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Harold's Journal
Editorial Opinion By RWL - 11 January 1990

It's time for your lesson on the way to get happy. Today we will discuss Chapter 9, "Don't Do Anything Illegal." So go dig your little book out of the trash and study along with the rest of us.

The Father of World Morality, who wrote the book, tells us that an illegal act is an act which can result in retribution by the state and courts.

Like, for instance, infiltrating government and private offices to steal documents and inserting disinformation in particular files. Those are illegal acts.

As he prepared to sentence the top Scientology ® Guardian's Officer and wife of the "Source" of the Way to Happiness for her part in instigating and carrying out such schemes, US District Judge Charles R. Ritchey told Mrs. L. Ron (Mary Sue) Hubbard that "we have a precious system of government in the United States... For anyone to use the benefits of those laws or to seek under the guise of those laws to destroy the very foundation of the government is totally wrong and cannot be condoned by any responsible citizen." She got 5 years and $10,000 in fines.

Nine Scientologists were convicted, including none other than a Scientology Guardian's Office deputy named Henning Heldt.

Henning Heldt is also one of the three original founding directors of Narconon ®. The other two are Scientology "Reverend" Arthur Marin, who has seen his own troubles with the law, and William Benitez, who was already in jail when he was lured into Scientology. All three signatures are clearly visible on the original incorporation papers dated 16 May, 1970, and filed with the Secretary of the State of California on 20 May, 1970.

Mrs. Hubbard's husband, that omnipotent Operating Thetan of the highest order, most knowledgeable and aware person on the planet... or in the universe for that matter... didn't know any of this illegal stuff was going on.

"I learned about it like everyone else, after the fact and could only shake my head in dismay..." he is quoted as saying with a naivete that seems inappropriate to his OT status.

Elron was, in fact, labelled an "Unindicted Co-Conspirator" by the FBI. This is the type of person we are to entrust with our morality? With our mental health? With our eternity?

Put the book back in the trash.


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