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What really happens in Scientology?


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1st Person Story by Jürgen
The Whole Truth or
What really happens in Scientology ®?

Chronology of Events

1.March 1989
2.Finding the Ruin
3.May 1989
4.July 1989
6.End of August 1989
7.September 1989
8.September- December 1989

March 1989

Right before I would have been done with my training as an EDP technician, I came across a flyer which had been distributed by Mr. Andreas Gross at CeBit Hannover, near the Church in Hamburg. In the flyer Scientology was not mentioned, but the free professional counseling, which I never did receive, was. Mr. Gross was and is still an FSM (Field Staff Member of the Church), that is, someone who brings people in and receives 5-10% of the 'donations' (for auditing or course fees contributed by the selectees, who are people deemed worthy or gullible on the basis of their wallets and/or awareness of Scientology).

For 19.80 German marks (about $12.40), he sent me the book "Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health." This book is the Bible of the Scientologists, and is called "Book 1" in the jargon of the Scientologists. Later it was renamed to "Dianetics, the Road Map to Human Understanding." I read it with interest. I talked to Andreas Gross' wife Telse a lot on the telephone. I got along well with her right from the start, and she always told me, "Go down to our center." I had no idea what it was about. I had never heard anything about Scientology or Dianetics and wanted to find out for myself first hand.

May 1989

Soon after that I looked up the Hamburg organization ("Org" in Scientologese) all on my own. They had me fill out a 200 item questionnaire called the "personality test", which gave what they called an OCA curve (Oxford Capacity Analysis ability test). Mine was sort of catastrophic, so I automatically thought that I would really have to do something for my soul or whatever.

I was made to see my "ruin." A staff worker from the publicity department of Hamburg (Susi Striebel) told me that in 5 years I would be "done for" if I didn't do something (pay for and use Scientology). This prognosis was fulfilled in an entirely different manner than Ms. Striebel probably meant it. But more about that later. The OCA curve did not move an inch when I took the test again in May, 1995. Many before-and-after OCA curves hang on the walls of the Hamburg Org. In my case a rise of 10% on all 10 areas of the test showed up only after the Purification Rundown. I'll have to say that I was not suffering from any special ailments which I would have wanted to remove through such a therapy as that. At the time I was not doing particularly good or bad; it was more the search of a thirty-something year old for sense and direction.

"Finding the ruin" happens in a similar form with almost every new arrival. A friend of mine was also told that he was incapable of teamwork, and would be done for in 5 years.

Finding the Ruin

Quote from the "Handbook for Scientology Dissemination":

"Dissemination Drill"

Item 1: Contact the person: this is clear and simple. It simply means to make a personal contact with someone so that either you approach the person or the person approaches you.

Item 2 Handle: if the person is very open towards Scientology and is reaching for it, this step can be skipped, since there is nothing to handle. Handle means handling any attack or any antagonism which the person could express towards you and/or Scientology. Definition of "handle": control, steer. "Handling" consists of directing a gained ability in order to reach an immediate goal. If the person has been handled, then:

Item 3 Save him! Definition of save: "protect from ruin." Before you can protect someone from ruin you have to find out what his personal ruin is. In principle this is: What is ruining him? What is doing him in? It has to be a condition which is real to the person or which can be made real to them as an undesired condition.

Item 4 Bring him to an understanding: once the person is aware of what his ruin is, bring him to the understanding that Scientology can make the condition found in item 3 OK. This is done by simply saying that Scientology can do it, or by using data to show how it can be done. In this step, one hands the person a selection slip or his business card at the right moment and points him to the service which is needed to make things OK, which can best be made OK. End quote.

The path from being *"raw meat", "WOG," or Homo Sapiens to "clear" is estimated today to take about 26 intensives (one intensive is 12.5 auditing hours for a total of 325 hours). I cannot say whether that is realistic or not. I know of a case which has still not gotten past "Grade 0" after about 40 intensives/500 hours of auditing.

[* "Raw meat" is a term used to denote the untainted man from the street. WOG stands for Worthy Oriental Gentleman, which goes back to LRH's stay in India, which was under English dominion at the time, where WOG was used as a derogatory term for merchants. Homo Sapiens is also used as a derogatory term in Scientology.]

"Rundowns" are a series of processes which are supposed to lead to an "end phenomenon." Indicators are signs exhibited by a PC which shows that a chain or a process is complete. Comment: the auditor decides in the session whether the indicators are categorized as good (GI's = good indicators, VGI's are very good indicators), or bad (BI's = bad indicators). He and he alone decides if and when the session will end.

1.End phenomenon of Grade 0: able to speak freely with anybody about any topic.
2.End phenomenon of Grade 1: able to recognize the source of problems and make them disappear.
3.End phenomenon of Grade 2: freedom from the hostilities of life.
4.End phenomenon of Grade 3: freedom from past upsets and in the position to look to the future.
5.End phenomenon of Grade 4: brought out of fixed situations and able to start new things.

The "Bridge" leads to the state of "clear." What "clear" is exactly will be discussed more later. 26 intensives at the cost of DM 4500,- in the Hamburg Org would cost DM 117.000,- at the time (about $73,000). In addition to this pre-calculated price (see below) a "scholarship" was necessary, i.e., the attainment of all the academy steps, for another DM 140.000,-. In Flag, as the center and the headquarters of Scientology, the "Mecca" of the technology in Clearwater, Florida, USA, you would have to optimistically count on $155,660 for six months including hotel costs to make "clear." But nothing was guaranteed. Everybody is responsible for his own case.

1.Rule Nbr 1: The technology always works.
2.Rule Nbr 2: See Rule 1.

I myself received a total of 17 intensives, that is 212.5 hours, and my status on the "Bridge" was, according to the technical evaluation of Fall, 1995: Start over again from the bottom! The "Bridge" is the route to "clear" created by L. Ron Hubbard (also referred to as LRH) in the 1960's, and which he altered later on, or a sequence of rundowns (certain blocks of auditing) which are supposed to lead to clear and beyond. The first is the "Purification Rundown." I've done that a total of 3 times.

