Which is exactly what is taught at Narconon


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Harold's Journal
Editorial Opinion By RWL - 14 November 1991

Human history is long, tedious road with many missing bricks. It is based on a few artifacts, some rather outstanding individual lives, some written words, and a lot of oral tradition. The farther back in history one travels, the less clear the picture. Details fall by the wayside.

Assumptions take their place. Current events become history. History becomes archeology. Archeology becomes educated guesswork. Guesswork becomes theory.

Suppose.... just suppose there was a way to rebuild the entire history of the human race. One life at a time. Accurately, completely, in absolute minuscule detail. What a remarkable historical record could be constructed, like a long road, one brick at a time. What a boon to the artifact hunters, to the historians, to the politicians who seemed doomed to repeat history for lack of knowledge about it. What a solid, incontrovertible record that would be. No more guesswork. No more wondering.

Our friends up north have, they claim, the ability to recall their past lives over trillions of years. They know who they were, and what they did or did not do in those past lives. They can replay their "whole track" of lives, even back into other planets and galaxies.

Now, with this remarkable trait, and a membership now claimed to be at 8 million, they could put down an awful lot of bricks on our historical road. Lets see. Eight million members each with a span of say, 50 years per life. Why, in just the span of the last 10,000 years, that works out to about 1,600 million lives. That's a bunch of bricks, and would pave a lot of history. Probably more history than we really need to reconstruct.

What credibility it would add to the organization able to accomplish such a task... To fill in those gaps in history where little is known. To build upon what is recorded and known. To prove their ability to the world, and give humanity back it's heritage in three dimensional detail...

With this possibility in mind, I asked some of those who have "experienced" their past lives, just who they were in the "before." It was a meagre attempt to reconstruct some small measure of history myself, and thus prove it possible to regain all lost knowledge of the past.

My interviews so far have included one Joan of Arc, a couple of Napoleons, several Julius Caesars, a few Jesus Christs, and one "biological" father of Jesus Christ. But no stable boys, hod carriers, or potato farmers. And each of them knows of others who have also been Napoleon, or Julius Caesar, or Jesus Christ. Absurd as it may seem, they believed it. It was true for them.

So much for an accurate historical record based on the recall of past lives. But then, what would you expect from an outfit that teaches "Truth is what is true for you"?

Which is exactly what is taught at Narconon ®, on page 201 of Book 6.

An organization that removes the anchor points of reality from people's lives is a dangerous entity. Few things are absolute. Real truth is one of them. Without absolute truth, nothing can be proven correct, nothing can be proven false. Anything can be good or bad as the organization's goals suggest. It leads invariably to the false logic that the end justifies the means.

An organization which has historically proven that it will use any means to accomplish it's goals is ultimately destructive in nature. Critical thinking ceases. Thought control sets in. Absurdity becomes reality.

Should the Mental Health Board fail to recognize these flaws in the Narconon ointment, and mistakenly license Narconon as legitimate health care in the state, they will ultimately have more Napoleans than they can say grace over.


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