Narconon On Trial in Madrid, Spain -- Ringeader Faces Prison


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MADRID. - The Section Fourth of the Provincial Hearing of Madrid decided yesterday to pospone until next the 6 of June the beginning of the judgment of the Church of the Cienciología, that was predicted that the next Wednesday began, day 3 of May. The court has acceded to the request of delay formulated by the parts, and to which the Fiscal Ministry was not against, with the purpose of regularizing situations with Property before beginning the oral Vista, according to informed to Europe Press legal sources.

The Office of the public prosecutor of Madrid asks for by this case a sentence of 56 years of prison for reverendo the American Herber Jentzsch, the world-wide leader of the Church of the Cienciología, and a total of 36 years of jail for other 16 followers. The trial, that was begun by a court of Madrid more ago than 16 years, and whose beginning has been suspended several times, will have almost 150 witnesses.

The public ministry considers the defendant responsible for crimes of illicit association, against the public property, of intrusismo, of injuries, against the public health, of threats, labor, of usurpation of functions, simulation of crime, false denunciation and illegal halting.

According to the writing of provisional conclusions of the public prosecutor, to whom it had access Europe Press, the Church of the Cienciología began to exert its activity in Spain in 1976, with the creation of a series of centers that happened to comprise of international a piramidal structure. In the vertex of the pyramid is the Center of Religious Technology with seat in Los Angeles, from which it leaves to the Church of the Pure Cienciología and the disciplinary centers of drug addicts, denominated narconones and droganones.

The public prosecutor appreciates in the development of the Church of the Cienciología in Spain the crimes of illicit association; against the public property, not to pay taxes; intrusismo, to give to medicines to drug addicts and psychiatric processings to the followers without qualified professionals for it; and threats and injuries, by attacks to considered people subversive.

In addition, it considers that some of the defendant committed crimes against the public health, by the provided prepared ones in the disciplinary centers; labor crimes, by the conditions in which the employees of the organization worked; crime simulation and denounces false, by a robbery presumably false to accuse " a supresivo " follower; and usurpation of functions and illegal halting, by the arrest in the airport of Barajas of another member to which they wished to separate from the Church.


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