videos, graphics, stats, and interviews with "opinion leaders" and government officials.

There is no way I can remember it all and I am especially lousy with names, but I'll do my best.


I don't remember DM or the others talking about "generation plants" at this event, Instead he referred to them as "footholds".


Grand Opening of Applied Scholastics Inc (ASI) in St. Louis Missouri.

The Grand Opening was a very big deal and apparently the C of S plans on using the ASI "Foothold" to get study tech being funded and used all over the world.

Tom Cruise gave what some might consider to be a moving speech on how he has dedicated his life so that anyone reaching for study tech could get it

They had various non Scientologists speaking and endorsing the Study tech and acknowledging LRH.

They interviewed a woman from the Ministry of Education of Ghana and she claimed that study tech is in entire the school system there and thought it was great.

There was also a deputy "something" for the Ministry of Education in Denmark who said that he wants study tech in every school in Denmark.

I am sorry for not remembering names but they do very fast paced interview and sometimes they will put the name and title of the person on the screen while he/she is being interviewed and sometimes they don't.

The also had a video clip of a Missouri Congressman speaking at the Grand Opening and he just gushed at how delighted he was that ASI was there and he acknowledged LRH.

Jesus, you wonder if this Congressman from Missouri is just oblivious to what is going on or if OSA has a picture of him naked with a little boy.


Narconon Arrowhead is one of their major "generation plants" or "footholds". What was really surprising was the number of officials that were endorsing NN in different countries.


They showed a video of the Grand Opening of the new Way to Happiness building. An Ex prime minister of Ghana was at this event and praised TWTH and said TWTH was really needed for the world.

There were two main speakers at the TWTH Grand Opening. One was from Palestine and the other was from Israel. The one from Israel seemed to be some kind of publisher that put the TWTH in his newspapers. The Palestinian was a woman with the Ministry of Education and she pledged to get the TWTH studied by every kid in the Palestine school system.

Apparently the C of S is targeting the Ministry of Education in various countries.

It is believed by most Scientologists that flooding the Middle East with TWTH booklets will bring about peace.

PR Belgium

Human Rights Office in Belgium Grand Opening also had a video and they had clips of people from the European Parliament, professors of nearby Universities and heads of different European Commissions. These people all spoke in favor of the C of S Human Rights activities.

One guy said "Scientologist's battle for religious freedom in Europe is very important and everyone has been gaining because of them."

Criminon South Africa

A South African official stated as a fact, that so far, everyone that has completed the Criminon Program in some SA jail has NOT returned to jail.

Now this really makes you wonder where the hell they find people to say stuff like this.

It is my opinion that the C of S has been able to infiltrate certain places that don't have a lot of critical data about them.

From this they have been able to create the impression that people really like Scientology. Some of these people sound like they have been drilled by OSA on exactly what to say. Some of them are duplicating and repeating OSA's exact PR lines And some of these people actually acknowledge LRH just like a good indoc'd Scientologist would.

My guess is, that the C of S pays for these official junkets and wines and dines government officials at the new and some what posh facilities of Narconon Arrowhead, Applied Scholastics or TWTH.

These same officials, who more than likely are getting a nice paid vacation courtesy of the C of S, are now asked to say a few words about Narconon, Study tech, or LRH and they may feel somewhat obliged to say something nice since their hosts just shelled out a lot of cash to bring them to the US and show them around.

DM uses these videos to make the point that people become allies and are supportive of Scientology or LRH Tech and they don't' just get behind Scn but they take the initiative to actually promote it or fund it.

Ya sure, why not? These guys will fund a program that sends them on junkets to the US and shows them a good time.

I am sure that all these videos are edited to back DM on this point. DM wants the Scientologists to see and to believe that Scientology and LRH are really well liked and well thought of. He doesn't want Scientologists to see or think about all the criticism that goes on.


Sorry but I can't remember the names of the man and woman from Sweden that won the first Freedom Medal Award. I will report the names and any other information I missed when the next IAS mag comes out.

These two people from Sweden were given the award for their work in the area of Drug Education in Sweden

The ever obnoxious Jeff Pomerantz does the narrative on the video, and he updates us on the drug scene in Sweden.

It seems that this Swedish Scientologist was asked to speak at some meeting about drugs and the LRH Drug Ed Tech just took off from there. He got involved with speaking to both corporate and civil (school) groups on LRH Drug Education Tech

He got several booklets published on LRH drug education and they now have corporate sponsors that include, Coca Cola, BMW and Erickson. They went from two people doing this on their own to a good sized staff and a nice office. They started their work in Stockholm and now cover the entire country

The headline in some Swedish Newspaper is shown to us telling us that Drug use stats have completely crashed. For the first time in year, drug use has gone way, way down but they don't tell us in this article if LRH Drug Ed Tech was the cause. The Scientologists always magically connect any good news in the press to activities they are involved in. The C of S will take credit for any good things that happen in the world. For example, when the Berlin Wall came down, I heard Scientologists say it was because OT 8 had been released! Magic!


They dragged Heber out of the closet to do his annual "make fun of the psychs" routine.

As usual they push how many psychs went to Jail. This is a stat they take credit for, whether they were involved with his prosecution or not.

Per Heber the number of psyches jailed from the year before is up 1300%!. After each stat announced, Heber would do his righteous and sanctimonious wind bag routine and say,

"That is what it means to give the psychs a taste of their own medicine"


Bruce is a CCHR guy. He's 55-60 years old and looks like a distinguished Congressman. Basically he's a great PR guy for the C of S because he has that * look * that they like. He's also pretty tall and he really makes DM look like a little dwarf.

