Undercover Investigations of Scientology's NarCONon frauds


NarCONon is Scientology!

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Eight weeks ago I was sent undercover to investigate the Scientologists at their new headquarters near St Paul's Cathedral in the City of London, writes a Sunday Times reporter.

My experience shook me. What I had expected to find was an eccentric but largely harmless organisation. What I discovered was a paranoid and dogmatic group which — through a mixture of pyramid selling techniques and subtle intimidation — preys on the vulnerable to expand and enrich itself.

After introducing myself to one of the organisation’s "body routers" or "greeters",

I was taken inside, shown a series of videos depicting happy Scientologist families and then given a "personality test". This marked the start of a common theme: a constant digging to establish and mark out my insecurities and character flaws.

I was told the test had revealed that I had problems with "concentration", "depression" and "confidence". But I was not to worry -- with only a bit of work Scientology would sort me out.

Over the following weeks I progressed through various courses at a cost of about £200. At the same time they recruited me to become an "expeditor" -- the first rung on the ladder to being given a full-time post with the organisation.

I was part of a team that would be paid according to how much money the organisation made each week — a figure partly dependent on how many people we recruited.

I witnessed a number of highly unorthodox tactics and practices:

# The use of a type of lie/stress detector called an "e-meter" to test recruits with a view to finding their "ruins" or vulnerabilities.

# Pressuring new members of staff to divulge and document the minutiae of their sex lives, including the names of all those they had slept with.

# Encouraging members to identify "suppressive persons" in their lives — people who had a negative impact on them, including parents and other family members.

Perhaps the most troubling were the four e-meter tests that I had to undergo. Hooked up to the device, I was grilled on my background, my views on Scientology and my past employment. It felt as if I was being turned inside out so that they could assess the potential for me to become a compliant member.

In another episode I was told to try to concentrate on counting a series of numbers out loud while another student shouted questions at me about my sex life.

The idea was to get me to learn to ignore distractions while focusing all my energies on a single enterprise. It was at around that point that I decided I had had enough. [END QUOTE]

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