Comment: "Everyone is responsible for his own case, including you." (Astrid v. Rönn, Ethics Officer, to me in September 1990.)

But I will proceed chronologically.

May 1989

In the Org, the first course I took was the Communications Course, more exactly the STCC (Success Through Communication Course), which was not a bad deal (about $100). All the attention from the staff appealed to me. I had the feeling somehow of belonging to a community which strove for a really rewarding goal for the individual (clear) and society.

Shortly before the scheduled end of my professional training in July of 1989, Ms. Charlotte Mittendorf, who was a "registrar" at the time (saleslady) and who is now an auditor at the Hamburg Org, tried to talk me into discontinuing [my training], or to get myself declared medically disabled. She even had a doctor who could do this for me. She emphasized that with the words, "going up the Bridge is the most important thing in life."

The most important thing, I am convinced today however, are the statistics of the organization, that is the GI (Gross Income). The GI of the Hamburg Organization in summer of 1990 was running about DM 400.000,- per week (approx. $250,000/wk), the GI of the Flag organization in Florida about $1,600,000 weekly. The latter value is what I personally heard from a Class 12 auditor, one of the most highly trained auditors of the world. Comment: I know his name. The Scientology week goes from Thursday 2 p.m. to the next Thursday 2 p.m. That was arbitrarily determined so that you would have a time frame in which to do everything possible to raise your statistics, which mainly have to do with income.

July 1989

After the conclusion of my professional education I decided on a Purification Rundown ($1,875 / DM3000,-), which is the first and lowest step on the so-called "Bridge to total Freedom." The "Bridge" is a route established in the 60's by L. Ron Hubbard (LRH) and later changed by him, or a sequence of rundowns (definite auditing blocks) which are supposed to lead to the state of "clear" and beyond. A "clear" is, according to LRH, a person who no longer has a reactive mind, that is a destructive subconscious. Somewhat comparable with Freud's "Id" .. After that on the Bridge comes the so-called OT steps (OT is Operating Thetan, a being who can operate or manage without bodies).

Case gain was promised to the PC (Pre-Clear - not yet clear, but headed that way). Explanation: a "case" is the sum of all aberrations (comment: aberration = deviation from standard or rational behavior) which a person has and which keeps him from using his analytical mind to the fullest extent. It could be a fear, depression, psychosomatic ailment or the inability to talk to a girl (original LRH quote). "Case gain" is therefore the condition that a person, the PC, pronounced "peecee" = Preclear, is in when he loses one of these suckers for all time. Anyway, that is what slick advertisement for Scientology promised.

1. Comment:

If my tone tends to be off-color sometimes in this report, that is not meant to be derogatory to individual PCs or auditors. It is my way of getting over things, and sometimes it hurts to laugh.

I took the first Purification RD, "Purif" for short, right after my graduation to EDP technician. It lasted about 2 weeks. You went there daily for about 4 hours in the in-house sauna at the Hamburg Org, with the aid of massive doses of vitamins and other less precisely known substances. I was very trusting.

End of August 1989

Shortly after the "Purif" a female staff member of the Hamburg Org lent me about DM 4500,- / $2,800 so that I could take the so-called "Life Repair" (can bring much "brightness" into the PC's life -- LRH). Comment: one "can" find this very often in the advertisements for Scientology services. That probably means: "We are not quite sure, but under ideal circumstances with enough money and so forth auditing could probably attain a certain change." I paid back the amount for "life repair" in payments. This was the beginning of my being in debt for Scientology. Besides that I paid Mr Gross DM 1200,- / $750 for an intensive = 12.5 hours of professional counselling.

September 1989

I received the block of 25 hours auditing for "Life Repair" in the course of this month, for which I swung back and forth between Hamburg and my residence in Braunschweig, and stayed the night with friends or Scientologists when it came to that.

September-December 1989

In the Hannover Org, at the time on Boedecker Street, today at 2 Hubertus St., 30169 Hannover, I took a few small courses, bought many cassettes and books, and also experienced the pleasure of Ethics (= Judgment!) handling. The Ethics Officer in charge (many of the military terms in Scientology come from the history of LRH as a ship's captain, where he liked to be called "Commodore," compare "drill," etc.), Mr. Kathi Runge, required that I write down all overts - offenses in the broadest sense - since my childhood. That goes from stealing candy and lying to your girlfriend up to genocide, pretty much the whole spectrum. Later on past lives were also added to that.


I don't want to say that these or similar actions have hurt me in any kind of way. The fact is, nevertheless, that the individual Orgs could blackmail me with these documents when I was "excommunicated." But I'm not afraid of that. I know of at least one case of a murder being confessed to during an auditing session, but the auditing just continued. I rate this secrecy, or the sanctity of confession, to which the Church obligates itself, neither positive nor negative, but note that very, very much trust is expected from individuals in the church management and its agencies.

Today I do not have this trust anymore!


Up until August of 1990 I freely engaged in all handling and actions, whether it was in Ethics or the Auditing department of Hamburg, Hannover or Flag. Not after that. See below.

1.December 1989/January 1990
2.January 1990 to June 1990
4.End May 1990
5.June 1990
7.The Collapse, August 15, 1990
8.End August 1990
9.September 1990
10.September 12-19 '90
11.End September 1990
12.October 1990
13.November 1990

December 1989/January 1990

Inspired and captivated by a certain undefined fascination, I decided to move to Hamburg because of Scientology and the Hamburg Org, to look for work there, and to go up the "Bridge."

My search for work didn't last long because of my very good qualifications as a mathematician and EDP technician.

Once I had accepted the work agreement, Mr. and Mrs. Gross drove with me to my parents' in January, 1990, in order to get a loan of 75,000 marks from them. This sum was to be used as payment towards my "Bridge" at the Hamburg Org. I had agreed with it, since I would be able to afford 1,000 marks from my pay check after taxes and deductions. A mortgage would be taken out on my parents' house. I was to be responsible for the payments, which I was.

