30 Sep 2002
Sect exploits king in video


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Narconon (royal footbullet - 1998)
30 Sep 2002

The footbullet of april 1998 deserves a rerun:


*Someone from the church of scientology has done a damn mistake.

*Sect exploits king in video.

*This is a revenge for the publication of the socalled scientologist bible in Sweden a few years ago.

*They hate critizism and pursuit critics and defectors. Now they want to tarnish Sweden.

The translated articles
06.04.98 Aftonbladet



Narconon blames the exploitation of the royal family on the american church of scientology.

- We have asked the court and the police for forgiveness.

The church of scientology has to edit away the scenes from inside the royal palace, says Narconon spokesperson Thomas Lillhannus, 30.

An american tv-crew from the church of scientology flew to Sweden the previous year. The goal was to produce a documentary about the 25 year anniversary of the affiliated organization Narconon.

The video was to be shown on a church of scientology new years event in Los Angeles. - We would never have approved of the video had we seen the final product. Someone from the church of scientology has done a damn mistake. There are many mistakes in the video.


How have you gained access to the imagery from inside the royal palace? - I wonder myself. I have no idea how the Americans got the material. Will there be any legal consequences?

- Thats nothing Narconon will be involved in. We have done no mistakes. If there will be any, it will be the church of scientology which has to face those.

Will the activities of Narconon be affected by the video which seems to contain false segments and allegations.

- Narconon has been twisted and turned for 25 years. But we still exist and are recognized by both the countygovernments [länsstyrelser] and the Social administration [Socialstyrelsen]. Nobody has ever been able to question our treatment-results. We keep on working, says Thomas Lillhannus.

Ulf Wallin

06.04.98 Aftonbladet



[Picture of the king and queen]


The court responds strongly to the scientologists exploitation of the royal couple:

- The king does not support this business. The royal couple do not wish to take part in such contexts and have not been asked either, says court spokesperson Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg.


The royal couple are exploited in a secret propagandamovie for a religious sect. In the movie Sweden is depicted as a country bogged down by drugs, where the scientologists rehab facility Narconon is the only salvation. Which even the king has realized, according to the movie.

- We don't know how they got hold of the moving pictures of the royal couple, says court spokesperson Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg.

The Swedish royal couple are used as advertisement-faces in the global and criticized sect the church of scientologys movie.

The news on TV 4 yesterday showed the secret propagandamovie, which was not ment for Swedish eyes. In the movie, which was shown on the scientologists new years event in Los Angeles and later distributed to the entire world except Sweden, Sweden is presented as a country with a high level of crime and drug abuse.

Among other things, it is claimed [in the movie] that Sweden is the country where thefts are increasing most in the entire world.

The solution for the problems is, according to the propagandamovie, Narconon - the drugrehab facility which is a part of the severely criticized and controversial church of scientology. The movie shows fake broadsheets from some ten newspapers and the Swedish police assert the excellence of Narconon, according to the speaker of the propagandamovie.

- Nobody said anything about the scientologists, policeman Lars Serenander who is in the movie tells TV 4.


The king is depicted as a devoted protector of Narconon.

- The king does not support this business. The royal couple do not wish to take part in such contexts and have not been asked either. We have been in contact with Narconon and they have promised to take away the feature, says Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg.

The king and queen have been filmed on a planning-meeting with their staff. The court does not know how Narconon has aquired the moving pictures.

- This type of meeting has only been filmed on a few occasions and how Narconon has acquired them we don't know, says Tarras-Wahlberg.

The pictures are old, according to Tarrass-Wahlberg. Maybe as much as ten years.

- I can tell as a number of the shown employees aren't employed anymore. The movie also shows a congratulations-telegram from the king to Narconon.


- It often happens that organizations who celebrate an anniversary or some festival send a telegram and a return-telegram will be sent [by us].

- The background for this telegram was, that we received an invititation to their 25-year anniversary which the royal couple declined. Later they wished for a telegram instead, recounts Tarrass-Wahlberg. According to the sect-expert Åke Wiman, who has investigated the scientologists for many years, this is a revenge for the publication of the socalled scientologist bible in Sweden a few years ago. This happened when an eager netizen, Zenon Pnoussi [Panoussis], saw it on the internet.

He handed it over to the parliament [Riksdagen] and it thereby became a public act.

- They hate critizism and pursuit critics and defectors. Now they want to tarnish Sweden and show their own excellence, says Åke Wiman.




The movie where king Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia are said to praise the church of scientologys drugprevention effort.

- We did a mistake, says Tarja Vulto, church informationschief.

In yeasterdays edition of Aftonbladet we told how the royal couple had been exploited by the church of scientology. Tarja Vulto takes the responsibility on her, for the erroneous occurrence of the royal couple in the movie.

- I'm truly sorry that things turned out this way. It is 100 percent my responsibility. I never viewed the movie the americans were recording, she tells Aftonbladet.

The church of scientology has an organisation for rehabilitating drugabusers. It's called Narconon, and when the Swedish division were to celebrate their 25 year anniversary a team from the US came over to do an anniversary-movie.


Some images from a meeting on Stockholms Castle where the king and queen take part were edited into the movie. None of them speak in the movie-clip, but the American voiceover says, the king praises Narconon as the only solution to swedens drugproblem.

The movie has been shown over the entire world, except Sweden, and presumably there exists hundreds of copies.

Tarja Vulto now says the movie with the royal couple has to dissapear and be replaced by a new edited version about Narconon. One copy will be sent to the court.

Per-Iwar Sohlström

Translation by:
Metin Aydin


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