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Curious is the Church of Scientology in all of its guises, apparently only experiencing life as a series of motivators: as victims, ever the recipients of injustice and of prejudice.

However, by their own "spiritual" creed, could they have done something to "pull it in"?

What follows is a short synopsis of the true events leading up to the present judicial proceedings which are in progress in Spain. They have been brought against the Church of Scientology International, Dianetics, Narconon, RTC and other scientological organizations, their agents and responsible executives.

The beginning of the summary of the criminal proceedings in Spain date to approximately early 1982. At that time the ex- Commanding Officer for Iberia, Per Gardstrom was apparently "arrested" as he arrived in Madrid airport from Copenhagen. He was detained by three plainclothes officers. Lurking nearby was a woman, recently mentioned in a statement supposedly written by the OSA and published on the Internet . Montserrat Aguilera, at that time the President of the local scientology-dianetics organization in Spain and head of OSA in that country. With her was Kurt Weiland, her senior in the OSA for Europe at that time and until recently, head of OSA Internationally. Gardstrom had arrived in Spain to deliver certain information to the Spanish authorities. This concerned the alleged illegal exportation of money from Spain by the sect to their European bank accounts.

Friends of Gardstrom who expected his arrival were witness to his arrest. They quickly attempted to contact the Spanish police in order to learn why he had been detained and to assist in his release. They contacted the various police agencies, the Guardia Civil, and even obtained the help of the Swedish consulate in Madrid in their efforts to locate him and to obtain his release. Later that day they were shocked to find that Gardstrom had in fact NOT been arrested by any Spanish police agency whatsoever!

It was therefore assumed possible that he had been kidnapped, and the police followed up on this possibility by opening an investigation into his disappearance.

The following day, Gardstrom called his friends in Spain. He told them that after having been interrogated by police officers at the airport he had been summarily deported from that country as "persona non grata".

However, the Spanish police, after investigating his arrival and departure, ascertained , by checking their arrival and departure cards and by interrogating the airline crews, that Gardstrom had boarded the following flight back to Copenhagen, together with Kurt Weiland, next to whom he was seated. His "arrest" had been a farce perpetrated by the OSA, the purpose of which had been to frighten the people who were expecting him.

The result was an opened police investigation that would, 14 years later, result in the criminal proceeding now under way.

An amazing win for Kurt Weiland whose "bright idea" began the almost decade long investigation.

Some years earlier, following Hubbard's apparent disappearance from the sect, thousands of its former members were expelled in a years-long "purge" of its dedicated and long-time militants.

One of the victims of this purge was Hubbard's "Second Deputy Commodore," William Brandon Robertson, known within the Sea Organization as "Capt. Bill". Pursued by agents of the sect, declared as a "Suppressive Person" by their "justice" system and fearing for his life, he had made his way to Spain where he shortly founded, along with 18 others, the Iglesia Universal de Cienciologia in Spain, an alternative which he projected for those who had been expelled from the sect but wished to continue to study or apply Hubbard's philosophy, while not agreeing with the sect's so called "ethics" policies.

This incorporation, although completely legal and guaranteed as a right under the Spanish Constitution, was not considered as such by the power hungry young usurpers known at that time as the "Watchdog Committee", made up of members of the CMO who had taken over control of the sect, headed by David Miscavige and, at that time, Pat and Annie Broeker. Their response to this action was a more than decade long conspiracy to undermine and destroy the aspirations of the dissenters to obtain their own religious freedom. The sect would do this regardless of the methods employed, regardless of the legality of their actions.

Shortly following the creation of the Iglesia Universal de Cienciologia, one of the members of this dissident group was jailed in Germany due to false charges brought against her by the local scientology organization. The arrest was arranged to take place in the middle of a peaceful meeting of ex-scientologists in the city of Munich. The arrest took place on a Saturday evening, so that she would have to spend the whole weekend in jail before being able to obtain release by the judge the following Monday. This was one of Kurt Weiland's successes.

The following week, Pedro Lerma, known as "Petrus", of Madrid, Spain, another of the founding members of the Iglesia Universal de Cienciologia of Spain and who had, on his own, created a center for drug rehabilitation and who had refused to permit his center to be taken over by the new masters of the sect found himself jailed on false charges and sent to the prison at Carabanchel. Days later, after much difficulty on the part of his family and friends to raise funds, he was released pending trial. He would live for almost 6 years under the threat of prison, until his case came to be viewed and sentenced in 1990. He was defiled in the press and on the media by agents of the sect. When the case was tried, he was exonerated of all charges, the falsity of which pointed directly to the operatives of the sect in Spain. The sentence was handed down by the 16th Section of the Provincial Audience of Madrid in October of that year , Sentence No. 639. Among the many data proven in this trial, the sentence includes findings about the motivations of scientology which are surprisingly anomalous to the friendly, "public relations" appearance given by the PR experts of the sect:

".... which is none other than that of "making money and making more money", and to which end they put into practice graft, extortion, kidnappings and sequester, theft and robbery of documents, falsifications, larceny, false accusations and denouncements, obstruction of justice, defrauding of the public treasury, Social Security and a countless list of unlimited illicit activities from which we should not exclude espionage ......"

This was another of Kurt Weiland's successes.

The judge who had been duped into having Lerma falsely imprisoned was D. Jose Maria Vazquez Honrubia. This judge wasn't to readily forget their misuse of justice as the sect would later realize.

Weiland couldn't help but telephone to Robertson in Germany to tell him how he had had Lerma jailed in Spain. And he let him know that John Caban, one of the dissidents assisting Robertson in Spain, would have a surprise waiting for him when he returned to that country.