January 1990 to June 1990

First I paid for and took 9 intensives of auditing of 12½ hours apiece at 4,500 DM (deutsch marks) each. That means I gave DM 40,500 in about 5 months, not counting the DM 22,300 I paid directly to Mr. Gross for the "Academy Grades."

DM 40500,-
DM 22300,-
- -----------
DM 62800,-


Academy Grades
Types of PTS

Academy Grades

These are the steps to the Bridge that you have to do in order to become an auditor yourself. They consist of training from Class 0 to Class IV auditor in the so-called academy of the particular Org. They cannot be transferred to other Orgs if you move or for other reasons. The above-mentioned payment for the Academy grades made possible the "reduced" price of DM 4,500 per intensive, which otherwise would have cost DM 9,000 (DM 7,200 for members of the IAS.) In Flag the price is $7,000/intensive. ($5,600 for IAS members). If one prefers treatment by more highly trained auditors, the hopeful PC can easily shell out $1,000 (IAS price), that's about DM 1,200 per hour!

First I paid the total amount, about DM 62,800, about as much as an average income for 1-2 years. The promises of the Church (see the introduction video) include that going up the Bridge makes you more capable so that you can earn more money so that a 6 digit sum will quickly pay for itself. I personally know of at least one exception to this rule, namely myself. Honestly speaking, I don't know of a single individual in Scientology personally, outside of Flag recruitment, who could verify this promise for me.

In some cases, in Narconon ®, a drug rehabilitation center owned by Scientology in Itzehoe for instance, processes were conducted by poorly trained auditors for 12 hours until the PC would finally get "good indicators." Hopefully he was smart enough to pretend, otherwise he would still be going from wall to wall and touching it. That is an actual process known as SOP 8C in Scientology. A registrar (Annegret Biermann) later told me that I could be happy that I had started Scientology in the 90's.

In the early days of Scientology there were cases which had been "overrun" by several hundred hours. That means the process was continued on them because the auditor had simply overlooked the EP! Naturally at the cost of the PC, who else (100 hours auditing = DM 36,000 in the cheapest Org at the most favorable rates from an auditor just out of the Academy). After every session, one was queried by the so-called examiner. That is a person who is supposed to test whether the PC really had VGI's. That happens with the help of the e-meter, which is supposed to give a certain read if the session was good. The one being examined doesn't see this indication. A piece of paper is prepared on which it says: "VGI's, (F/N (floating needle), tone arm position 2.3 or what ever). The tone arm is the gauge of the e-meter, which is really a refined ohmmeter, a device that measures resistance.

That is what was always told me at the examiner's, even when I wasn't feeling so well. The examiner doesn't ask, he just goes with the needle position of the e-meter. I don't know of any case where someone was sent back into session because of bad indicators, at least not if he didn't have any more hours on account or had no money. From January 1990 to July 1990 I received the following at the Hamburg Org:


1.Objective Processes.

According to the promises on the Grade Chart, or the "Bridge to Total Freedom", the "end phenomenon" of this action, which means what is supposed to have been achieved by this Rundown, is: "Completely oriented in the presence of the physical (that means material) universe."

2.Scientology Drug Rundown (called SDRD from here on) The end phenomenon of this action is "freed from the harmful effects of drugs, medicines and alcohol."

3.PTS (Potential Trouble Source = a person who makes trouble for the Scientology organization) Rundown.

The end phenomenon of this action is: "A person who will never ride the roller coaster of life again, who is no longer subject to the "ups and downs" of life, who will never lose their case gain (see above).

Types of PTS

Explanation of PTS: PTS = Potential Trouble Source = A person who causes trouble for the Scientology organization.

There are 10 types of "PTS'ness":

types A-J.

Quoted from Hubbard's Policy Letter: "": (HCOB 26 Oct 1964R)

[Translator's note: will be used to indicate material which has been translated from English to German back to English. (The original English was not available.)]

PTS Type A: people intimately connected (such as by marriage or familial relations) with people who are known to be antagonistic to mental or spiritual treatment or to Scientology. (...)

PTS Type B: criminals with a record. (...)

PTS Type C: people who make threats to sue, stop or attack Scientology

PTS Type D: people who believe that others should be responsible for their condition. (...)

PTS Type E: people who are not being auditing on their own self-determinism (...)

PTS Type F: people who want to be audited to see if Scientology works, e.g. newspaper reporters, etc.


PTS Type G: people who demand help for them and their case (...)

PTS Type H: people who are open-minded to anything (...)

PTS Type I: people who do not believe that anybody or anything can really get better or improve.


PTS Type J: people who are sitting in judgment of Scientology or conducting research (...)

The following events will put the attainment of these "end phenomena" in their proper light!

End May 1990

The Senior C/S (Case Supervisor) of the Hamburg Org said that I should get a CCRD (Clear Certainty Rundown. End phenomenon: the PC is sure that he is clear, when he is, or if he is not.) That means I was supposed to be tested to see if I had already reached the state of clear. This made me very happy, since clear is the desired state of a person in Scientology. But the phenomenon of whether the PC sees that he has reached this condition or not is kept confidential, if at all possible. You have to find it out for yourself. Today I know it is "I mock up my reactive mind myself, therefore I, myself, am constantly creating it!" In other words: any aberration, neuroses, etc. is simply imaginary!

So all the auditing on the "Bridge" becomes a guessing game for many people: Am I clear or am I not? If someone has been authorized to take the CCRD, he will do anything imaginable to attest to clear. Perhaps he will bring 10 others to the Bridge in order to finance the provisions of his own Scientology career. He will take out loans until he can't get any more, because what are human suffering and profane bank debts good for? When we are finally clear, then, hopefully we will be allowed to take the OT steps, if we are wonderfully brave, ethical and filthy rich, because they are what will bring us away, many hope, from this hateful prison of a planet.

