Barbara Graham's letter to the U-T editor


NarCONon is Scientology!

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Barbara Graham's letter to the U-T editor
11 Jul 2003

It's bad enough that this rich guy seems to think he can buy an office already occupied by a legally elected official.

It's even worse that he has a history of involvement in car theft schemes. However, as a recent article in the U-T shows, he has no discernment when selecting organizations to publicly support with the presence of a member of his office. I'm referring to the recent "grand opening" of Narconon Warner Springs, a purported drug rehab facility based upon the junk science concocted by college dropout L. Ron Hubbard.

Narconon is a front group for the Scientology organization, an organization considered to be a totalitarian cult by many European nations. Italy, France and Germany recognize the threat this group poses to democratic societies.

Now, why would Issa want to seem supportive of a front group connected to an organization which was the perpetrator of one of the biggest domestic espionage cases in the United States? Operation Snow White was uncovered in the 1970s, following an extensive investigation by the FBI.

Thousands of stolen government documents were found, a result of the Scientology organization's attempt to remove incriminating references to them from government files. As a result, Hubbard went into hiding for the rest of his life, while his wife, Mary Sue, went to prison for a couple of years.

Despite their misleading assertions that Narconon is not related to Scientology, there is a wealth of information to the contrary. If Issa's people had done a bit of research rather than relying on the slick PR material provided by Narconon, I'm sure he would have had second thoughts about sending a representative to the Warner Springs opening. I hope so. Narconon is being positioned by Scientology to receive a piece of the faith based charity pie.

There is a wealth of information online which clearly shows Narconon to be a fraudulent, ineffective recruiting arm for Scientology. The finest resource on the web for Narconon related information is historian Chris Owen's site,

Relying solely upon Narconon's misleading promotional material is like researching a Gremlin from a Ford dealer. If Issa is that naive or ignorant, I certainly won't support his candidacy for Governor of California.

Barbara Graham
San Diego, CA 92138


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