Hurray for Chris Owen! hip hip... (Narconon crooks thrown out of Las Vegas)


NarCONon is Scientology!

Forward: For a systematic, detailed, professional exposure of Scientology's "Narconon" front group, visit the Narconon Exposed web site.

Hurray for Chris Owen! hip hip... (Narconon crooks thrown out of Las Vegas)

barb <>
14 Feb 2003

I think the recent flapdoodle in Nevada has demonstrated how valuable Chris' work can be. His 'Ron the War Hero' site got old El Rum listed as a phony war hero on a prominent site devoted to that issue.

But his 'Narconon Exposed' site is a knockout! I think it's going to be vewwy, vewwy tough for Narconon to establish itself in state-funded programs and communities now. They are going to have to sneak in with no fanfare, unless they want the populace pointed to NE. Once anybody spends any time at all reviewing this site, there is simply no way in hell they're going to allow the infestation of Narco-weenies to proceed!

I would say that Narconon Exposed is the single most valuable new addition to our arsenal of information. What a pity it didn't go up in time to chop Narconon Warner Springs off at the knees! I do look forward to tussling with them in the future. It's a splendid effort which has already paid off, if Nevada is any indication.

Thanks again for your superb work, Chris O!


NotAScn <was@Ex.Scn>
14 Feb 2003

Yes for sure. And very timely as well.

"Susan" <>
14 Feb 2003

Hip hip hooray :-)


"Android Cat" <>
14 Feb 2003

Same here. Chris' pages are excellent factual places to point people for information. Now that Chris has done his work, the rest of us can do ours by getting the word to people who need to know.

Ron of that ilk.

"Feisty" <>
14 Feb 2003

Chris rocks! Thank you!

There is no reason why anyone would not like to look at other opinions. Narconon much like other $cientology entities sneak the programs around and feels that they have the answer to the worlds problems without inviting the world to participate.

All they need is a few to hoodwink and it's clearly shown. Oh I'm sure there were the usual hooks out to validate the kids drugs issue which are the fake before the lame duck Narconon flies.

This is something for both members and legislators need to know because believing anything without the chance to look and see for oneself is not only untruthful, it's totally against the grain of the democracy to try to deceive people right in their own governmental meetings. At any meetings.

These are not the people I would elect to serve in the best interests of a democratic society. What a waste of taxpayers money.

Feisty (IDA J 007)
14 Feb 2003

Can't agree with you more Barbz. I have heard he is researching another one of LRon's favorite fronts. I am sure it will be as great as

I will share this E-mail I recieved this morning from NIMH. I have included my letter to them so that it will be "clear" as to the content. I have made an effort to address the National Instute of Mental Health on each change of administration with information as to the practice of medicine without license on the part of $cientology.

This is short note from NIMH

Thank you for your e-mail referring us to the work done by Mr. Chris Owens. We will bookmark his website.

Margaret Strock
Information Resources and Inquiries Branch
Office of Communications

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Saturday, January 25, 2003 6:53 PM
To: NIHInfo (NIH/OD)
Subject: Important Information on NarCONon

I recently became aware of an extremely thorough research package published by a gentleman from England. He researched many areas in an effort to bring forth the truth about an organization founded by the Church of Scientology.

It is operated in various towns throughout the country. Narconon is the name (not to be confused with Narcanon) I would refer this url to you and PLEASE assign one adept in drug treatment (and fake treatments ) to review this wonderful work done by Chris Owens.

Go to

I have written many letters to NIMH, starting as far back as l977. Now, yet another administration and I wonder will someone here take notice of the shams that are being presented to the public as real, or as in the past-pass the information from one to another with in the NIMH or NIDA? thank you.

Ida J. Camburn
1270 Vista Grande dr.
Hemet, Ca. 92543

mimus <>
14 Feb 2003

But remember the "Drug- Free Marshals" -- "Narconon"- style "ethnics"- based "body- routing" aimed at kids . . . !

-- (Shy David)
14 Feb 2003

> But his 'Narconon Exposed' site is a knockout!

It reminds me of a "dragon stick." I learned this method of dragon fighting at Ren-Faire.

The way one fights a dragon is this ---- you take a very long, stout pole, and at one end you wrap some heavy linen. Douse the linen with lamp oil, and then have your scribe light it with fint and steel (or a match if yah got one). Then you take a running start and cfram the flaming end up the dragon's ass (it's much more effective if you're on horseback at the time). is a "Scientology stick."


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