We will then leave our bodies, which only give us suffering, sex and pain. I know of cases who took 4 CCRDs which cost at least several thousand marks, if not 10,000, not even counting the "setups", those are the auditing needed in preparation. And they still have not attested to this state, they couldn't play the guessing game. The deciding criterium in Scientology is the attainment of this state, which only Buddha (and supposedly LRH) have attained of their own power.

That is what you need in order to finally become OT8 (Operating Thetan, see above), then you can shatter vases from afar, raise the dead, make it snow, stop time and take astral journeys. (Source: "OT Phenomena" in the "Advance" magazine, Copenhagen). That what normal people, Homo Sapiens, have always wanted to do, isn't it?

After $300,000 they are members of Club "Hurra." We want to have nothing to do with their human necessities, because they are, most obligingly, a Theta, a bodyless nothing which postulates and observes. Your exchanging your lowly, obtuse sexuality with randomness is much better for you and for our wallet. For anything else, we can give you a doll body. You should be rather clear about that, Mr. Normal, otherwise you are PTS A-J, or at least a WOG! But we cannot even laugh at you, we can only feel sorry for you. All Scientologists in the world are working diligently and wholeheartedly and investing very much money so that the higher steps, OT9 and 10, will be released. LRH supposedly developed higher steps for the "Bridge" in a lifetime, but they are being kept locked up until humanity is ready for them, whenever the International Management in Los Angeles believes that this moment has arrived.

Nonetheless you can still pay up for OT9 and 10! (costs about $10,000/step). I know a few people who have already done that. What happens in these steps is most extensively unclear and is kept under wraps (confidential) because it would be boring if you already knew what it was. In general, each PC or Pre-OT, that means someone who is clear but not yet OT, only, may be informed of the measures as to his own steps on the Bridge. He may not speak with anybody under him on the Bridge about what happens "up there." An OT2 may not tell an OT1 what happens in OT2, etc. OT1, moreover, consists of a single process: "Go out and spot a person!"

That is how people's hope for a higher meaning is exploited, knowingly stimulated and precisely packed, beautifully coupled with a desire for power and status. (I am further up the Bridge than you!) Some turn into lone fighters on the Bridge and approvingly accept the fact that others fall off, then look on with regret at the vacant, departing believer. Only he may not talk about it so loudly that anybody could hear.

Nevertheless the OT steps are irritating for any PC on the lower steps who has taken out a loan in the amount of 5 digits in order to climb the lower 3 steps to have his light bulb shattered. Anybody who is not engaged in the search, the construction and the "donations" is a WOG, that means a hopeless case, somebody who doesn't even try (Tech Dictionary). They continue to pay and hope. The PC who finally passes the Clear examination has to sign that he will keep this information secret on penalty of an SP declaration.

"You are blocking yourself out of eternity" if you do not write up your overts, don't pay enough money for auditing, carry information outside, etc, is the favorite threat of the Scientologists for each other. They have a terrible fear of a future on this "prison planet", of reincarnation, and of next Thursday, when the statistics have to be handed in. When things were going good, more money was demanded of me. When things went bad for me, I was crowded out and insulted and referred to the Ethics Department, where I was supposed to write up my "overts" (transgressions against Scientology), but more about that later.

June 1990

In this CCRD I was shuffled back and forth between the Senior C/S, the auditor and the Ethics Department until I could think of nothing else, and I had even taken 1 week's vacation from my job. Shortly before the end of the Rundown, A. Gross, along with the registrar, T. Reupke, convinced me to take out another loan for 45,000 DM. I was now almost "clear" and this condition, naturally, had to be "stabilized."

For that reason, A. Gross drove with me to my parents. He told them about my rotten reactive mind, which absolutely would hold me back, even in my professional life, unless I paid for more steps (auditing). A. Gross actually succeeded in getting my parents to guarantee a loan in the above named amount.

After that I had a monthly payment to mortgage interest and building and loan premiums as loan surety in the amount of amount DM 1,400 on a monthly wage of DM 2,800. Of this new loan amount I paid DM 19,500 for further auditing. On the next day I went into session, and the CCRD auditor, Anita Stefens, told me plainly and concisely that I had not yet attained the state of clear, but would certainly get there soon. I was very angry and disappointed.

I stopped payment on the check I had written. I was immediately taken into an auditing session, where they did something so that I released payment on the check again. In retrospect I don't actually know what exactly happened in there. Mr. A. Gross showed his true face for the first time: "Should I be really evil?" he asked his wife in my presence. He demanded that I pay the entire DM 45,000 to the Hamburg Org. That was the only way he would receive his 10% commission so he could finance his residence at the time (see FSM policy).

At the time, from February to July, 1990, I was working as a mathematician with an arcade game company. Looking back now, I can only say that I was acting like I was hypnotized by the idea of clear. I probably would have even been willing to take out a bigger loan. Another FSM by the name of Monika Wienicke, an OT8 from Flag, recognizing and exploiting my dissatisfaction with the progress of things in Hamburg, talked me into paying her about DM 12,000 to get 25 hours of auditing and two weeks in a hotel at Flag. Another DM 9,000 was transferred from my Hamburg auditing account to Flag, which caused considerable bad feelings in Hamburg. "We're not going to let you get away from here so easily," (Ruth Maib, HGC = Hubbard Guidance Center = Auditing Department) "They don't take everybody." ( A.v. Rönn)

Mrs. Wienicke took the same flight as I did to Tampa. It could be that she got a commission for that, too. I flew there on July 18, 1990 and received 2 intensives = 25 hours of auditing.


At first I was told to write an affidavit = sworn testimony, in which I was supposed to attest that earlier therapy had harmed me, but that Scientology had only benefitted me. They had a notary public there for that reason, who would counter-sign the statement for me for free. I did that unwillingly, but the attainment of further auditing which had already been paid for was made dependent upon it.

