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Date: 27 Oct 2002 23:04:16 -0000
From: Anonymous-Remailer@See.Comment.Header (Cerridwen)
Subject: Report on the 18th Annual IAS Event

Report on the 18th Annual IAS Event.

The event was actually held last weekend in the Great Hall at Saint Hill, in the UK. The local orgs all had the IAS event this week and it was shown in a video format.

My husband accompanied to the event this time but it should be noted that it required some extortion.

The IAS event started like past IAS events with a video showing an empty wooded area, and the same IAS theme music playing (trumpets blaring). Nine guys dress like knights from King Arthur's Court all on horseback come riding through the wooded area. They appear to be on a mission. The lead knight (note: they are wearing regular knight clothes not the armor ;-) is on a white horse and is carrying the IAS torch. The others are riding behind him 4 abreast and are carrying flags. Truth be told, they look like a bunch of good-looking biker types on horses.

Jeff Pomerantz' s voice comes on welcoming us to the event and starts to give a brief history of the IAS with graphics of the IAS destroying evil SP's such as the psychs, the IRS, CAN, Interpol, Eli Lily and Time Magazine.

DM, as always, is the host and is first on stage. He always gives the first speech and tells us that this is a continuation of the mission briefing that was given to us at the last IAS event because The Wake UP Call was so very effective,and they are going to keep at it.


DM had a lot to say but I will just give you what I can recall


There is a Scientology actress, Erika Christensen, that played the drug-addicted daughter of the head of the DEA in a movie called Traffic. Erika was brought up in Scientology, and to study for her role as a drug addict she spent time at Narconon. She is obviously now an expert in that area and was invited to speak at some event in Washington DC. I think it may have been the Women's Caucus or something like that.

Anyway, she was a big hit, per DM, and was the only one that got a standing ovation. After the DC event she met with the Head of the DEA (who also happened to be attending this event) and he thought she was so great that he put her on his advisory board to advise him on handling the drug problem in this country!

[Everyone now stands and applauds the video]

Applied Scholastics

DM announced that Bennetta Slaughter OT 8, former boss of Lisa McPherson and one incredibly ugly woman, was now the ED of Applied Scholastics International. [ASI]. Bennetta then recruited six OT 7's and they are now in St. Louis at the New ASI Int Headquarters at Spanish Lake. They are working on the renovations of their new world headquarters where teachers from all over the world will come and study LRH study tech.

Bennetta and her staff have been doing a lot of safe pointing and have been delivering LRH study tech to teachers in the St. Louis area. I didn't get the really super big win as I was distracted but I believe that the US government provided an all expenses paid trip to Bennetta and her staff to go to Washington DC to meet with US Dept of Education officials. The US Dept of Education was so impressed with the LRH solutions to education that Bennetta was put on the Advisory Board for handling education in the US. I may not that that completely correct but it's very close. DM was very excited about it and stated that this win was of the correct order of magnitude for ASI.

[Everyone now stands and applauds the video]

The Way to Happiness.

I've always known that Scientologists thought that the WTH had some magical thing connected to it but I never really thought about it until this event.

DM explained to us that in the early 90's the Balkan States were at war and what finally handled that area of the planet was the distribution of hundreds of thousands of WTH booklets.

Then the WTH was distributed in Africa when there was that horrible war between the hutus and the tutsis and don't cha know that peace broke out shortly after that.

So with this in mind, the IAS is giving a grant to some new front group called The Association for Peace and Understanding in the Middle East. The grant will allow them to get out 1million copies of The Way to Happiness in Hebrew and Arabic.

I figure those of you that have been concerned with the war in the Middle East will be relieved to know that it's almost over ;-)

[Everyone now stands and applauds the video]

The next speaker was none other that Heber Jentzsch. Heber was being his usual buffoonish self. All bluster and no content. His did what he usually does and spoke about the evil Psychs. And it appears that Psyches are no longer just evil Psychs. Nope, they are now PSYCH TERRORISTS!

He reported on some Highest Ever stats such as highest ever psych hospitals closed and Highest Ever psychs sent to jail. And they had these new graphics that go with the wins. I don't really know what the graphics were like in previous events as I never paid attention but these were very violent. The psychs were cartoon type guys that looked kind of retarded and it showed CCHR destroying them by dropping vaults on them, blowing them up and stabbing the word Psychiatry with a knife and making it bleed. It was really horrid and any sane non-Scientologist would think that the Scientologists were fucking nuts and unfortunately they would be right.

Also, appearing soon in a city near you will be the new traveling CCHR Exhibit called....... PSYCHIARTY KILLS! This new exhibit is a replica of the one at CCHR Int and per Heber it is quite effective in educating people about the psych terrorists.

[Everyone now stands and applauds the video]

And did you know that the Japanese psyches were behind WWII. Yup, they were! They were in cahoots with the evil German psychs.

The sad part of all of this is that I used to believe all this shit and I am quite sure I was the only person at this event that was able to see it for what it really was.

Ok after Heber's talk we get the first IAS freedom medal winner announced. A video presentation is done on this new Freedom Medal winner from Japan. I am very sorry but I am pretty awful with names, especially foreign names, and I didn't remember seeing his name on any of my lists. I think his first name was Koji

Anyway, this guy Koji is a pretty nice guy. He is the head of CCHR in Japan and has been working on that post since the mid 90's. It's very hard to tell how much truth the C of S is telling about this guy and what the real deal is but I tend to think that data is fairly accurate. I say this as I have known more than a few Freedom Medal winners and I know that their accomplishments were reported in an accurate manner.

