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From: John Wood (
To: Crackpots
Date: 12/April/2001


Your site also talks about the purif being "unscientific and risky".

If this were true, wouldn't it be shut down by health authorities by now? It's been around for over 20 years now. Surely, the last thing it would do is be growing around the world, but that's exactly what Narconon and the purif is doing. And what about all the success reported from the Chernobyl victims? Victims whose radioactivity levels were dramatically reduced as a result of the purif? And why do you think so many people are happy with it? Such as Buddhists in Taiwanese Prisons and Mormons in Utah. How come good news stories such as the tremendous success enjoyed in Ensenada Prison (now a Narconon Centre itself and fully funded by the Mexican government)) since 1995 have not made it onto your web site?


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