After looking through my folder (documents, papers) which I had carried myself in my suitcase, Charly Bills, the Director of Flag HGC told me the following: The CCRD which I had received in Hamburg was defective from beginning to end. It had been prepared wrongly and was not concluded. I asked whether it could be determined from the documents available whether I was clear or not. He said, "from THIS folder nothing can be determined at all." My auditor would be called there very soon afterwards to Flag for corrections.

As far as I know this has still not happened. What happened, as I later found out, was that all the CCRD's done in Hamburg in that time frame were reviewed = had to be done again. Naturally at the cost of the PC's, it goes without saying, in this case it was at my cost.

On the theme of who pays what and when, LRH said, "" (Also see the HCOB on "Rebates".) In other words, nothing happens without cash, and if you get stuck with defective auditing, you better see the cashier. Another quote on that from Hubbard's Policy Letter: "": (HCOB 26.10.1964R)


Comment: HCOB = Hubbard Communication Office Bulletin = a notice from the Hubbard Communications Office, or a notice written by LRH himself. HCOPL = Hubbard Communication Office Policy = policy of the Hubbard Communications Office, or an instruction written by LRH himself about management etc.

So the entire 25 hours which I had paid for was used at Flag in part to correct mistakes or slips which the Hamburg Org had made. I extended my stay twice by 1 week each, since the processes were dragging out. (This later led to the loss of my job.) In spite of the extended stay the real CCRD could no longer be conducted. However, I travelled back to Hamburg in a relatively good mood in the middle of August. I did not yet know what my bank and my employer had already known for a long time: I had been fired.

The Collapse

August 15, 1990

After my return from Flag the following occurred: I found out immediately upon my arrival back from Fuhlsbüttel Airport to my place in Hamburg - Lokstedt, by phone, that my girlfriend, also a Scientologist, was now seeing someone else, and in writing, that my job was terminated with no notice. I was physically very sick, had fever and pain in my chest.

After about 3 weeks I had recovered somewhat. During this time, Mr. Gross called me up frequently and scolded me!

It had been high "treason" to the group of Hamburg Scientologists for me to have gone to Flag. Actually the real treason was that I had done him out of about 2,000 DM in commission, which Monika Wienicke had gotten. Mr. Gross said that I myself was completely responsible for my collapse, that would be the revenge, the "motivator" for my conduct (literally), and would serve me right. There was even a suitable Scientology word for my situation:

A "cave-in": mental and/or physical collapse with the result that the individual can no longer function (or pay) on his own (Scientology Technical Dictionary). This phenomenon appears to belong to the world of quasi-concepts in Scientology, but is apparently implanted and is personal bad luck or destiny caused through one's own misconduct, as they like to say "pulled in."

When I told Andreas Gross, who I had thought of as my friend, that he should act his age, he answered, "You have to be made aware of your childishness." "Without the group you are nothing." The FSC (Flag Service Consultant) Heidemarie said that I would have to immediately go back to Flag. However, I was completely broke and unemployed, had no more real friends in Scientology, if I had ever had one to begin with, and no job. I just did not want to realize what I know today:

If you are having difficulties and/or have no more money, no Scientologist in the world is going to be interested in you any more. That is what the "technology" does for you. A Scientology motto is "punish down stat[istic]s, and reward upstat[istic]s."

Explanation: upstats are people with a high income or much money which they can pay to Scientology. Downstats are people without money, the unemployed, handicapped people and residents of the Third World. Nobody can or wants to bother about them, at least not for the time being.

End August 1990

I hopefully looked for help in some form from the Hamburg Org. They did not feel responsible for me. The only thing I got was the chance to send a fax to Flag, in which I described my situation and made a request for help. After a few days, this was answered with the following handwritten letter from the Flag C/S or whoever, quoted literally:

"Get your situation strengthened out, apply Ethics in your life and report to FSO (=Flag Service Organization) as soon as possible." (That was for 4 intensives of auditing = $21,000 was the Tech Estimate which I received 1 month later in Flag.)

A so-called e-meter, a means of assistance in "spiritual counseling," was was sold to me in Flag (about DM 6,000, "you absolutely need it for your Bridge"), and I wanted to sell it to another Scientologist (Stefan K.) so I could at least survive for a while. We agreed on the price, and I called him up the next day.

He told me that the Ethics Department had not approved of his buying the e-meter because only the Church was allowed to sell e-meters, which later proved to be (intentional) false information.

I learned, coincidentally, that A. Gross had decided with Stefan König that I needed a lifetime membership in the IAS (= $2,000 = $200 for A. Gross). Naturally only to help me!

This had been decided behind my back during my absence at Flag.

Mr. Gross was just about to go bankrupt and he needed every penny of an FSM commission that he could get.

Somehow he had to get his 4,000 mark residence in Hamburg 76 financed.

After I had a fit of temper with the Bookstore Officer (book and utensil salesman) about the prohibited sale of the e-meter and got my first taste of money-centeredness and the presumptive arrogance of the "church," I wrote a "Knowledge Reports" on him.

These routinely go to the Ethics Department of the individual church. One of the Ethics Officers in Hamburg, Mrs. Lehman, read it back to me and gave me a shock!

She designated me an "Ethics Particle" ("Ethics Bait" = continually "unethical" person). She wrote a so-called Ethics Order Nr. 911:

"You are prohibited from entering the Hamburg Org and may contact only the Ethics Department of the Hamburg Org or the one at Flag." Charlotte Mittendorf, smiling knowingly, said my cave-in came from my own unethical behavior and from suppression from someone or something, PTS'ness. This was the same person who told me a month before, "if it doesn't help you, you can shoot me!"

She said I was definitely a PTS person. I didn't have a penny left, I was unemployed, in debt and alone, and started having alcohol problems. Quote from L. Ron Hubbard, "Scientology is the game in which everybody wins."

