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From: Crackpots
To: John Wood (
Date: 12/April/2001

> Crackpots,

Greetings, John!

> Your site also talks about the purif being "unscientific and > risky".

Actually the site is operated by an organization called the Organized Crime Civilian Response which is a pilot project covering a number of organized criminal scams, not just Narconon.

> If this were true, wouldn't it be shut down by health
> authorities by now? It's been around for over 20 years now.
> Surely, the last thing it would do is be growing around the
> world, but that's exactly what Narconon and the purif is doing.
> And what about all the success reported from the Chernobyl
> victims? Victims whose radioactivity levels were dramatically
> reduced as a result of the purif? And why do you think so many
> people are happy with it? Such as Buddhists in Taiwanese
> Prisons and Mormons in Utah. How come good news stories such as
> the tremendous success enjoyed in Ensenada Prison (now a
> Narconon Centre itself and fully funded by the Mexican
> government)) since 1995 have not made it onto your web site?

I'll cover these issues to the best of my recollection with opinions:

A great many quack medical scams are not ended by law enforcement in America, sadly. Even larger scams than Narconon (such as Nutrasystems and the parade of endless quack diet operations America is subjected to) are routinely ignored by the FDA and bunko law enforcement agencies. Fortunately the Narconon scam hasn't been entirely ignored. The scam has been one of the major reasons why law enforcement agencies in Greece, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and Belgium have raided the Scientology crime syndicate (see for the latest.) Indeed, the Narconon quack medical frauds in Madrid, Spain is one of the main reasons why the Scientology crime syndicate is on trial in Madrid right now. While your "International President" Heber Jentzsch skipped out on bail and failed to show up for his trial, he left behind other ringleaders which apparently couldn't afford to flee to America to stand trial. That trial is scheduled to resume on the 16'Th of this month. (See for specifics.)

Another wonderful event was getting the Narconon scam thrown out of Utah's justice system. Unbelievably a judge had unknowingly been sending children into the hands of the Scientology crime syndicate and, when she found out, put an immediate stop to it. She was so embarrassed by being snookered by the Scientology crime syndicate that she wouldn't even answer questions for the television reporter who covered the incident. And really who could blame her? She corrected the mistake and that's all that matters. She doubtlessly saved lives and maimings.

As for the unusual claims about radiation, while they're unscientific and obviously based upon L. Ron Hubbard's profound lack of understanding about basic atomics, they can become deadly when mixed with quack medical notions involving massive amounts of niacin which, sadly, has been the cause of a great many maimings of victims who fell for the Narconon scam. The anecdotal claims of Scientologists ordered to write "wins" to make "amends" or to acquire "stats" are easily dismissed. What matters is science and science, as you've seen in the medical r eviews of Narconon's quack medical notions, not only debunks Scientology's claims yet also cover the frauds as "potential lethal." The amazing whoppers that Scientology tells its followers -- Chernobyl? How amusing - are lies on a par with the organization's claims to having educated 1.5 million African children. The syndicate tells numerous whoppers without giving sufficient details to test the validity of their un-evidenced claims; it's what they do (see for specifics on the debunking of the African children claim.)

If Narconon worked, it would be covered in credentialed, peer-reviewed medical journals and other scientific journals. When it's mentioned at all in the scientific community, it's debunked utterly. One of the reason why the Scientology crime syndicate usually doesn't admit upright that Narconon is Scientology is because they know that every school, every community, and every facility which would otherwise support Narconon would - and do - immediately revoke their support. At times the Scientology crime syndicate will publicly admit that Narconon is Scientology however it appears to be an admission that is made accidentally by spokespeople who haven't "got their TR-L in" (see for specifics on TR-L.)

Science dictates what's a workable solution, not emotional belief in criminal scams. Narcotics Anonymous -- the real Narcotics Anonymous organization - has been in operation since 1947 and has a tremendous history of successes which can actually be verified. Their process - unlike Narconon -- doesn't involve magical unscientific notions for solving problems. Unlike Narconon, participants aren't ordered to write "wins" to try to sell the program to people to try to rope them into a criminal cult.

The last thing that people suffering from addictions need is to be swindled by a criminal organization bent solely upon rooking them out of every last dime and suckering them into the very same criminal organization. People suffering from addictions need real help and the only organization out there which has a proven, workable, and truthful process to help them in Narcotics Anonymous.

I hope that helps. Since you're a Scientologist you already know all this yet I thought for the purposes of starting an E-mail section I'd address the salient points. E-mail affords the opportunity to add content to web sites and I thank you for your assistance. And no, don't bother denying it. You post whoppers in three newsgroups,, uk.politics.drugs, and alt.drugs. The insane rants about psychology and your Scientology cookie-cutter web page at evidence a serious pathology yet also shows your lack of credability.

I just hope that you don't subject yourself to the dangerous quack medical scams you're advocating. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment. If you want help getting out of Scientology, you might consider contacting the Lisa McPherson Trust (see for contact information.)

Good luck.


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