Narconon's founder L. Ron Hubbard reworks the Ten Commandments


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Harold's Journal
Editorial Opinion By RWL - 04 January 1990
God Didn't Quite Get It Right.

God, it appears, didn't do it right.

It took the omnipotent and very late Operating Thetan L. Ron Hubbub to get the 10 Commandments written up proper for us aberrated humans.

Only there are 19 of 'em instead of 10.

That's something God would have known if He'd only consulted with L-Boy a bit sooner and not been in such a hurry to get them written in stone.

But you know better, now.

If you subscribe to the esteemed journal from our south, you now know that "The Way To Happiness" has been plotted out for you by his eminence, LRH, and delivered to you in booklet form, courtesy of Narconon ®-Chilocco.

Forget God.

Forget your upbringing and your traditional values.

They are all figments of your aberrated human condition. Only L. Ron Hubbub knows the way to your salvation.

In its simplistic manner, "The Way To Happiness" looks suspiciously like it has been crudely translated from stone tablets found near Mount Sinai, without giving credit to the Original Author. Hubbard, instead, wants all the credit for guiding the world's morality.

"The Way To Happiness" is produced by The Way To Happiness Foundation, a substructure of the cult of Scientology ®. It is distributed by The Concerned Businessmen's Association Of America, another substructure of the cult of Scientology. (which incidentally, is the outfit that first seduced our Indian tribes to Clearwater, Florida, where they were sold the bill of bads known as Narconon, which is yet another substructure of the cult of Scientology) It is published by a Scientology controlled firm called Bridge Publications, Inc., whose sole purpose is the promulgation of the works of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology and self-proclaimed Source of all true wisdom and knowledge in the universe.

And all of it is designed to get you to go "up the Bridge to Total Freedom."

"The Way To Happiness" is an innocuous piece of prose. Had there not been a much earlier version, written on Greater Authority and in a more consolidated form - there might have even been a need for such a document.

We refer Mr. Hubbard to section 13 of his little booklet. "Do not Steal."

He tells us that stealing is an admission that one can not come by something honestly. Or that one is suffering from a flash of insanity. It's one or the other, he tells us.

From which was he suffering when he hit upon the unscrupulous idea of taking credit for a paraphrased version of the Ten Commandments?

From which was he suffering when he hit upon the idea of taking credit for Abreaction Therapy (a part of Dianetics that works), when that type of treatment was fully described years earlier (1923) in the book "Mneme" by Richard Simon?

From which was he suffering when he hit upon the idea of taking credit for the science of General Semantics (the study of differentiation, another part that works) which was formulated in 1933 by noted Polish mathematician Count Alfred Korzybski and expounded upon in his book "Science and Sanity"?

From which was he suffering when he hit upon the idea of rehashing and incorporating into his "technology" some of the strange and occult works of Aleister Crowley (who signed himself "The Beast 666), and other practitioners of "Black Magick"?

Plagiarism, according to an old journalistic wit, is stealing from one source. Research, on the other hand, is stealing from many sources.

In this regard, and this regard alone, Elron appears to have been a true "researcher."


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