illegal expansion at Narconon Newport Beach (CA)


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Subject: illegal expansion at Narconon Newport Beach (CA)
Date: 10 Sep 2005

Call to action sent 9/9/05, and webbed at:

Summary: the City of Newport Beach intends to violate its own zoning regulations and approve a near doubling of the occupancy permit for Narconon Newport Beach, in the face of ongoing, strenuous objections from nearby homeowners.

The author of this call to action, Professor Linda Orozco, is a neighbor and vocal critic of Narconon, and has received threats from them in the past.

-- Dave Touretzky: "No wonder Scientology hates the Internet"


From: "Orozco, Linda"

The Hijacking of the 18th St. Beach/Point in Newport Beach


The city of Newport Beach plans to double the occupancy of Narconon, a multi-million dollar business operating from a residential property at 1810 W. Oceanfront. In July the city staff approved a building permit for extensive remodeling, and, when completed, will 'double' the occupancy from 27 to 49 in this residential property! The email below from the city attorney's office confirms this expansion. And remember, this 'residential property' only has 3 parking spaces, alley-only access and is oceanfront. THERE GOES ALL PUBLIC PARKING IN THE AREA!

THIS IS AN ILLEGAL ACTION BY THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH. It is an illegal 'intensification of use'. It violates City Zoning Code (20.62.050-A) AND Calif. Coastal Commission requirements for permits and approval. This $4 million dollar a year business operates from this residential triplex without any Conditional Use Permit or review by the City Planning Commission. Any 'intensification of use' requires City Planning Commission approval. In addition, it requires a Calif. Coastal Commission review because it is an 'intensification of use' and directly/negatively impacts beach access and parking for the public. Forty-nine persons (22 staff) and only 3 parking spaces? Imagine! [AND the property owners won approval for a condo conversion years ago which doesn't permit anyone occupying the basement, but this 'new' expansion DOES. What happen to the condo conversion requirements?] SO why did the city staff approve this expansion? Money? Narconon's contributions to city political campaigns? You be the judge.

TOGETHER we can stop this hijacking of the Beach/Point at 18th St.

FIRST, CONTACT THE CALIFORNIA COASTAL COMMISSION to complain and ask them to STOP this illegal 'intensification of use'. The California Coastal Commission is a state commission with significant power to enforce and protect coastal areas and public access. Their phone number is (562) 590-5071, email: , mailing address: Deborah Lee, Sr. Deputy Director, 200 Oceangate, 10th Floor, Long Beach, CA 90802-4416. In addition, the Calif. Coastal Commission will be considering Newport Beach's Local Coastal Plan in October. The city demonstrates such disregard for beach access, illegal expansion with NO consideration for public parking-how can they be responsible for enforcing ANY Coastal Plan? Shouldn't the Calif. Coastal Commission to STOP & DENY the approval of the City's Coastal Plan until the city can demonstrate consistent and honest ACTION in preserving our coastal resources & access?

SECOND, CONTACT CITY PLANNING COMMISSIONERS and ask them WHY hasn't this expansion been brought to them for a Conditional Use Permit? Ask them to REQUIRE that city staff bring this expansion before them for approval. Commissioners can be reached by calling them directly at the numbers below.

Michael Toerge, Chair 949-723-1075
Jeffrey Cole, Vice Chair 949-477-4710
Michael Henn Fax: 626-256-6873
Larry Tucker 949-251-2045
Barry Eaton 949-760-1691
Robert Hawkins 949-650-5550
Earl McDaniel 714-578-7638

CONTACT NEWSPAPERS AND OTHER MEDIA and publicize this outrageous decision. Write Letters to the Editor and contact reporters. This expansion affects ALL beachgoers around Southern California.

STILL HAVE ENERGY, and do YOU have any influence with City Council Members? Then you may wish to contact City Council Members- but, be warned that, after 2 years of written and oral complaints by hundreds of residents (and two public hearings!) there has been NO improvement nor action on the city's part to curtail this multi-million dollar business operation. The city has failed for 2 years to EVER enforce the current 27 person maximum occupancy (staff & clients). We have video of over 40 people on the property on a consistent basis. ASK the Fire Chief why the city has never enforced occupancy.

Fire Chief Riley may NOT speak to you- as he has refused to meet with our group of homeowners and residents for over a year. Instead he will say he has "been directed to refer all inquiries regarding Narconon to the Planning Dept". The City Fire Chief 'has been directed' NOT to address occupancy complaints? By whom? Why? Amazing, isn't it?

Drive by and watch the massive remodeling being done. Want proof of over occupancy? Watch this residence at about 9:30am when most of the occupants head to the roof for a break. Watch 'clients' brought in every morning by van from Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach at 8:30am. They even 'sneak' around and walk in from the bike path to avoid our video cameras! We consistently and on video count at least 40 on the property. The City Council has failed the countless residents, homeowners, beachgoers and others that have sought their help for two years.

Your concern, complaints and outrage can be directed to City Council Members via email at:

John Heffernan
Dick Nichols
Don Webb
Ed Selich
Steve Rosansky
Leslie Daigle
Tod Ridgeway

CONTRIBUTE. Make a small or large donation to "PROTECT THE POINT c/o Linda Orozco", and mail to Dr. Linda C. Orozco, CSUF, EC Bldg, Room 190, P.O. Box 6868, Fullerton, California 92834. Email address: ALL monies collected will be used to fight this city-approved hijacking of the 18th Street Beach/Point.

PASS/SHARE this email with residents, home owners, neighbors, beach goers, surfers and ALL interested in Protecting the 18th Street Beach/Point from this INTENSIFICATION nightmare.

THANK YOU for sharing our outrage at the City of Newport Beach's arrogance to SELL OUT this public beach & surf spot to this multi-million dollar rehab business.

FROM: "Protect the Point" community group Email:

-----Original Message-----
From: Harp, Aaron [ ]
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2005 8:55 AM
To: Orozco, Linda
Cc: Riley, Tim (Fire); Elbettar, Jay; Temple, Patty; Clauson, Robin

Hi Linda,

I want to thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. Based on the issues you raised, our office met with the building, fire and code enforcement departments to discuss your concerns. At the meeting, we discussed the occupancy limits and the basis for thereof.

Based on our review of all information related to the property, we determined that the current Certificate of Occupancy at 1810 W. Ocean Front allows nine (9) total occupants per floor and a total of 27 occupants for the entire building. This includes patients, staff, and visitors. The plan that has been approved and permit issued would, upon completion of the work, extend the amount of occupants to a total of 49 for the entire building and be distributed as follows:

1. Basement: 0 residing and 9 support staff
2. First Floor: 9 residing and 3 support staff
3. Second Floor: 10 residing and 4 support staff
4. Third Floor: 8 residing and 6 support staff
5. Roof Deck: 0 occupants
Total: 27 residing and 22 support staff

In general, after the completion of work the occupancy limits will be modified as set forth above. The increase in the occupancy limits is appropriate, once the work is complete, based on the modifications to the building.

As a result of your concerns our office and the applicable departments have investigated your concerns. While our office cannot divulge the specifics of our investigation, I can convey to you that our recent investigation revealed no current violation of the occupancy standards.

Aaron C. Harp,
Assistant City Attorney- City of Newport Beach


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