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From: Dave Bird <dave@xemu.demon.co.uk>
Subject: PICKET REPORT 2002/oct/26 Saturday, BIRMIMGHAM (UK)
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 17:53:24 +0100

PICKET REPORT 2002/oct/26 Saturday, BIRMIMGHAM (UK)

It was a fine day for a little picketing: weather, blue sky with 50% fluffy cloud, cold and windy but none of the predicted rain showers. The streets were filled with cheerful shopping crowds, "xxx days to christmas" must have been on people's minds though it wasn't displayed up on posters. Just four of us this time: Dave, Jens, John and Hartley. John was on the sound-system, Jens on helium balloons, Hartley on one corner as a fixed leafleter, me as a movable leafleter. We started late-ish just before 14:00 and ran the full two hours until just before 16:00.

There were between four and eight clams out; the man from the Loons Club was there briefly, but no sign of the little sneak or his side-kick "eight ball". They were distributing anti-drug leaflets (so I suppose if you were very dim you might be fooled into believing we were a pro-drug picket). Apparently cannabis can cause schizophrenia, which is strange because I thought this was an imaginary disease made up by psychiatrists. Strangely, also, it cites both a webpage for Narconon, and a (!) hotmail address where they can be contacted, although CofS say that Narconon is not owned and run by them. The balloons lasted about 1.5 hours until the tank ran out of gas (150 of them, maybe 100 per hour), and we carried on to make up the full two hours.

It was nice to get together again and, all in all, we had a grand day out.

All the best,

Dave <XEMU>.

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