Sounding Off: Letters to the Editor - 2 July 1992


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Sounding Off: Letters to the Editor - 2 July 1992
The Newkirk Herald Journal
2 July 1992

To The Editor:

I read with much interest and pride your June 25 editorial opinion. What a privilege to live in a small community with a newspaper editor who is willing to risk his all for what he believes in. We have followed with much interest all the action our local community and the total Kay County community have involved themselves in since the onset of Narconon. ®

If the Newkirk Community and the Kay County Community were to have a candidate for a "True Patriotic American Citizen" you should be the winner by a country mile.

Thanks again for your involvement in not only the Narconon issue but all issues of importance for the preservation of our American Way.

Al and Theda Sheets

June 13, 1992

A Resolution Duly Adopted by the Membership of the Chilocco National Alumni Association condemning the Narconon actions toward the Newkirk Herald-Journal...

Whereas, the Narconon organization made certain representations to the Chilocco National Alumni Association which were never fulfilled; and

Whereas, the Chilocco National Association unanimously adopted a resolution opposing the Narconon operation on the former Chilocco Indian School campus; and

Whereas, Mr. Robert Lobsinger, in his capacity as owner and editor of the Newkirk Herald-Journal has diligently made public the activities of the Narconon organization; and

Whereas, the Narconon organization has opposed the public reporting of their activities by the Herald-Journal.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved the Chilocco National Alumni Association reaffirms its opposition to the Narconon use of the former Chilocco Indian School campus as expressed in the resolution adopted June 9, 1990; and

Be It Further Resolved the action of Narconon against the Newkirk Herald-Journal is condemned as vindictive and irresponsible and an attempt to prevent public disclosure certain actions by Narconon; and

Be It Further Resolved Mr. Robert Lobsinger is commended for his courageous and continuing public reporting of questionable activities by Narconon; and

Be It Finally Resolved the Chilocco National Alumni Association strongly reaffirms its opposition and condemnation of Narconon and its activities on the former Chilocco Indian School campus.

Adopted by Chilocco National Alumni Association June 13, 1992


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