Manager on Narconon admits on TV being convicted on drug crimes


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Manager on Narconon admits on TV being convicted on drug crimes and being a Scientology ringleader

24 Jan 2004

Local office of Governmental authorities ( Länsstyrelsen) is expected to give their ruling on Narconons application to start a new "Treatmentcentre" at Lättarp , a small rural community between the cities of Jönköping and Nässjö next week.

I gave an interview on request from the TV channel TV 4:s local newsdesk. Those of you understanding swedish can view a clip at: or at the channels url:

Translated transcript:

Newsreader: A critizised treatmentcentre for drugaddicts with connections to the scientologyorganisation can soon be a reality in Nässjö. The treatmentcentre is higly critizised by doctors which states that the scientologyorganisation is using higly questionable methods. In addition , TV 4 Jönköping can tell ,that the supposed manager for the treatmentcentre is convicted for drugcrimes.

Brettstam: I think it would be a scandal if permission to start this so called treatmnetcentre would be granted.

These individuals must have the right help , in accordance with the law,and correct medical treatment.

Newsreader showing pictures of the facility: This is the place were Narconon would like to establish themselves.But many has protested. Ulf Brettstam , one of the strongest critics,is hosting a debatepage on the web wich among other things , is questioning the treatmentmethods used by Narconon. For instance, "purifying" drugaddicts with saunas.

Brettstam:This purification rundown using saunas and overdosing vitamines, is in total lack of scientific evidence and evidence based practise and is not to be recommended and that this method is risky and that the risks has not been properly investigated.

Newsreader: (clip from the facility) It is Thomas Pettersson , manager , that wants to manage the Narconon facility at Lättarp. He responds to the criticism.

Thomas Pettersson: I think it is rather irelevant and unreliable. I mean , I have been talking to a lot of other people, parents, relatives,socialworkers and other doctors that has another opinion. I will have to let his(mine) opinion stand for itself.

Newsreporter: You are convicted for drugcrimes, what is your comment ?

Thomas Pettersson: Well, I think that there are a lot of people working with drugaddicts, that are former drugaddicts themselves and has been taking drugs themselves and wether they has been caught and charged or not , is another matter. I consider myself very well suitable for this job.

Reporter: Brettstam is not only critical on the treatmentmethods, he is also critical to the fact that the "treatmentcentre" is connected to the church of scientology.

Brettstam: These 8 courses, they hemselves states they are giving to their clients on their centres, are identical to the initial courses in the church of scientology, and the overall goal of this operation is recruiting new members and maximise profit.

Pettersson: People has different religious beliefs, some are christian, others are buddhists, I am a "scieno", It does not at all has to trespass into the treatmentwork in such way.

Newsreader: Local Governmental authorities is expected to make their ruling next week.

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