Narconon in Melbourne (Australia) closed down?


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Narconon in Melbourne (Australia) closed down?
29 Aug 2002


I live near in Melbourne, near the suburb of Camberwell, where Scientology has a Narconon centre. This "centre" amounts to a door leading up to a first-story office. The above ground offices are shared with a traditional chinese medicine/acupuncturist. Up until a month or so ago, there was a sign on the wall next to the door asking for anyone interested in Narconon to turn up at 11 am on a saturday to discuss Narconon, which is to say that the place is basically abandoned during the week.

About a month ago I was walking past in the late afternoon when I noticed that a late middleaged man was removing the sign from next to the door. I guess this means that that Narconon office has effectively closed down, as there is no other indication that the office is there, now.


Some Guy From Camberwell.


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