September 1990

I lived on welfare from a welfare office in Hamburg, sort of the refuge for downstats. That is where I went to get my sustenance money for one month (DM 500). I got my last paycheck of DM 2,800. Between that and a loan from my father, who did not yet know and who I did not want to know what happened, I flew once again for 1 week in mid September, full of hope, to Flag. I was still certain that somebody there in the "Mecca of Technology" would be able to solve my case.

September 12-19 '90

A few things were discussed at the Ethics Department there, I received an hour of auditing, at the moment I couldn't afford (pay) any more. A "Case Sort Out", that is a repair of the mistakes had cost me $21,000 more, not to mention the hotel charge of $500/week. The Director of Processing, Barbara, of Flag, "you can never have enough money for Flag!"

What came out of going to Flag, from the Ethics Department there called P/MAA (= Master at Arms), was only a note addressed to the appropriate Hamburg, which said, sensibly, "be somewhat nicer to him, he is 'overstimulated'." Nobody could explain what that meant to me, it probably meant very annoyed. This description had been very understated. In reality I was at my wit's end. But it got worse:

End September 1990

Still believing in the workability of the technology enough to give me hope, I went with this note to the Hamburg Organization. I really had belief and trust in the wisdom of the Founder. In the Ethics Department at Hamburg, after I came back from Flag for the 2nd time, I listened to statements such as:

"You're not qualified for Scientology." (A. v. Rönn) "Flag can prescribe nothing to us." (A. v. Rönn) "Get lost. 10 others are waiting." (A. v. Rönn) "You are an Overt Product." (A. v. Rönn) Explanation: an Overt Product is an intentionally bad or carelessly produced product, like a car which is a lemon, where nothing works the way it should.

"You could get word clearing, but you couldn't afford it!" (A.v. Rönn) (Word clearing in the Qualification Department, "only" DM 175/hour!) Note: according to LRH's philosophy all a person's problems, study or otherwise, result from misunderstood words.

Today Mrs. von Rönn works at the Scientology agency "Rat und Tat". [Apparently it's as funny in German as it is in English.. trans.] I was put in the condition of "treason" in regards to the group. The formula which must be applied for this condition is, "Find out that you are." I would have to work through to the next higher condition, that of "enemy", "Find out who you really are!"; then "Doubt", "Find out who your friends are"; "Liability," "Deal an effective blow against the enemies of the group.."; "Non-existence," "Find out what is needed and wanted and deliver it..."

This is described in detail in the Bible of the Scientologists, "Introduction to Scientology Ethics."

That happens mainly by writing up "overts," which are self-devaluations in an account of endless "What have I done wrong's?". These are then collected by a sullen-faced ethics officer and filed in the ethics folder, which, like the auditing folder, you never get to see. After having done these things for about 3-4 weeks with no result, something inside of me gave up, because the more often I sought help in the Hamburg Org, the worse things got.

October 1990

Completely broke, up to my ears in debt, sick and unemployed, I moved back in with my parents in Braunschweig.

November 1990

At the request of my father, who had detected my resignation, we drove together to Hamburg, where Mr. Gross and his wife were employed as FSMs, to talk with them, so I thought, in a friendly fashion about things having come to a standstill. At that point Mr. Gross had received more that DM 25,000 from me, part as commission, part as direct private payment by check for all the Academy steps (DM 22,300). He claimed that he had "brought 100 people in" by selling them these Academy steps in his duties for the Hamburg Org.

He reported with a touch of pride that one of the first clients which he himself had audited, had fallen into a deep coma, but that went with the territory.

1.LRH: "We free Thetans"
2.Dec. 14, 1990 - March 28, 1991
3.Beginning April 1991
4.May 1991
5.May 1991
6.July 1991
7.August 1991
8.November 1991

LRH: "We free Thetans"

Instead of getting things straightened out, as I had hoped for, I was called by Mr. Gross, in the presence of my father, who died in April of 1995, "scum, freeloader and a bad example of the workability of Scientology." Later on I wrote a "Knowledge Report" about Mr. Gross' manner of expressing himself to the highest position in the Scientology world organization in the belief that Mr. Gross' conduct would be regulated or at least disapproved of. But I was wrong there. At the time, Mr. Gross belonged to the "Upstats" and had ethics protection. In other words, if you bring in enough people or money, or have paid enough yourself, just about anything goes. What is even more likely, is that KR's are used as toilet paper at International Management, or placed in the round file. "We are a record-breaking team, and if somebody falls into a crack in the glacier, we can't worry about him," was one of the things said by Mr. Gross to my father.

My parents, of course, were very concerned about my resigned state, which was easily recognizable. No wonder, because I had to pay over DM 1,400 in debt each month, and did not find, despite intensive effort, a position which met my educational qualification from 1990-92. I had to come up with that amount monthly just to end up with a balance of zero. Further auditing, which I still thought necessary to get me back on my feet, was out of the question! At the further request of my parents, there was another meeting in the Hamburg Org in November of 1990. This turned out to be a series of reprimands and insults against me. Mr. Andreas Gross, Mrs. Telse Gross, Christa Lehmann, and finally even my parents were of the belief that I alone was to blame, and should not have gone to Flag! FLAG: the highest spot in Scientology on earth, the "Mecca" of technology, "the friendliest place in the world" (quoted from the advertisement).

Dec. 14, 1990 - March 28, 1991

Because I still wanted to make things go right somehow and be an exemplary Scientologist, I decided to enter the "Narconon" program in Itzehoe for alcohol rehabilitation. That lasted over 3 months at a cost of DM 120/day, for a total of about DM 11,600, which was born for the most part by my parents. Of the 5 people with whom I graduated this program and who were heroin and methadone addicts, I met 4 later at the Hamburg main train station, where they were looking for drugs. Nevertheless the Scientology organization ABLE ® (Association for Better Living and Education) cites a success rate for Narconon of 60%, among friends a rate as high as 85% is cited! My computer was important to me professionally, but during this time I sold even it to salvage my financial situation and to continue to give money to Narconon. I tried to run away from there several times because I could no longer stand the prison-like demeanor of a "student". However, that was just about impossible. I was just caught again. It was like jail. The staff from Narconon who caught me each received 1,000 points for their statistics.