Anyway, it seems that for many years there was a very heavy stigma on being a mental patient in Japan. The mentally ill were just warehoused and abused and there was a wall of silence about the entire field. Many abuses were not investigated because of this and people were not really being treated or fed or cared for. Koji exposed what was going on with the help of investigative (Wog) journalists and got some psychs jailed that were mistreating patients and defrauding taxpayers with bogus bills.

This is the type of stuff that I could personally support. The other conspiracy stuff is just nutty.

After the video Koji comes up to the stage wearing traditional Japanese garb. He did a very deep bow at the waist to DM and DM returned it with a much shorter bow. I think the depth of the bow has something to do with respect, but I am not really conversant on bowing tech. I can tell you it had nothing to do with DM height.;-)

Next up was Mike Rinder. Mike's hair is starting to turn gray.

Usually Mike does LEGAL wins for the past year. After all the IAS is supposedly paying the C of S Legal fees.

Not one word on the legal front. Certainly nothing about all the dimes they had to pay to Wollersheim. And nothing about taking out Scientology Public Enemy # 1 and all around SP bad guy Bob Minton. Nothing about the LMT closing down either. I thought there was a possibility that Rinder would come out and absolutely GLOAT about this but not one word. I suppose they thought that if he gloated or spoke about it that Bob and Stacy would find out and get pissed and it could fuck up whatever deal they have going.

Instead Rinder talked all about Human Rights and the new Office of Human Rights International that is being set up right now in Brussels They did a video walk through of what it was going to look like and how they would be spearheading Human Rights in Europe. Rinder also talked about the Human Rights marathon that goes on it Europe and how effective it is. He also said the US State Department released their reports a few weeks ago on Human Rights in each country and they took France and I think Germany to task for the way they treated Scientology. There is a new Scientology web site with Human Rights in the URL, sorry I don't remember it, and one is supposed to be able to go there and download their new Human Rights booklets.

Next was the Second Freedom Medal Winner of the year. It went to an OT 4, South African (white guy) named Greg Capazorio. Greg is the ED of Criminon in South Africa.

Now I know that many of the regulars here think that Scientology is 100 percent pure shit, but I have to tell you that these guys in the South African prison system, including the guards and warden were all giving very nice testimonials about the courses they did with Criminon. They seemed genuinely pleased and felt they had bettered themselves with it. I am not saying that a bunch of these guys won't go out and continue to rape, pillage and plunder, but I think some of them honestly felt they were helped.

Next was ED Int, Guillome Lesevre. This is one of the few Scientology execs that I have always like. He is very jovial and up beat and I get the idea that he would be an interesting man to just talk to. ED Int briefed us on the VM [Volunteer Minister] campaign.

Per ED Int there are now 20,000 VM's. Now he can't be talking about the VM's that completed the entire VM course and are now listed on the VM web site, cause there is not anywhere near 20,000 of them.

As we all know Scientology has their own tech on counting numbers. So what they do is get a bunch of Africans out in the middle of nowhere, teach them how to give a Touch Assist, hand them a yellow shirt and Voila! We have a brand new VM!

ED Int "briefed" us on the upcoming expansion plans. Now you have to realize what ED's real job is. As ED Int his major job is to ensure that new people are driven into the org and gotten on to and up The Bridge. He oversees all aspects of that occurring. The VM campaign is his baby as it is a Div 6 activity. Div 6 is the division on a Scientology Org Board that drives new public into the orgs. While it is being promoted as a sort of grass roots help flow to society, it obvious to even the Scientologists that the real purpose of the VM Campaign is to disseminate Scientology and drive business into the orgs. The C of S is not into committing anonymous random acts of kindness. No Way! This is an organized activity that is run hard and fast.

The new campaign has purchased 6 big trucks that look like 20-foot tractor-trailers. These 6 trunks, their staff and content comprise the new Volunteer Minister Cavalcade!

The trucks go to major cities in Europe (not the US for some reason) and they set up these 3 huge tents that comprise an area of 3000 square feet. They cavalcade will be staffed with the local Volunteer Ministers who will give assists, seminars, tests and reg the public that enter them. The plan is that the visitor buys one of the VM booklets designed to handle a specific ruin and then gets instant hatted on how to use this piece of tech and then LEAVES A NEW VOLUNTEER MINISTER! Oh my god, think of all those stats!

There will be lots of promo in Europe telling everyone when the VM Cavalcade will be coming to their city and the VM website will be posting the schedule as well.

Oh yes, and one important thing (to me) is that Jeff Pomerantz has been relegated to the third row! Hip Hip Hooray! Jeff is no longer seated in the front row where he can mug for the camera. Thank you, Thank you to the person that seated him in row three!

Finally, we get to the third and final Freedom Medal winner. That would be OT, Patron, Disseminator Extraordinaire, Rohn Walker, He is the co-mission holder with Juan Villarreal and I just recently posted some data about him in the Centre Mag post.

It was at this point that I entirely spaced out. I wasn't that interested in Rohn Walker and what he did and what he had to say. I started looking around the room at all these Scientologists. I have been quite friendly with many of these guys over the years and started thinking which ones would be most easily unindoctrinate. Anyway, that is for another post but it was an interesting exercise.

DM finally wrapped it up with the usual Hip Hips for LRH. This is another thing I wanted to comment on. I would say in the past 7 or 8 years that LRH has only been getting one hip hip per event. Back in the old days, he would get 5 to 10 hip hips. I just think it something to note, as it is a change. I don't know what the thinking is, but I do think that LRH gets "acked" a lot less than he used to. This is a very good thing in the long run.



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