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[NOTE: This is a HEAVILY DELETED version of the entire kook rant that the Scientology cult uses to justify the notion that their "Purification Rundown" cures radiation exposure and its effects. This extract conformes to Fair Use dictates of U. S. Law so any Scientology crook who's upset at this exposure can go change the laws or move to Iran if they don't like it.

Basically in the heavily redacted extract of what Hubbard is saying here is that his quack NarCONon fraud will help people live through nuclear war and he muses that only Scientologists will remain alive afterwards.]


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I want Scientologists to live through World War III.


Atomic War has been more or less neglected as a news subject since the late '50s. But that doesn't make it any less a threat. All it takes is one psychopath politician with access to the war-peace button. And today there are a dozen atomic armed nations.


The primary purpose of the Purification Rundown is the Spiritual improvement of the person by handling the restimulative effects of the accumulation of drugs and toxic substances.


The discoveries I made with this vitamin in the '50s began with its apparent effect on the restimulation of the being by radiation exposure.


Bombarded by radiation from atomic plant fallout, from lessened atmosphere protection, people today are far more subject to being victims in the time of atomic war. The cumulative effect of radiation has set them up to a rapid demise in the face of heavy atomic fallout.


With individuals thus far more subject to being spiritually affected by all of this, it brings us to the interesting probability that those who have had a full and competent Purification Rundown could fare better than others not so fortunate....

And that poses the interesting possibility that only Scientologists will have had the spiritual gain that would enable them to function in areas experiencing heavy fallout in an Atomic War.

I want all Scientologists to have the benefit of such spiritual improvement.



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