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From: Mike Gormez <mgormez@chello.nl>
Subject: Narconon's sad record
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 09:02:14 +0100

Here's the record of deaths I know, that are connected with Scientology's Narconon:

Paride Ella (22) and Giuseppe Tomba (26)

Last night another guest of the [Narconon] center, the second, died at the hospital in Lecco. Paride Ella, 22 from Grassobbio (Bergamo), ceased to live after a 5 days agony. He had similar symptoms - vomit and diarrhoea - as the ones felt by Giuseppe Tomba, 26 from Solaro (Milano).


Pius Keel (22)

Pius Keel, a confirmed Scientologist of 22, ended his stay at the Schliersee tragically. He got himself into deep debt for his community. After some time at Narconon he complained to his mother about the barefaced swindle. Narconon is only about money, he said. On September 14, 1990, after less than two months at Narconon, Pius packed his bags and threw himself under a train.


Jocelyne Dorfmann (34)

She died from an uncured epilepsy crisis after having been accepted in Narconon center in Grancey sur Ource, a village near Dijon.



Another death at Narconon

Michael Pappas' Story

Of course, Kimmie had the same type of story. Four months ago her boyfriend was on WD [/Ed: withdrawal/] for Heroin and was taking methadone toolbars. She had gone out shopping that morning and came back and found him dead in the bed on the Narconon Property. I asked her to call my Christine and talk with her because she was having nightmares about me and she promised to call. I asked her every day and she never did. Once again playing mind games or feeding on your emotions to make you feel confident in them and the Narconon way of life.


Report of the Belgian Parliament Inquiry Committee on Sects 1997, Page 145:

The speaker [J.A. Fisch, of the "Circle of Defence of the Individual and Family" organisation] knows a young man from Vianden who paid 250,000 francs with Narconon for a cure of detoxication which finally lasted only three days: he fled and died of an overdose ... the witness affirms that too high amounts of products, like Nyacine and Oxadylène, are given to certain people so as to break their resistance and to convince them to remain [with Narconon]...


Mike Gormez

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