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NarCONon is Scientology! Forward: For a systematic, detailed, professional exposure of Scientology's "Narconon" front group, visit the Narconon Exposed web site.

NOTE: As has been covered in a number of other web pages on this web site, Scientology's NarCONon is not "nationally accredited" as the organization likes to claim. The organization has attempted to acquire accredidation over the years yet they've been consistantly denied or obvious reasons -- until the organization bought a fake "accredidation" from an organization in Arizona which apparently knows nothing about Scientology and its NarCONon scam.

The Scientology organization bypassed State and Federal laws and did not acquire accredidation yet they managed to open up their quack medical scam in Oklahoma by getting themselves on to Indian land which has a level of soverignity. The Indians have since thrown the crooks off of their lands however the organization continues to operate in a number of States due largely to the fact that massive Federal raids against the organization is the only thing that can dismantle the organization once and for all.

The last time that the Feds raided the organization in a large way in the United States was in 1977 and the organization is long overdue for another series of raids to put an end to these abuses.

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Crackpots says:

> http://www.crackpots.org/ attempts to accumulate everything that's
> known about NarCONon.

Hi Crackpots,

Thanks for providing the correct URL.

I am reposting a letter from the OSA guy at Narconon Chilocco (a copy of this letter was sent to Chris Owen). Apparently my original post was cancelled and reposted.

Tory keeps insisting I tell some "tales". Someday I might tell the tale of WEIRD ENCOUTERS WITH NARCONUTS. :-)


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"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."

Add two more for COS: half truths and distortions. While adamantlly proclaiming to Oklahomans that the Church of Scientology and NarCONon were NOT connected, the NarCONon in house OSA agent sent this recruitment letter out to scientology orgs.


Narconon Chilocco New Life Center
New Life Without Drugs
August 18, 1992

Dear DSA:

It has been a while since my last briefing but the wait has been worth it because there is big news to announce.

Narconon Chilocco now has officially won its battle with the Mental Health Board when the board voted unanimously last Friday to exempt Narconon from certification requirements. In a nutshell, because Narconon is nationally accredited, it never has to apply for certification again and the Mental Health Board relinquishes their control over the program.

This is a first ever decision from the Board and Narconon is the first non-hospital program to ever be exempted in this fashion, and is the only non-hospital program in Oklahoma who is nationally accredited.

This marks the end of a two year battle over certification which has cost the state of Oklahoma an estimate $2,000.000 to fight. So it gives you some idea of how much the psychs and ARM figures think Narconon is worth to Oklahoma. The Chairman of the Mental Health Board admitted in the Friday hearing that they had taken money away from other programs in order to pay for the cost of the Narcnon battle, but in the end, it was the Board's own psychiatrist who made the motion to exempt Narconon and end the nightmare that was started by the Mental Health Department in 1990.

All statewide meia covered the victory and touted the decision as a reversal of the early denial of the certification to Narconon. Over 100 telephone calls came in within the first 24 hours from people all over the country offering congratulations on the win.

One television station in OKC announced to all of its employees that Narconon overcame the Mental Health Board and incited a standing ovation for Narconon. Even the Mental Health Board seems happier. After the meeting the Chairman of the Board approached me and thanked me for coming and asked me if she could come out and visit Chilocco now that this war was over.

Overcoming the certification issue has been the biggest battle for Narconon to become fully operational in Oklahoma. The only remaining step is obtaining an occupancuy license from the Oklahoma Departent of Health or a similar exemption from having to be licensed.

This would bring Narconon acceptance from virtually every sector possible and open the door of the center wide for all publics in need of substance abuse treatment.

Currently Narconon is still only taking Native Americans, but in the next few days this status will be changing to include all drug abusers from all states and countries and remove all barriers to expansion.

Now is the time to promote.

If you have people in your area you know of who need substance abuse treatment, call us. There are many ways for people to get onto the program here and many alcholics and addicts have health insurance which covers their treatment.

FSMs are greatly needed on most registration cycles with Narconon and there is a need for promotion in the field of each org.

Tell people in your org and in your field that Narconon Chilocco is going to be accepting all patients and to start making arrangements to get people out here. If there are Narconon public in your field who still need help, regardless of which Narconon they were serviced at.

Promote this one big and I will let you know when the final victory over Oklahoma comes through. And if you see any press in your area on our victory (via the AP wire story on our hearing) please let me know and send up copies of it.

We are also rapidly expanding our staff here to meet the upcoming client needs and we are looking for people who are admin or tech trained (or want to be) who might want to come and live in Oklahoma at Chilocco and work in the largest drug rehab center in the world.

I look forward to getting any feedback possible on this victory, so if you hear about this through your public, or even through your enemies, let me know.


Bruce Pyle

End of Letter

Propaganda, distortions, half truths, lies, damned lies and statistics, Scientology Style.

Dr. V. Raymond Edman

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