Bruce was somehow involved with getting a law passed in Colorado or maybe it was Connecticut, I can't recall right now, but that law had something to do with kids not being forced to do psych drugs in the schools.

He repeated his successful actions in other states and then started meeting with Congress regarding the forced drugging of kids. Due to his work he allegedly got some bill passed in Congress that ended up passing a 440 to 1


It seems to me that DM really gets carried away with the word "moreover" I lost track of how many times he actually said it. An example would be, "Moreover, we do know what to do, and we have never been more prepared to do it.'"

It just seemed that he really overused that word this time.


I'm sorry, I can't help myself. Whenever I watch this arrogant prick [Mike Rinder] all I can think of is Alfalfa from Spanky and Our Gang.

Rinder usually does the legal updates and this time concentrated on wins in Germany and France.

Rinder said that Freedom Mag exposed some corrupt official and the guy that was being exposed contacted Freedom and asked what he had to do to get Freedom off his back.

Rinder said that "our reply was what it always is: Follow the Law"

Rinder said this all while being a completely arrogant shithead.

He said that 'they" are all corrupt criminals and we pull their withholds.

I got the distinct impression he was actually talking about Bob Minton but couldn't use his name, so he made up this story about the corrupt official.

He mentioned a big TAX case in Germany going on since the 80's. I don't really follow what goes on in Germany so Tilman or others in the know, please feel free to correct this information.

Rinder said that at one point officials came into the Berlin (??) org and took all their financial files and used them to build a case against the Church. The Church then handled this by recreating their records to prove their case. The C of S then got a major prosecution witness to admit on the stand that they deliberately put information together to make the C of S look as bad as possible.

Because of this Scientology won the case and these guys were ordered to pay the C of S costs plus 2 million dollars.

I know what I just wrote doesn't make a whole lot of sense but you have to understand that this is how Scientology explains their legal wins to the public.

The C of S has been active in setting precedent both Germany and France in regard to an FOI Act type thingie.

Apparently the C of S has lawsuits against gov't agencies and they have demanded certain information from these gov't agencies that would be available here in the US under FOI.

Per Rinder, the C of S has established precedence because some Scientologists demanded to see their Intel dossiers and they had to go to court to get them. Per Rinder, they won these cases in both France and Germany and therefore set precedence for obtaining information in these countries.

Rinder did not make any kind of report on what was happening in Amsterdam, with the Scientologists leaving and joining the freezone. ;->

Rinder did talk about the C of S litigation in Bavaria and announced that the Intel agencies could no longer do any kind of surveillance on the C of S.

Another of Rinder's "wins" was that the CC London got property tax exemption, which is the first-ever tax exemption for the C of S in the UK. Apparently they've been trying for decades to get exemption as a religion.

Rinder described an official from Westminster visiting CC London to check it out for tax exemption. He said, "I've been to many groups who want tax exemption and they all say they do many things (to merit exemption) but you are the ones who do the most!"

Ya right.

Freedom winner Lady in Tasmania

This lady, whose name escapes me right now was in Sydney when she got the "wake up call".

She decided she would clear Tasmania. They showed a video of how horrible a place Tasmania is with economic depression, high suicide and a "state on it's knees".

This lady goes to Tasmania and becomes a VM. She goes to work at the local Suicide Hotline in some town and she mans it up and teaches others what to do and she is credited with saving 39 lives.

She puts an ad in the newspaper saying, "I will talk to anyone on your behalf to anyone at all" and she gets a phone call from some little old lady dying in her bed asking her to contact someone and help straighten things out for her before she dies. The VM does a 3P investigation and sick woman gets out of bed and is no longer dying.

The VM hooks up with the local fire department and teaches them on how to give assists. She gets involved with the Rotary and she has her own weekly talk show.

She now has a Dn group there and does Book I auditing.

Regardless of how bad the C of S PR is, I have always seen individual Scientologists go into an area where Scientology is not well known and * on their own * they do make allies and friends and they can make a good impression on the people that they try to help. Of course as soon as the C of S gets a hold of it, and runs their crazy stuff, it eventually gets bad PR and the individual Scientologist ends up doing something else or leaving.


Earlier this week I was quite sure Tom was going to win a Freedom Medal. I was sort of surprised that that he didn't get one. So I was WRONG!


The IAS now has the status for the million dollar Patrons. Gold Meritorious

Craig and Sally Jensen and a couple from Israel made the cut. There were a few others but I don't recall there names at this time.


ED Int does the VM update segment. He shows several VM events in I think it was Italy, and told us that the plan is that every org will have this special Van that will allow them to set up a VM tent in one hour. Each org will travel around their area and setup the VM tent once a week in a different location and work on getting new people in.

There will be 7500 of these "events" in the coming year. The major product is people routing onto services. They get new people in and they "find their ruin" and then get some sort of service or help and then route onto org lines. Apparently this has been a very successful Div 6 action for them. (Div 6 is responsible for getting new people in)

It seems that each time they do this they have some kind of standard program they run on an area to get the Advance PR done and they usually get some sort of local official to the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The VM tent events not only are for getting new public in but also to make allies or get opinion leaders on their side.

At one of the Italian VM tent openings they showed a video of someone presenting the VM book to the Deputy Prime Minster of Italy. How they pulled that off would be an interesting thing to find out.


At the end of the event DM said something like

We are going to stop worrying about the SP's because they are only 2.5 percent of the population. When he said this I got the impression that DM has truly been tearing his hair out about SP's and it really seemed to me that he was saying:

We are not going to worry about the bastards on the internet that keep fucking up our plans.

His expression demonstrated a real loss because while his words said one thing his face said he was having many losses on internet.

OSA Goon

"Critical thinking demands we question the unproven, not that we meekly accept it." Diane Richardson

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