Narconon research: still missing, by Shy David


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Narconon research: still missing, by Shy David

Shy David

12 Mar 2003

This morning I got out of "bed" at 5:03AM and rushed into the sinister, stewing, dehumanizing heart of Los Angeles California 100+ miles away to continue the Search For Narconon Effectiveness Evidence (SNEE). I went, after receiving advanced permission, to the mighty impressive and damn huge [censored due to cult retribution policy] building and spent the time from 8:00AM to 3:00PM looking up Narconon. I'm trying to find articles on Narconon's safety and effectiveness in refereed, peer-reviewed journals.

Out of over 30,000,000 documents spanning over 1,000 publications, there were about 600 references to Narconon. 90% of those turned out to be advertisement. Out of the other 60 or so documents, a dozen or so addressed the USA government's dealings with Narconon. Other than Spanish, Greek, Dutch, and what I assume is Norwegian (?) language documents I did not find any material doesn't already have (which kind of makes me wonder if Chris Owen used the same document source I went to. Hummmm.).

The score so far: *ZERO* articles concerning Narconon in refereed, peer-reviewed journals (neither for or against). Lots and lots of artcles critical of Narconon; a swattingly huge amount of advertising crowing praise for the miracle program; several articles about the USA government being swindled via the prison system. Not one damn article in 30,000,000 showing conclusive evidence that Narconon is safe and/or effective.

I'm going to write to the American Medical Association and ask them to perform a study on Narconon. I'll also send the same request to a few other medical associations and organizations: since Scientology Inc. refuses to do the job itself, others will have to. (Yes, I'm well aware of the various studies already done that demonstrate Narconon worthless.)

The day wasn't a total waste: I rescued a trapped seagull from a wire trash can (gods know we need all we can keep).

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