I didn't know what to do! My parents were paying for my being there and I had no financial means whatsoever to make any headway myself. Hardly had any friends outside of Scientology. My perspective on life was catastrophic. I began to think about suicide. A supposedly higher trained Scientologist named Roland Köhn (OT5) was coming to Narconon to audit the students. I talked to him about my situation. But he only said, "Then you probably have not gotten the right auditing," and laughed unkindly.

Beginning April 1991

After I had graduated from the NN program, I went back to the Hamburg Org in the hopes of coming into the good graces of Scientology. I had to take an "A-J" check. This is done to see whether the PC meets one of the PTS criteria mentioned above, which the Org can then use to justify failed cases. Apparently something showed up on the e-meter (a means of aiding spiritual counseling). Whatever it was, was not shared with me. I just heard the following, "Now you are indeed drug-free, look for a job and a place to live. Report back here once a week, otherwise you are banned from the building. (A.V.Rönn) She was probably something like a Scientology probation officer for apostates. I had to have realized at this point what was going to happen, namely that not even the least bit of effort would be made by anyone inside the Church to help me! Today, backed by more recent information, I suspect that Mrs. Wiebke Hanssen, ED (Executive Director) of the Hamburg Org at the time and who has since turned up missing, had given an order "get rid of him!"

However I can only assume that, because the PC is never told what is going to happen with him. I am rather certain (from New Era staff) that Mrs. Hansen is now to be found in the Scientology RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) at RTC in Los Angeles. The RPF consists of 8 hours hard physical work ("Mest work") daily and another 6 hours of study. Work hours, as in the entire Sea Org: 9 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

May 1991

The only "help," if you can call it that, came from the naturally completely selfless Mr. A. Gross: since I still had a balance of about DM 7,000 on the account with the Church and about DM 10,000 on the auditing account, he reluctantly approved the use of this money for job search consultation. He also called himself a business consultant at the time when I made his acquaintance, which is what he still hides his FSM activity behind today so far as I know. For this service he charged DM 240 plus excise tax / hour. The amount was 'amicably' taken from my account with the church. This procedure is even condemned by Scientology. But the money is gone! Altogether it was over DM 10,000 that found its way over the course of time from my account to Mr. Gross' auditing account. I was banned from the entering the building of the Church, and Mr. Gross transferred my money to his account for auditing hours. What I got out of it was a new collection of advertising documents, but otherwise nothing. To say it more clearly, I had no other people I could turn to other than those who had recruited me into the Scientology Church. And the Scientology Church had banned me.

Perhaps, in the case of Mr. Gross, the word "help" would be better replaced by the term "shameless exploitation of an emergency situation" of a fellow human being.

The entire time - from August 1990 to May or June of 1995 - my auditing folders remained at Flag. Nobody there was a bit worried about me except for the people who were responsible for the collection of rising statistics. (Zoltan Bozan, et al.)

May 1991

After graduating the Narconon program I lived in Hammer Steindamm in Hamburg, and felt like my life was going to end. Some days I just saw no reason for getting out of bed.

July 1991

An auditor from Flag (Conny Heath) actually came out routinely to interview ARC-broken PC's (agreed). That gave me a lot of hope! What happened, though, was that she looked at me disapprovingly and advised me to do MEST work (heavy physical work) and just forget the events described above. I wonder if Scientology would do that, I asked myself and heard an evil laugh.

August 1991

After that I left Hamburg and moved back to Braunschweig with a friend who was not a Scientologist, thank God.

November 1991

I accepted a job as an EDP instructor in Sachsen.

The Events of 1992

1.January 1992
2.Summer 1992

January 1992

When my parents sought help from the Hamburg Org in a polite letter, that was viewed as if I had used an "ax against the Church." (Mrs. Cornelia Fiedler KOT (Keeper of the Technology (from people?))

My numerous communications to the higher positions, including the leading Director of the Church of Scientology International, Guillaume Lesevre, in Los Angeles, USA in 1991 and 1992 were partly answered appeasingly, partly not answered at all. The first very long, very detailed report, which I worked on all day to write in English, went to places including the following:

To: Executive Director International Mr. Guillaume Lesevre
cc: International Justice Chief, Chris O. Neill
cc: Continental Justice Chief in Copenhagen
cc: RTC Reports Officer


The answer I received from ED Int, several weeks later: "I'm very concerned about what is going on in Hamburg Org. This will be looked into."

Nothing happened until . . . March of 1995! (look at March 1995).

My parents had also sent letters, which were never answered, to Mr. Lesevre. One of the people from there told me, "He does not answer emotional letters which are not constructive." No comment.

Summer 1992

After several further inquiries to Guillaume Lesevre, Executive Director International, I was "permitted" to pay for an hour of "Review Auditing" in Hannover. I will not relate all the discouraging details of 1991-1994, but there appears to have been a method to the madness.

The Events of 1994 - 1996

1.Summer 1994
2.March 1995
3.End of the Terror or ...
4.My opinion of Scientology today

Summer 1994

The low point of humiliation was reached when I was served with a "Stop Service Order" (that is a bar from obtaining services which have already been paid for).

March 1995

Perhaps my reports to Int. Management contributed to a visit by several high-ranking Scientologists from the USA, including Marc Jaeger, the Chairman of the Board of RTC (Religious Technology Center) from California to the Hamburg Organization. Apparently the gross discrepancies (out tech) in the application of the "pure" teaching of LRH had been noticed by others. However, this was downplayed to the publics (paying PCs) as "we only wish to get in 'Standard Tech'!" Hamburg Org was to be made into Ron's Org, instead of Wiebke Hanssen's. A bogeyman was found, and everything went on its merry way...

