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NarCONon is Scientology!

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In case anyone is wondering ... yes, I'll be on the air continuing this Stonehawk Saga on Saturday, March 3rd starting at around the usual 11:30 point in the program.

Before I get to the main course of this post, here's an appetizer. While I was on the air last week, the sales guy walked in and said that [Scientology owner/operator] Clark Carr (President of Narconon, Int'l) phoned our General Manager and was interested in buying time on KCAA.

Apparantly they wrote him up a one month contract to broadcast 4 Saturday's from 6-7am ... either Carr hosting his own live show or an already "in the can" pre-produced show on C.D. I'm not sure when this starts or whether its a live show or not.

So I come home on Saturday night and I see this in my e-mail box. I forwarded it to the owner and CEO of KCAA who called me Sunday night and said that when he read it, it got him mad. He wanted to know if his newsman could read it on the air. I said "no, thats okay, why give these people any publicity." I informed him of what the sales guy said. He said that he was out of the loop on this and that he was not for sale at any price, even though they were willing to pay top dollar.

Here is that e-mail that he reacted to, and that I'm sure will make all of you react a little too. Before you read it, let me just say that I did get a little "healthy fear" at first, but for all I know, it could be part of dirty tricks tactics generally employed by the COS. Rest assured that I'm back in action this Saturday morning. Too many people are getting hurt for me to sit silent. Let me also say that I have ommited any e-mail information and the handle that this person used. This person did'nt even use an actual name. Here it is for your reading enjoyment:

Dear Mr. Daniels:

After much internal debate, I have decided to contact you regarding your shows on Stonehawk.

I am a Scientologist of 30+ years, but no longer connected with the Church of Scientology. Important distinction if one understands that the Church was taken over by "mooks" after the death of its Founder, and no longer resembles its former self. It does not represent what Scientology once was. Now it is a perfect money-stealing machine, using (or often simply pretending to use) a perverted semblance of its former technology, which was rather fabulous, IMHO.

I do not mess with the Church, and have waved no red flags in their faces. I did not depart publicly...I simply drifted quietly away and disappeared. I do not want to be on their radar any more ever, at all.

And for the last seven or so years, I have studied the Internet regarding all the under-the-radar history of the new COS. (Church of Scientology)

For the above, I am trusting you to keep this mail, and my contact with you, confidential.

I want to tell you that I see you as a very nice and well-meaning person who managed to do just what he loves to a radio personality. And I wanted to tell you that you have NO IDEA who or what you are dealing with when you dare to mess with the income flows of the COS.

The fact that it has been quiet so far is NOT the way it will stay. They are stunningly facile in-fighters, and this lull hides what is going on behind the scenes to deal with you. They are the Yakuza of corporate thugs.

They have taken over a whole city in Florida. They have fought the IRS, and won peace by blackmail, using their fabulous dirty tricks. They have "shuddered into silence" most of the media for decades. They have broken up families, killed pets, framed innocent people for crimes, strong-armed or bought politicians, gotten people fired, investigated, beaten up, and driven others to suicide. They brought Bob Minton, a sophisticated millionaire arbitrage banker, to his knees when he went up against them.

So, this is not a game to be taken lightly. Even as I type, and you read, they are investigating every aspect of your life, right back to childhood. They are investigating your friends, former employers, family, tax returns, current and former neighbors, credit reports, driving record, arrest record, employment record, military record, telephone records, pay-per-view cable records, etc.

Vince, they are flawless at what they do. Please don't think you can trifle with their revenue source, of which Narconon is a biggie and not be dealt with as they have dealt with others like you.

I would suggest that if you intend to continue to "tweak Superman's cape", you start by contacting your sponsors, and letting them know that it is likely they will be approached, and why. This will serve as damage control to some extent. Then do the same with the other categories I have mentioned above.

Take it for what it is worth. I have no vested interest in the outcome, as I am now a spectator in the game. And the cheering section over on ARS really doesn't have much help to offer you, should you get a gut punch from the COS.

With much respect for your good impulses, and desire to use your assets to right a wrong you correctly perceive being done, I remain...

(nickname omitted).


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