Letter to the Editor: Kirstie Alley is not associated with Narcanon (sic)


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Letter to the Editor: Kirstie Alley is not associated with Narcanon (sic

Mon, 31 Jan 2000 10:45:40
To: letters@guardian.co.uk
From: Crackpots
Kirstie Alley not associated with Narcanon (sic)

Greetings, Guardian!

In one of your latest articles, you incorrectly identified actress Kirstie Alley as a spokeswoman for Narcanon. (sic) She is not. She is a spokeswoman for the American Scientology cult which created a fake company called Narconon -- note the deliberate variation in spelling.

The fake company called Narconon exists solely to get drug addicts into the American-created Scientology cult through the use of quack medicine which in both the United Kingdom and in the United States has resulted in numerious civil lawsuits and criminal medical fraud (the cult engages in quack medicine with a ritual they call "the purification rundown" and the cult, while using the name of their fake company Narconon, seeks to distance themselves from the legal consequences of rooking their drug addict victims.)

Narcanon, (sic) the _real_ organization that actually helps people overcome their drug addictions, are in no way connected with the Scientology cult. Unfortunately, Narcanon (sic) suffers adverse publicity when members of the popular press mistakenly confuse the real Narcanon (sic) with the Scientology cult's deliberate deception.

I would ask that you print this correction so that Narcanon (sic) doesn't receive yet another black eye from the media due to the near-criminal deception of the American Scientology cult.




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