Narconon Found to be Unsafe and Potentially Lethal


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Narconon ® was found -- in two separate reports, in 1974 and 1992 -- to be medically unsafe and even potentially *lethal*.

From the 1974 report of an evaluation conducted at the request of the California State Department of Health (the entirety of which may be found at ):

Narconon also advertises detoxification with mega-vitamins and other non-medical procedures that MAY BE HAZARDOUS and in some cases LETHAL.

a. Detoxification procedures should be stopped on the premises since their procedures are WITHOUT PROPER MEDICAL SUPERVISION and MAY BE DANGEROUS.

(Emphasis added.)

From the 1992 Findings of Fact by the Board of Mental Health in the state of Oklahoma (which may be found in its entirety at$/narconon/osb1992.html). These are just a *few* of the paragraphs that indicate the dangers of Narconon:

The Narconon Program EXPOSES ITS PATIENTS TOT HE RISK of delayed withdrawal phenomena such as seizures, delirium and/or hallucinations.

Narconon has not sustained its burden of proving its program is either safe or effective. However, regardless of whether Narconon International has the burden of proof the Board concludes there is substantial credible evidence, as found by the Board, that THE NARCONON PROGRAM IS UNSAFE AND INEFFECTIVE.

The use of high amounts of vitamins and minerals in the amounts described administered by Narconon can be POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS to the patients of Narconon according to the more credible medical evidence.

Clients of Narconon suffering from psychiatric illness, when taken off their prescribed medications, did poorly in the Narconon program and were placed in a segregated facility called destem. This practice ENDANGERS THE SAFETY, HEALTH AND/OR THE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL BEING of Narconon's clients.

Narconon's program LACKS ANY ACCEPTABLE DEGREE OF QUALITY CONTROL of the sauna temperatures and treatment. Such a lack of control ENDANGERS THE SAFETY, HEALTH AND/OR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL BEING of its clients.

This practice of touch assists could likely lead to improper sexual contact between drug addicts or alcoholics in the process of recovery. An accepted standard in such programs is for the patients to keep their hands to themselves. The practice of touch assists between male and female patients who are recovering drug addicts or alcoholics in private rooms RENDERS THE PROGRAM UNSAFE in this respect.

Narconon clients are counseled by Narconon staff that it is acceptable for the client to drink alcohol after being discharged from the Narconon program and if the client is incapable of being able to drink alcohol, then this fact evidences the client's need for further treatment. Such counseling ENDANGERS THE CLIENT'S SAFETY, HEALTH AND/OR THE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL BEING, and is not in accord with acceptable drug and alcohol counseling and treatment.

The Board concludes that the program offered by Narconon-Chilocco is NOT MEDICALLY SAFE.

(Emphasis added.)

More information about Narconon, including the Skeptics' FAQ, may be found at$/narconon/faq-skep.html


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