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NarCONon is Scientology!

Forward: For a systematic, detailed, professional exposure of Scientology's "Narconon" front group, visit the Narconon Exposed web site.

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A sincere thank you to Nanette Asimov and to the Chronicle for having the courage to expose one of the shell games of the so-called "church" of Scientology, who wants to have it both ways.

The same Hubbard pseudoscience is touted as "religious", (for religious tax exemption) and "secular" (drug treatment, study tech, business management, etc.) to fool the public and to recruit new members for the "church".

More than fourteen years ago, Narconon came to Oklahoma and lied. While telling us there were no ties between Narconon and the "church", Narconon was sending this letter, which tells a different story, to Scientology orgs all over the world.


Narconon is one of Scientology's several front groups, who travel the globe to sell Hubbard's books, pseudoscience, sci-fi religion, and hatred of psychiatry any which way a Scientologist can.

According to church policy, Hubbard's scripture can't be changed. Narconon is "church" scripture. It will try to hide its "religious" spots,, but it can't change them. Its drug program violates separation of church and state while it feeds false, potentially dangerous information to vulnerable children and lies about its ties to the "church" of Scientology.

That's three counts. Narconon should be out of public schools in San Francisco and everywhere.

Oklahoma City, Okla.


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