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From: thomasjbest@hotmail.com (Thomas J Best)
Date: 30 Apr 2002 21:50:55 -0700

Well, I've finally had a response from the Feds. I won't post it, because you can deduce it's nature from my reply:

Mr I Lawrence n/n xxxxxxx Street Principal Investigator RANDWICK 2031 Australian Competition & Consumer Commission 30 April 2002 GPO Box 3648 SYDNEY 1044 Your ref: S2002/1/273638

Dear Mr Lawrence,

Thank you for your letter of 15 March concerning breaches of The Trade Practices Act 1974 by the Church of Scientology.

I have to inform you that I found your response inadequate and disturbing.

You state that Sections 65F and 65L allow the Minister to recall or publish notices in respect to dangerous goods, and that you do not believe that those Sections could be applied to provision of a service in the form of the Purification Program.

I directed your attention, in my complaint of 14 February, to the writings of Hubbard, the founder of the cult, which detail the regimen to be followed in the 'Purification Program'. You obviously did not investigate the matter, else you would have seen that the regimen requires the preparation and administration of a cocktail of vitamins and oils. These are surely 'goods' within the meaning of the Act, sold as part of the 'service'. You were also supplied with evidence as to the massive quantities of vitamins A and B involved, and their potential for damaging the health of those foolish enough to submit to the 'Purification Program'. They clearly are 'dangerous' in the meaning of the Act.

You confine your comments about breaches of Sections 52 of the Act to the mere observation that 'regard is had to ensure that statements are considered in the overall context rather than isolation'.

My allegations gave you the 'overall context', since I enclosed copies of the cult's advertising as well as extracts from their secret doctrines. I repeat, the cult is engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct. Your response does not deny this in any way.

Your anodyne repetition of my concerns about breaches of various parts of Section 53 again does not deny the accuracy of my allegations.

Then you write that 'Although the alleged actions of ... Scientology may raise concerns under the Act, the Commission is unable to pursue all matters that are brought to its attention'. I note that '... only twenty five people participated in the program in 1998.'

Are you seriously telling me that it's in order for the cult to defraud and endanger people in Australia so long as they do it to only up to twenty five people per annum? Or would the limit be set at some higher figure? How, and by whom, would such a limit be set? Your response is utterly ridiculous.

Finally you assert that the 'Commission must give priority to health matters with scope for significant and broad public detriment, this office is unable to pursue the issues you raised.' It is apparent from this that you undertook no serious research into the matters concerned, or you would be aware that the cult's 'Purification Program' is merely the tip of an iceberg of fraud and abuse.

It is not good enough that the Commission, through you, tries to shrug off such a matter. Breaches of the Act the Commission administers have been brought to your attention, together with clear evidence. The breaches continue. I insist that the matter be pursued.

Yours faithfully,

Thomas J Best

cc The Hon. Peter Costello MP (he's the Minister for the ACCC) Peter King MP (he's my local Member of Parliament.)

The other development is that the cult has hit the NSW Department of Fair Trading with an FOI request, seeking copies of all complaints made against them :-)


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