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Narconon ® - Chilocco USA I

"Narconon" is one of the very many Scientology ® cover companies. Rudi Kruspel is not the only one who supports "Narconon." His friend and "savior" Gottfried Helnwein, still today, is a great supporter and major sponsor, as is evident in an article in the American Scientology membership magazine "Celebrity," 1990 edition - with the copyright notice in the masthead on page 3: "Copyright 1990 by the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International.... All rights reserved." What is interesting about that is that the "Celebrity" magazine logo, as well as the words Celebrity Center, Dianetics, E-meter, Hubbard, LRH, Scientologist and Scientology are service and trade marks in the possession of so-called "Religious Technology Center" (RTC) whose offices are in Los Angeles, which was bequeathed all rights to his creations by founder Hubbard. The word "Narconon," in contrast, is a trade mark in the possession of ABLE ® International.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 131

Scientology member "Celebrity" magazine is distributed from "The Church of Scientology, Celebrity Centre International, 5930 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, California," a place which is very well known to Gottfried Helnwein and his wife Renate from many personal visits, and not just between 1988 and 1993.

One can find the Scientology hotel at the same address as the editorial staff of "Celebrity"; it is the "Manor Hotel," (shades of King Ludwig), a five-star luxury hotel under business management of the Scientology Church International (SCI). That is where the Helnwein family's "main support point" is during their visits to Los Angeles, which sometimes last several weeks.

According to statements made by local hotel staff in August 1996, it is also possible for other prominent Scientologists, not just John Travolta and Tom Cruise, but also for Priscilla Presley, to not only admire Gottfried Helnwein's art work which is on display there, but also to commercially acquire it.

On page 12 of this "Celebrity" issue of spring 1990, it states revealingly in black and white that the painter Helnwein is an extraordinarily generous "big spender" for the Scientology organization of Narconon:

"Renowned fine artist Gottfried Helnwein donated a great deal of art (winter 1989) to the cause of Narconon (R) Chilocco New Life Center in Oklahoma. From the sold donated pieces, over $150,000 was donated to Chilocco, (which, after its opening, will be one of the largest drug rehabilitation centers in the world)..."

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"Celebrity" magazine announced that Helnwein donated his art work for the "Narconon" Scientology organization - 1990

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 132

In this over two square kilometer large institution is a highly controversial drug therapy center ("We declare war on all drugs") which uses Scientology healing methods developed by Ron Hubbard which are dubious, and not just in the USA, which will house, after construction, over 500 full-time "SC staff" and more than 1,000 people who are suffering from drug addiction. Thanks to the generous financial support of famous Scientologists like Helnwein, the highly controversial "Chilocco" center has been ceremoniously opened on June 29, 1990 in the presence of over 1,500 invited top Scientologists from the entire world, in a whirlwind two day celebration near the small town of Newkirk. At the wish of the PR department director Jessica Byrnes - like her friend Renate Helnwein a long-term "patron" of the IAS whose financial assistance helped to fill up the war chest of the worldwide OSA operation - the opening speaker of the Chilocco "New Life Center," the renowned long-established promoter of Scientology ideals, Hubbard admirer and management U.N. staff member in New York City, is to be the Austrian Dr. Hans Janitschek - he is the president of the International Writers Society. His longtime friend, Renate Helnwein, is to take over the execution of this difficult mission. Whether she will be successful remains to be seen.


Narconon - Chilocco II

The American Narconon center was regarded from the first rather suspiciously and, above all, negatively.

The village of Newkirk with its 2,500 inhabitants, only two miles away, had tried to prevent "Chilocco" for years, particularly by publishing extensive information on the organization in the local paper. This strong public counter-attack brought Scientology's intelligence agency, OSA, into the plan.

As the well-known daily newspaper the Los Angeles Times revealed in its June 29, 1990 edition, only 10 days after the opening of the center, the Scientology management, one of whose leading directors is concurrently the boss of the notorious OSA, had used their Hollywood resident attorney Cooley, as they had done several times over the years since 1980, to hire Eugene Ingram the detective, an ex-LA police sergeant fired in 1981 for aiding in illegal prostitution and currently employed primarily by Scientology and OSA INT staff, who was reported as late as November 1991 to be involved in murder contracts against two Scientology opponents.

The L.A. Times wrote, "When he needed information, he simply turned to his former friends in the L.A. Police Department.... In 1989, Ingram, together with several of his detective colleagues, suddenly appeared on assignment for the Scientology secret agency management in the little town of Newkirk in Oklahoma. They began investigations of the city workers who lived there and work against the owner and publisher of the local daily newspaper. The publisher fought stubbornly with all the editorial means at his disposal against the nearby 'Narconon' drug center. At the high point of the dispute, Bob Lobsinger's daily paper revealed that secret printed Scientology documents showed that, in reality, the Scientology organization was in administrative control of 'Narconon.' Because of this revelation,

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 136

an anti-Narconon sentiment began to spread extensively in town.

The OSA struck back. In September 1989, the 2,500 inhabitants of Newkirk received an 'open letter' which announced that private detective Ingram had been hired to investigate all the enemies of Narconon in the city. It was written in the letter that 'individual residents had used everything they could to libel the Scientology Church.' After private detective Ingram showed up in town, he immediately tracked down the 12 year old son of the mayor in the town library, gave him his calling card and communicated to the puzzled boy that his father should give him a call. His mother was shocked when her son told her about it. Other detectives also "visited" the court buildings of the city, where they searched publicly accessible records for 'dirty facts' out of the past of a few prominent local residents. 'They investigated the director of the bank, the president of the chamber of commerce and, of course, the mayor, too,' said publisher Lobsinger.

Garry Bilger, mayor of Newkirk, and strictly an opponent of Narconon, also told of an unannounced visitor to his office spaces who wanted to interview him. 'He was taking photographs in my office, and I asked him to stop immediately. When I asked him whether he was a Scientologist, he ran without answering out of my office.' - 'Scientologists always proceed according to the same mode of conduct. First they try to be very aggressive in order to intimidate you. That is not something we need in Newkirk. ... That shows me that they are far from being harmless. The city will continue fighting Narconon until all the Scientologists have disappeared,' Mayor Bilger told the Los Angeles Times. However, neither he nor the courageous inhabitants of Newkirk could prevent the opening of the center in June 1990.



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