"Putting in the Tech", whatever that is supposed to be, still has not worked today, at least not in my case, and I don't have the least intention of continuing to be a guinea pig for the soul sellers at my own expense. I am past that now. In December 1995, I left the Hamburg, as well as all other, "churches."

The fact was, as I found out after some research, that the management (Exec Council), under the direction of Mrs. Wiebke Hanssen, had grossly falsified their statistics, i.e., income sheets, in order to make the Hamburg Org look better in the eyes of the International Management. They wanted to win the "game" of who audited the most PC's to clear and brought in the accompanying income. But that may also have been a lie. People who were dissatisfied were not needed there and were driven off either openly or subtly. The Org and the Scientology environment was leafletted. These leaflets would contain "Person so-and-so is declared to be an enemy of mankind." He would have to find out who he really was! ([per the formula for the] condition of 'Enemy'). I wrote reports about that to International Management, too, in 1993, in the hope that that would lead to some help for me, finally.

Nothing happened from that point forward. Under Hitler people had believed in the goodness of the Führer, and that the atrocities committed by his subordinates were not being committed in his name. "The Führer would not permit that." But he had known everything that was happening and had authorized it. That is similar to how I believed in the goodness of the technology or in the competence and/or humanity of the International Management for a long time, and hoped for something to happen. In general I could determine that the IAS (Internal Association of Scientologists), or the International Management, had developed more of a capability of delivering good advertisement for itself than it did of delivering services or helping its members.

End of the Terror or ...

Right at the time of the change of management in the Hamburg Org (March 1995), my parents wrote a letter clearly demanding "help, or our money back" to the DSA (Department of Special Affairs, or OSA) Germany, which was under the leadership of Franz Riedl, who is known from his appearance on TV. As a result of that letter, there was a meeting on March 25, 1995 in Hamburg between Mr. Riedl, the "chaplain" of the Hamburg "church" R. Kretzschmar, who managed a tile company (Fliesen-Rolf) according to Scientology principles, 2 other staff of DSA, my parents and me. My father supported me so strongly that he was graciously offered a refund of the money which I had paid 5 years previously to Mr. Gross of the Hamburg Org for services in the amount of DM 22,300! At the time I was really very thankful, and thought that now I would be accepted back into the ranks of honorable society.

This money was converted into auditing sessions, and I still had to pay DM 320 for the "folder transfer," or the transfer of the folder via Delta Airlines from Flag. When it finally came, the 37 1/2 hours of auditing, which I received between May and October 1995, was almost used up.

Bungling, incompetent and irresponsible adequately describe the behavior of much, surely not all, church staff. There was certainly an effort made, even if it was a half-hearted one, but that was not good enough in my case.

My father was very concerned about me, but believed in Scientology for a long time. He thought "the wise people" would direct me, and that everything else was up to me. He had even taken a HQS (Hubbard Qualified Scientologist) course with my mother in 1992, but had not finished it, as they told me afterwards, partly because they found that the exercises in it were idiotic.

In 1994 there were many meeting between my parents and the "chaplain" of the Hamburg Church, Mr. Rolf Kretzschmar. What exactly was said there, I don't know. The result, in any case, was that my father would show me places underlined in the Hubbard Scientology ethics book. These places described the unsocial person, the quasi-anti-Christ of Scientology, [para-phrasing] "When a person finds out he has done too much evil ... he is doing to do himself in unless somebody else helps him." My father was sure that I belonged to that category. That is how staff drive a wedge into families, and they do it completely intentionally!

My opinion of Scientology today

For years I actually tried to find the solution by seeking to improve the technology in that I sent reports up to the highest places, as the people in the Third Reich had written to the Führer. I am now convinced that nobody in the Scientology hierarchy has the least amount of interest of improving anything!

The sole interests of the IAS and Int Management is to discover and promote celebrities/performers and the cases which are running well, if there are any, to count their money, and to discredit and discriminate against those for whom things didn't work out. It does not fit into the world picture of the soul pusher selling his hope if the PC does not write his success story, but runs into massive difficulties.

They quickly find phrases and references from LRH who confirms "it could not function at all with him." He can receive therapy at his own expense, if he has not been declared PTS which makes him ineligible for auditing. LRH said that "" Ethics is decided mostly by ill-humored "officers" according to their own whim. If the E/O has not slept well or not at all, then you'll be left out to dry.

Junkies just off heroin who have been out of Narconon for exactly 1 month are frantically "trained" to become E/O's, since they don't have anywhere they can go. Such individuals can make or break a student, and probably are not remorseful about their decisions. Arrogance, statistics white-washing, and cynicism characterize the gauge and respect by which the PC (Pre-Clear, not yet clear) is measured. I am not a guinea pig for the "new religions."

Hope in the immortality of the soul is sold in a manner damnably reminiscent of a door-to-door salesman or street peddler. I don't know if L. Ron Hubbard meant it that way, or whether it is the mistake or the evil intention of an individual. I don't feel obligated to find out.

According to what I've seen, the church (or one could better say 'company') believes the "protection of the technology" (KSW Series 1, Keeping Scientology Working) is more important than the individual, money is more important than help, and they will kill [figuratively speaking] if they have to, in order to make themselves, the IAS International organization and the dubious Estate of L. Ron Hubbard right, and the individual wrong.


In November of 1995 I had the good fortune of meeting a very educated psychologist from Berlin, with whom I had two long discussions. He did not particularly urge me to leave. He asked me a simple question, "If someone came to you and told you the whole story (my Scientology story), what would you tell him to do?" Without hesitating I told him, "I would say Forget it!"


In the event that any information from my ethics or auditing folders were to make its way to the outside world, that would result in a claim for punitive damages against the Church in the sum of 7 digits.

signed ... Jürgen B.


All the numbers mentioned in this report are approximate figures, but accurate to within about 5%. All the persons named really exist. All events happened as described. It was neither a nightmare nor a fantasy; this is what happens in our country everyday!

Braunschweig in August 1996

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