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NOTE: This one's more than a little disturbing. Here you apparently have the Scientology organization attempting to find out what it is that made cult followers wish to subject themselves to Scientology's "Purification Rundown" specifically so that the organization can target non-cultists.

Many documents like these come to law enforcement agencies and human rights organizations through infiltration of the organization and through infiltration of the organization's "secret" mailing lists -- either by law enforcement or intelligence agents or by civil rights, human rights, or Constitutional rights activists. This particular document was obtained by the world famous activist Roger Gonnet who works within France to curb destructive cults' abuses.

From: "roger gonnet" <>
Subject: SURVEY?
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 11:41:31 +0200


Date:02/13/2002 06:76

Dear OT 8-8008 Roger

If you have been a Scientologist for three years or less, and if
you have done the Purification Rundown, or are currently on the
Purification Rundown, please take a few minutes to fill out the
below survey.  Your data about what got you interested in doing
the Purification Rundown will be utilized in a dissemination campaign
designed to help introduce non-Scientologists to LRH's Purification
Rundown technology.  You can help change thousands of people's lives
for the better by providing your answers, so the time you take in
filling out this survey will be very valuable.

Rick Siegel
Survey Director
Church of Scientology International

Note: Please be as specific as possible in the answers you give.}


{1. How long have you been in Scientology?}
{A. Eight months or less} [ ]
{B. Eight months to a year} [ ]
{C. One year to two years} [ ]
{D. Two to three years} [ ]

{2. When did you get enrolled and start the Purification Rundown?}
{A. Within the first month of coming into Scientology} [ ]
{B. One to six months after coming into Scientology} [ ]
{C. Six months to a year after coming into Scientology} [ ]
{D. One to two years after coming into Scientology} [ ]
{E. More than two years after coming into Scientology} [ ]

{3. How did you find out about the Purification Rundown?}
{A. From a Friend} [ ]
{B. From a family member} [ ]
{C. Got body routed into the org} [ ]
{D. Through a radio advertisement} [ ]
{E. Through a flier or handout} [ ]
{F. Through a television commercial} [ ]
{G. Through an org magazine} [ ]
{H. Through a work or business associate} [ ]
{I. Through an FSM} [ ]
{J. Other (Please specify)} [ ]

{4. If there were one thing you could say about what got you
interested in doing the Purification Rundown, what would it be?}

{5. What were you told or what did you read about the Purification
Rundown or its procedure that really got you interested in doing
the program?  (Please be as specific as possible in your answer to
this question)}

{6. What about your life did you want to handle with the Purification
Rundown? (Please be as specific as possible in your answer to this

{7. Country/Area you live in: (Please select one)}
{A. Australia/New Zealand/ Oceania} [ ]
{B. Canada} [ ]
{C. Europe (not including Great Britain)} [ ]
{D. Latin America/South America} [ ]
{E. Russia} [ ]
{F. South Africa/Zimbabwe} [ ]
{G. United Kingdom} [ ]
{H. United States East of the Mississippi} [ ]
{I. United States West of the Mississippi} [ ]
{J. Other} [ ]

{8. Highest Processing Level:}
{A. None} [ ]
{B. Pre-Clear} [ ]
{C. Clear} [ ]
{D. Pre-OT (OT I-OT VII)}[ ]
{E. New OT VIII} [ ]

{9. Highest Auditor Training Level:}
{A. Division 6 Courses} [ ]
{B. Student Hat/Study Certainty} [ ]
{C. M1/Trs & Objs} [ ]
{D. Pro Trs/Upper Indoc Trs} [ ]
{E. Pro Metering} [ ]
{F. Academy Levels} [ ]
{G. NED} [ ]
{H. Grad V} [ ]
{I. On Or Completed SHSBC} [ ]
{J. Class VIII} [ ]


"Rd" Roger Gonnet
"Doctor es divinity"
(33) (0) 6 09 66 11 27
(33) (0) 6 16 58 87 85


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