A Woman Describes Her Narconon Nightmare


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From an Anonymous individual, posting to xenu.net
Oct 28 1999.

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My son has been in and out of Narconons ® over a 10 year period and still can't control his drug addiction. Now I know why. He has never been given any kind of adequate counseling and has been subjected to e-meters, OTs, mind control, and total loss of self.

I'm writing because he was in a serious car accident with some others from Narconon Northern CA where two were killed and his legs were crushed. He barely survived. Now that he is able to put weight on his legs and learn to walk again, he has decided to return to Narconon next week. I am afraid for his life and am trying to convince him to come home with me until he can walk or at least stay in a sober living home, but he barely speaks to me.

If there is anyone in the area of Watsonville in Santa Cruz county, CA, please stop by Narconon any time and ask as many questions as possible. Ask about the accident involving the drunk staff member who crashed into a CHP car leaving the passenger, who was a Narconon client, hospitalized. Ask about the two client deaths where my son almost lost his life as well and is lucky to be alive, though he can't walk. If you see anything to complain about, call Ed Hocking, Investigator, Licensing and Certification, Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Programs at (916) 445-1942 immediately.

Or you can call Narconon Northern CA at (800)556-8885 and ask for Andy Moore, the director or Frank Montero, the intake counselor, who also handles the money (he takes you in if the check clears), or Wil Starr, the auditor (yes, Narconon uses e-meters just like any good Co$ organization would). I don't know who their new senior director of administration is since the old one left for Newport. Ask why they keep moving staff around. Ask about the massive turnover in August (after the fatal accident) and why they send some to Newport Beach. Ask where and why their security/ethics person was transferred.

Ask about Narconon Newport Beach (such nice real estate) where they only take people who are looking for a beachfront residence, since anyone with serious problems is too much for them. Ask why they closed down the Los Angeles Narconon and moved to Newport Beach and what their massive personnel turnover was all about. Ask if this is where wayward staff members are sent when they screw (up) too much. You can reach them 24 hours a day at (800) US NO DRUG.

Ask about Narconon Chilocco, the official Narconon training center in Oklahoma, where I know of more than one suicidal victim. Ask why the Native Americans haven't been able to get them off their land and why they won't send their people there even for free.

Ask any one of the Narconons why they claim that they save lives when there are so many suicides, "accidents", and ruined lives from having had too much contact with this organization. Ask about the parents and family who finance their loved ones' "recoveries" with their life savings, homes, and ruined lives.

Please ask them to explain to me why they are allowed to do so much harm to so many people under the guise of "saving lives". I want to know why they are allowed to continue to cause so much suffering to so many.

I am heartbroken and cannot understand how this kind of thing can happen in a country that claims to stand for personal freedom and personal choice.

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