Scientology denies that their NarCONon in Stonekawk is either Scientology or Fraud


NarCONon is Scientology!

Forward: For a systematic, detailed, professional exposure of Scientology's "Narconon" front group, visit the Narconon Exposed web site.

Scientology denies that their NarCONon in Stonekawk is either Scientology or Fraud

[Forward: Scientology's "NarCONon" is Scientology, and the fact that so many Scientology ringleaders try to deny it is amusingly bizarre given the fact that every one of the owners and operators of their "NarCONon" scams are Scientology ringleaders and/or customers of Scientology, something that's apparent by doing google searches on the Internet using their names.

Vince Daniels has been exposing the financial frauds and the quack medical scams that Scientology sells to their victims through their fake front Scientology calls "NarCONon." Since Mr. Daniels has had so many victims of Scientology's fake "drug treatment" frauds speak out, Scientology owners and operators are extremly upset -- so they issue even more outrageous lies such as the series of fraudulent lies which follow.

The Scientology crooks proclaim anywhere from an 86% to a 75% success rate, something that they have never been able to back up with actual evidence. Scientology's actual success rate as scientifically measured during the company's only known evaluation found that Scientology matches the usual well-known placebo percentage: The percentage of people who do nothing to treast their drug addiction is the same percentage of people who find "success" with Scientology's quack medical fraud "NarCONon." Ergo Scientology's lies are underscored.]

Narconon Under Attack

Recently, Narconon Stonehawk has been under attack by the Vince Daniels radio program. No drug rehabilitation program can work 100% of the time for 100% of its clients. It is not uncommon for those who refuse to be helped to blame the program rather than themselves. It is also very common for the parents who enable the addict to also blame the program rather than blame the individual.

The truth is that many people enter a drug rehabilitation program to appease parents or the law and then deliberately leave or behave in a manner that gets them kicked out so they can continue to use drugs.

Then, they turn around and say "narconon stinks, they're full of BS, they are only interested in taking our money, they are abusive -- etc." which is just justification for the addict to go out and use drugs.

The addict then continues to get to do what they want to do guilt free because they tried, but Narconon failed.

Parents are naturally enablers, and would oftentimes not want to put the blame on themselves or the addict, but turn to saying there is something wrong with what Stone Hawk did. This sort of thing is very common in the drug rehab industry. Parents understandably get very angery when they spend a large sum of money on the hopes of treatment for thier children, and when they lose that money because the person is unwilling to be helped it is all too easy for them to take that anger out on the program.

Altohugh Narconon Stonehawk is in no way associated with Scientology, the Narconon Program was created by L. Ron Hubbard, the same person who founded Scientology. This Vince Daniels, for whatever reason, has a problem with scientologists.

Because of his misconcepton that Narconon is associated with scientology he feels the need to attack it too.

Narconon does not teach or practice scientology in it's drug rehab program. Yet Vince daniels goes to great legnths to degrade a drug rehab program that has saved the lives of thousands of people and families. What makes these attacks unfair is he only seeks out people who are dissatisfied with the program to speak.

At no time does he bring in the comments or letters of those who swear by it. His website and radio show are filled with people who have terrible things to say about Stone Hawk, but these are all people, or parents of people, who have not successfully made it throught the program to no fault of Stone Hawk's.

Drug addicts lie, parents of drug addicts believe their lies, these lies then go on the Vince Daniels Show. We respect the rights of Vince Daniels to print and say whatever he choses on his radio show and blog.

This great nation was built on the rights to do as such. But, his biased and false beliefs prevent him from telling both sides of the story. Truth be told, Narconon Stonehawk has saved lives. It has brought destroyed families back together. People who stuck with the program and actually took it in lead lives of productivity when they were once hopeless.

Approximately 75% of the people who enter the Narconon Program complete it with success. That means 25% of those who entered did not. Of course a small percentage of that 25% is going to have a voice speaking out against the program. Way to seek out that small percentage Vince, and slam an organization that saves people from the grips of addiction for your own personal gain. you're a real contribution to human history.


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If you or a loved one needs help -- real help -- there are a number of rehabilitation programs you can contact. The real Narcotics Anonymous organization can get you in touch with real people who can help you. Click [HERE] to visit Narcotivs Anonymous's web site. Narcotics Anonymous's telephone number is 1 (818) 773-9999.

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