Editorial Opinions by RWL-07 June 1990
FACT: NarCONon is Scientology


NarCONon is Scientology! Forward: For a systematic, detailed, professional exposure of Scientology's "Narconon" front group, visit the Narconon Exposed web site.

Editorial Opinions by RWL-07 June 1990

About a year ago, Narconon said they would be completely under Oklahoma jurisdiction and would comply with Oklahoma health Department requirements and all other state laws.

Saturday, on KFOR-TV, Narconon told the world that they are on Indian Land, and not subject to Oklahoma rules and laws. Surprise, surprise. More lies, more lies.

Add it to the collection...

1. There's no connection between Narconon and Scientology.

Fact: Narconon was founded by Scientologists, is run by Scientology, is staffed by Scientologists, and uses Scientology "technology" exclusively in it's programs.

2. ABLE (Association for Better Living and Education) is a philanthropic organization that has studied Narconon and found it worthy of a $200,000.00 "seed money" donation to get Narconon started at Chilocco.

Fact: ABLE is on the Command Chart of Scientology, it was founded by Scientologists, is run by Scientology, is staffed by Scientologists, and it owns Narconon, among other Scientology fronts, which it operates solely for the purpose of "pushing LRH's (L. Ron Hubbard, founder) Tech out into society." That's cult recruiting.

3. Narconon does not recruit for Scientology.

Fact: A person doing the "Narconon Technical Line-Up" is doing the exact same things he would be doing if he walked in the front door of a Scientology organization and signed up. Whether he was a drug addict or not. Whether he knows it or not. And usually, he doesn't. That's cult recruiting.

4. Narconon has worldwide success and acceptance.

Fact: Narconon has only one small in-patient facility in the US, and a few "offices" around the country. More Narconon programs have been shut down across the country than are currently in operation. Usually, they shut down when their corporate and government funding sources find out they are a fraud... not because they have cured all the drug addicts in the area!

5. Narconon has an 86% "cure rate". Right! And I sell 100,000 papers each week. I can't document that claim, and neither can they. Anything that sounds too good to be true usually is.

6. Scientology helps people in a troubled world...

Fact: It helps separate them from their money. It takes control of their mind and does their thinking for them. It demands their total commitment and ability. And finally, it throws them away when they finally figure out they've been conned. And if they object or protest, they are declared "Suppressive Persons", subject to any evil any other Scientologist can dream up to harass and ruin them. Documented proof? Courts have ordered Scientology to pay millions to the victims of such "fair game" tactics.

7. Scientology enhances one's appreciation of his own Christian religion.

Fact: In the "confidential" upper level of Scientology known as OT III, Hubbard categorically informs his thoroughly brain-baked followers that "there is no Christ."

There isn't enough room to continue.

Scientology is a lie. Narconon is a part of Scientology. Narconon has lied to the people of Oklahoma since it first cast greedy eyes on the Chilocco complex. Saturday's television announcement is only the latest confirmation that they intended to deceive us from the beginning.

An organization that teachers "Truth is what is true for you" admits it doesn't know the difference. An organization that allows the end to justify the means admits to its own immorality. An organization that requires the total commitment of its followers before they can be trusted with its secret upper levels is paranoid. And an organization which does all of those things is a destructive mind controlling cult.


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