Affidavit of J. Whitfield Testifying about Narconon


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Affidavit of J. Whitfield
Testifying about Narconon
Registered Charity # 107760142RR0001

February 27, 1998.

My name is Jerry Whitfield. I live at 119 SE 43rd Lane in Cape Coral, Florida. I am over eighteen years of age and if called to testify in a court of law, I could do so in a competent manner.

From 1974 until 1977, I worked at Narconon, a front group for Scientology. At that time, we took our orders from the Guardian's Office United States (GO US) which in turn took its orders from the Guardian's Office Worldwide (GO WW) which answered solely to Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. Mary Sue answered only to L. Ron Hubbard according to the information we received at Narconon. (Mary Sue Hubbard and ten other high ranking Scientology officials were put in prison for conspiracy against the US Government. They were involved the biggest conspiracy against the US Government in the history of the US.)

We were required to write weekly reports each Thursday by 2:00 PM and sent in our weekly statistics by that same time each and every week of the year. I was in charge of collecting statistics from each staff member at Narconon, El Paso, Texas. One of the statistics I had to collect each week was number of new Scientologists made this week.

Additionally, a percentage of our gross income was sent to the Church of Scientology each week. I did not work in the accounting department, but I was told on numerous occasions that 10% went to the GO US and 10% went to GO WW. I did, however, participate in the weekly financial planning of the money taken in for the week, and how it was to be spent. So I feel that the 20% figure sent to Scientology each week was accurate. I heard from the Treasury Secretary that checks were made out each week and sent uplines to Scientology. I doubt that I would have been lied to about that for over three years. Especially since there was often a change in Treasury Secretaries and the story stayed the same. Moreover, I worked at Narconon El Paso and Narconon United States, and the percentages were the same in both organizations as told to me by various Treasury Secretaries in both organizations. I served on the Finance Committees for both organizations so I was privy to this information.

We used L Ron Hubbard's techniques for getting people off drug dependency and turning them into Scientologists if we could. We were told by Dick Talbert, a Guardian Office staff member, to tell people that Narconon and Scientology were different corporations and not affiliated.

Dick held the post of Narconon Director, GO US. I held a lower position simultaneously which was Executive Director Narconon US. In that position, he was my direct senior, or my boss. I, as a Narconon staff member at Narconon US, was taking direct orders from a Church of Scientology staff member daily. This was no secret to me or anyone else who worked there.

(In fact, to work there required the attitude of a dedicated Scientologist.

Non Scientologists would not remain under the intolerable work conditions.) Every day I worked less than twenty feet from Dick Talbert's desk. I had no time to do the things I wanted to do to create my job; I had to follow the orders of Dick who had to follow the orders of Laurie Zurn, another Church of Scientology staff member who worked for the GO US. She was head of Bureau 4, the Social Coordination Bureau of the GO US. Her orders came from the head of Bureau 4 in GO WW at East Grinstead, England, where Scientology was managed.

The Guardian's Office (Dept.20) is now known as Office of Special Affairs (Dept.20). Bureau 4 was later known as SoCo for Social Coordination. It has now been renamed A. B. L. E., Association for Better Living and Education.

The purpose of Narconon was to make the works of L Ron Hubbard and his name acceptable to the public. That was part of Narconon's written Admin Scale, an overview of what the goals, purposes, policies, and plans of the organization were.

ABLE is now overseen by a Scientology entity known as International Management. ABLE oversees Narconon, Crimanon, Applied Scholastics, and The Way to Happiness Campaign. WISE, World Institute of Scientology Enterprises is on the same level as ABLE. Both are licensed by Religious Technology Center, RTC, holder of the copyrights and trademarks of Scientology. Both are managed by International Management.

One can easily verify the order of command channels by inspecting the Command Channels of Scientology as issued and copyrighted by the Church of Scientology in the late 80's or early 90's.

I swear to the best of my knowledge that the above is true.

Jerry Whitfield
Cape Coral, Florida


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