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Warning of new Scientology ® activities

Stuttgart, Germany
September 14, 1999
Mannheimer Morgen

Constitutional Security: focus of activity in

by our correspondent Thomas Schwara

Stuttgart. The state office for Constitutional Security in Baden-Wuerttemberg warned against giving up surveillance of the Scientology Organization (SO). "Constitutional Security continues to be tasked with revealing the machinations of the SO," stated the President of the state office, Helmut Rannacher, at the announcement of the publication of a new brochure on the goals and background of the organization, which has been classified as hostile to democracy.

Scientology was said to be continuing its efforts to convert the social order into a totalitarian system, said Rannacher. In doing that, it is maintaining its long-term strategy of infiltrating important social areas. Baden-Wuerttemberg is the site of heavy Scientology activity. Of the approximately five to six thousand members nationwide, 1,200 are believed to live in the southwest [area of Germany]. As published by the study, they are questioned about "the most intimate things" in their lives in so-called "auditing sessions," which resemble interrogations. By doing that, members become capable of being blackmailed. At the end is said to be "a prison of thought and deed."

According to the findings of Constitutional Security, a total of more than 60 businesses in the state are led by Scientologists or managed according to their principles. Among them are business consulting firms, real estate companies, construction companies and advertising agencies. As Rannacher mentioned, he is working with a considerable area of obscurity which needs explanation. According to the study, the cover organizations of Scientology include the "Commission for Violations of Psychiatry against Human Rights" (KVPM), the alleged drug rehab "Narconon" ® and the tutorial provider "Applied Scholastics."

The state office wants to give an insight into the Scientology system with the brochure. "Infinite over-assessment of self and contemptuousness of all others are characteristic of the totalitarian world picture of Scientology," reads the report. As evidence, the Constitutional Security agents include quotations from written Scientology material in which a "goal worth striving for" in a future society is described as granting civil rights only to Scientologists.

According to the study, Scientology systematically tries to incriminate and discredit critics and former members. In Germany, the "arsenal of weapons" of the OSA secret service ranges from the broadcast of scandalous letters containing material gathered by spying to intimidation by threatening lawsuits.

The brochure can be order from the state office for Constitutional Security in Stuttgart.



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