Scientology fake fronts creating more fake fronts to scam with


NarCONon is Scientology!

Forward: For a systematic, detailed, professional exposure of Scientology's "Narconon" front group, visit the Narconon Exposed web site.

FORWARD: Here we see a Scientology ringleader discussing how customers can created web pages that link the Scientology criminal enterprise to a number of fake fronts. The "Scientology Parishioners League" is yet another fake front that the criminal enterprise constructed in an attempt to try to depict the organized crime syndicate as some how allowed to commit crimes because they're a "religion."

Sent: August 04, 2003
Subject: Scientology Resource Directory

Here it is!

The approved Scientology Resource Directory. It links -- by specific topic! -- to 250 pure-theta Scientology sites: Orgs, missions, LRH articles, social betterment groups, Scientology publications and much more.

You can put this Directory on your Web site free. See examples below. It takes little space as it's just text and links, no graphics.

To help disseminate Scientology on the Internet, this Directory can be put into your site in 10 minutes. Also, please let other Scientologists with Web sites know about this. This definitely gets our message known and helps put theta Web sites out there with worldwide exposure on the 'Net.

Every day thousands of people browse sites owned by Scientologists but may get no exposure to Scientology. With your help, this Directory gives visitors to your site access to life-changing Scientology and LRH tools!

This Directory is an index of links, neatly organized by topics -- then subtopics under each topic -- that take visitors to a broad spectrum of Scientology sites.

Its twelve main topics are: Arts; Helping People; Kids & Teens; LRH; Making a Better World; Materials & Services; Organizations; Parishioners; Publications; Religion & Spirituality; Truth About Drugs; and Workplace. See it in action on these Scientologists' sites:
(link is on home page, at the very bottom)
(See "Tools 4 Life" on left)
(8th link down, above "Make Contact" graphic)
(very bottom, above signature)
(link is on home page, on the left)

(link is on home page, at the bottom)
(link is on home page, at the bottom)

You see how a visitor can follow down Truth About Drugs, get to Purif data and rehabilitate a life! Or follow a link on Psychiatry to learn the truth about ADHD. Or follow down Publications to read the latest Freedom Magazine. And, of course, people will follow Organizations to a mission or org near them!

Your Webmaster simply installs the Resource Directory on your site, then puts in a prominent link to it. The above treatments show it can be done simply or with added esthetics. The prominent link might read "Additional Resources," "Helpful Sites," "Scientology Links," "Likeable Links" or any other text you feel is compatible with your site.

Please email to request the Directory file, installation instructions and a tech support contact! Installed, it's less than one megabyte. We have more tech shortcuts, if you're not overly Web-savvy.

Your help in getting out this message is greatly appreciated!

Very best,
Jon von Gunten
Director or Operations
Scientology Parishioners League


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If you or a loved one needs help -- real help -- there are a number of rehabilitation programs you can contact. The real Narcotics Anonymous organization can get you in touch with real people who can help you. Click [HERE] to visit Narcotivs Anonymous's web site. Narcotics Anonymous's telephone number is 1 (818) 773-9999.

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