Swedish Government Exposes Scientology Crime Syndicate's Criminal Secrets


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Swedish Government Exposes Scientology® Crime Syndicate's Criminal Secrets

Radio news at noon today 18 June 1998.

The Swedish Supreme Administrative Court (Regeringsrätten) made the final ruling this morning that the "secret Bible" of Scientology will remain a public document in Sweden. In the ruling it was said that people have to pay large fees to read the document and that the U.S. has put strong pressure on Sweden to keep it sealed. The court ruled that it is more important to safeguard the principles of the Swedish Constitutional Law of Public Access to Official Records than to submit to pressures from foreign political powers. The decision can not be appealed.

The "bible" was submitted to the Swedish Parliament by a private person a couple of years ago and later the Administrative Court of Appeal (Kammarrätten) decided it to be a sealed document.


I almost jumped off my chair and choked on my morning coffee when the news came over the radio behind me.



The Angel of Xenu

As an American citizen, presently in Sweden, I think today's ruling by Sweden's highest court is very significant. For the last several years, Scientology has lobbied the U.S. government to apply international pressure to Sweden, in an attempt to prevent public review of the NOTS materials submitted to the Swedish Parliament by a Swedish citizen, Zenon Panoussis.

Sweden is a small country, about the size of California, with a population of about 9 million. Scientology enlisted senior trade officials in the Clinton adminstration in their war against the Swedish Constitution. Trade sanctions were threatened and/or taken against Sweden by reason of their refusal to comply with Scientology's demand that their "religious texts" be sealed from the public. What the actual economic cost to Sweden has been is unknown at this point, but Sweden was placed on a "watch list" of nations suspected of violating international treaties.

In addition to enlisting the President, Scientology used a Congressman from North Carolina to write directly to the Swedish Minister of Justice. Scientology has no organizations in North Carolina but somehow convinced this influental Congressman and committee chairman to consider them as a constituent. the complete text of his letter has not been obtained yet.

Warren McShane, president of the RTC, wrote a letter directly to the Speaker of the Swedish Parliament, regarding the NOTS case. A full copy of the letter has been obtained. I consider the letter rather pathetic and immature. The complete text of it will be posted separately.

I had the opportunity to meet with Zenon last month, during his trial in Stockholm. Unlike our American civil court system, Sweden's courts do not tolerate the antics of lawyers of the caliber that Scientology employs. As a pro se defendant, Zenon was extremely professional and composed and his confidence and oral presence filled the small court room. He was ably assisted in the preparation of his defense by Karin Spaink, the notorious Free Speech advocate and writer from Holland. Karin's frail body can never contain her immense spirit and enthusiasm. I had lengthly conversations with both during my several days in Stockholm and was inspired by their integrity, tenacity and devotion to the cause of free speech and public dialogue as regards Scientology and their aggressive political and quasi-religious activities around the globe.

Zenon was featured in a recent Swedish edition of Scientology's Nazi-style tabloid, Freedom. What effect today's court ruling will have on Scientology's lawsuit against Zenon is unclear. A decision is expected by the end of August 1998.

So, as I understand today's ruling, NOTS will continue to be available for public inspection and copying, until such time as Sweden see fits to change their constitution as a result of U.S. threats and political and economic pressures, instigated by Scientology's supporters in government.

While in Stockholm, I had the opportunity to speak with a local Scientologist who everyday checks out a copy of NOTS on file at the courthouse building, to prevent anyone else from viewing it. I thought this a rather futile tactic since 4 other copies of NOTS are available for inspection everyday. The complete NOTS pack remains available for copying by anyone would applies and pays the copying fee of $57.50. One does not have to be a Swedish citizen and while I was there numerous copies were obtained by citizens from other countries.

Zenon and I estimated that based on the number of days NOTS has been available for inspection, well over 2,000 people have viewed the materials. Several members of the media were present during the trial phases and one indicated that numerous inquiries about the procedure for obtaining a copy of NOTS were made to the local newspaper, after a recent article about Zenon's case.

How many copies of NOTS have been obtained is unclear since one does not have to provide their name or address when obtaining a copy in person and Scientology has no means of compiling a list of the people who have obtained a lawful copy via a mail request. I understand that Scientology earlier tried to compile a list of mail requests for NOTS, but the Swedish government put a halt to that activity since is violated Swedish law. Certainly 10% of the 2,000 viewers would be a very conservative estimate for the number of copies obtained.

In every respect, today's ruling is a major loss for Scientology, internationally, and a major victory for democratic principles in Sweden. Scientology in Sweden today is but a small fragment of what is was in the early 80's. In the entire country there are only 3 small, shrinking organizations. Scientology is not and never has been recognized as a "Church" or "religion" in Sweden. No exact figures are available, but its doubtful that there are 1,000 active Scientologists in the entire country.

Sweden commissioned the first scientific study of Scientology's Narconon® program and found its claims without merit. Scientology's use of stolen videos of the Royal family in a deceitful attempt to give credence to their Narconon program has been recently disclosed, and I understand that Narconon faces the cutoff of tax dollars to fund their future programs.

I hope that what has happened in Sweden will not fade into the background of international public perception. Scientology's fanatical inner circle is dedicated to implementing Hubbard's mandate, described in his writings, that programs be executed internationally to bring all governments into compliance with his vision to Scientologize the world and establish a global quasi-theocracy, based on his "tech and admin" writings. Any country where Scientology has planted an organization could find themselves facing the same pressures and reprisals that Sweden has been subjected to.

Joe (joeharr@worldnet.att.net, posting from Sweden)
The Angel of Xenu


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