Before returning to Spain, they contacted with Per Gardstrom, who had been removed from his position in the sect in Spain, and who had been forced to do hard labor in sect's "Rehabilitation Projects Force" as their psychological reorientation camps were called (redefinition of terms).

Months earlier Gardstrom had contacted and visited with the one of the dissidents in Spain, staying at his home for various days, ingratiating himself with his former friend and his family while at the same time attempting to extract personal information from them which he could pass to his seniors in the sect for their destructive and illicit operations.

After the arrest perpetrated in Munich, Gardstrom offered to take documents to Spain which he wished to present to the authorities there. He alleged that these documents would demonstrate the illicit removal of moneys from Spain during the time that he was in command of the organizations there.

About a week later, the infamous "Madrid Airport Incident" took place and the sect's troubles in Spain began.

It was again a great success of Mr. Weiland, who then came to the US to participate in the harrassment of David Mayo in California.

Actually, this was to be the second time that Scientology ran aground in Spain, since, a decade previously, after the death of Francisco Franco, the dictator of that country, they were under suspicion due to the constant entries to their ports by the "Apollo", then the flagship of the Sea Organization.

As court records of the present case demonstrate, they later obtained the apparent illicit removal of reports from official government archives, although knowledge of these activities was not to come to the attention of the courts until the possible criminal actions involved had proscribed in law.

After the incident at the Madrid airport, detectives hired by the sect continued in their unconstitutional persecution of the Spanish dissidents, spending, according to a public notarized document, sworn to by an the ex-president of the Dianetica association in Madrid and OSA in charge, over 10 million pesetas of association funds in only one year. The sole purpose of the expenditure was to attempt to find or to fabricate some charges with which they could put one of the dissidents in jail.

During this time and in the following years the sect continued to promise undeliverable states to unsuspecting victims, especially those who had children who were addicted to drugs in some form. This would later come to be known when over 100 individuals presented formal accusations against the sect for some sort or other of fraud. It was found that these people had not come forward previously due to fear of reprisals from the sect. They had been "handled".

Of the over 100 accusations filed in the case against the scientology organizations and their responsible executives, more than 50 were for theft or larceny. There were approximately 20 accusations of sub-standard sanitary conditions in their Narconons. About 15 persons filed accusations of having received threats of one kind or another from the sect. The accusations of coercion numbered almost 20. The accusations found within this case include, moreover, those of false arrest or false accusation, slander, theft with intimidation, professional intrusion, evasion of capital as well as crimes against fundamental and constitutional rights of individuals and the right to privacy.

The scientology organizations involved in these accusations include the Dianetics Associations, Narconon, the Church of Scientology International, Druganon, SOCO, the Sea Organization, Flag Services Org.

In 1988, numerous members of the sect, along with the president of the International Church of Scientology were arrested. After their interrogation, those deemed as responsible under the laws of Spain were arraigned. Since Spanish law contemplates the ultimate responsibility of the directors and executives of an organization for the crimes which could be committed by agents and members of that organization, Heber Jentszch and other leading members of the officialdom of the sect were charged, and most were released on bail.

Jentszch obtained his release apparently by the intervention of Jessica Parcell, long time member of the sect, who remembered an influential Spanish boyfriend from her youth after being contacted by the special operations group working on obtaining Jentszch's release. Her phone call to this now influential personage along with a program worked out by the legal consultants of the Sect in Spain obtained Jentszch's release from the prison of Carabanchel. The boyfriend is now being investigated.

A curious observation can be made that Jentszch was held in the very same prison in which the sect over which he presides had Pedro Lerma unjustly incarcerated almost six years previously. The conditions in the prison at that time were considerably worse than in 1988. The judge who signed the order for his imprisonment was D. Jose Maria Vazquez Honrubia, the same judge who had been duped by the sect to have Lerma unjustly jailed.

During the next couple of years, the sect began contacting the individuals who had formulated accusations against them, in most instances reaching some sort of economic agreement with each, and requiring that these individuals retract their accusations. Approximately 33 of these retractions admitted doing so because of an economic settlement of some sort, constituting a most obvious admission of guilt on the part of the sect that the charges brought against them by these individuals were true.

Despite their efforts to submerge the courts in paper and to dissuade the multitude of litigants from continuing with their accusations, the course of justice continued on.

Attempts to illegally investigate the judges and others present in the case were doomed as well to failure, the judicial police having caught the detectives and attorneys of the sect "inflagrante" while they were conducting an illegal investigation into the private and personal lives of their "enemies".

In the fall of 1988, Caban, one of the plaintiffs present in the scientology case, was attacked by three alleged "ex-scientologists" outside his place of work. The attackers, now awaiting trial for attempted homicide, were Alberto Suarez and another individual, who had connections to the International Justice Chief of Scientology, and the very same woman referred to in the article recently released by the OSA, Montserrat Aguilera, ex-president of the Civil Dianetics Association and OSA operative in Spain. Aguliera is as well one of the accused parties in the criminal case against Scientology. This case is to come to trial early in January of 1996 and is thought to have definite connections to the larger case against the sect for which no trial date has yet been set.

The scientologists, having played all their tricks, one after another, have found that they will go to trial after all. And they have begun preparing the "public-relations groundwork" previous to not appearing in court when the case comes to trial. A recent scathing edition of "Etica y Libertad" (Ethics and Freedom), edited in Spain by the sect, attacks the honor and ethical conduct of the Spanish judicial system in such a way as to make obvious that Jentszch has no intention of returning to the Spanish jails. Perhaps Miscavige will go on his behalf.

Their buildings in Madrid are up for sale.

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