Scientologists Ashamed of Reputation So They Lie About NarCONon


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"rengin" <> wrote:

>so evasive about explaining what scientology® is? it makes me think of an
>amway sales pitch, you just want the facts and they won't tell you
>without making you sit through the whole thing.

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Hell, these nuts are ashamed to admit that they're Scientologists. If you look at all the fake front companies, corporations, and other agencies that they create on-the-fly and often discard when they're done, they must be ashamed.

We had Scientology cultists trying to get permission to open up a school here in California. The cultists were ashamed to say that they were in fact the Scientology cult. When the School Board asked the cult outright if they were Scientologists, the cultists had no choice but to admit it since it was eventually found out and the Board sought to get the cultists to confirm the fact.

And the crooks still try to demand that their criminal front group Narconon® isn't actually a Scientology front. When the crooks filled out State papers in Orem, Utah, they lied on their forms about who they were.

When Anti-Reg -- a guy who helped create the fake front in Orem -- wanted to get some of the money he was swindeled out of back from the cult, he eventually went to the press in Utah and gave the low-down about who the crooks really were.

The media looked into the allegations, found they were absolutely true, went to interview a local Judge who had been unknowingly sentencing people to the Scientiology cult's deadly and dangerous "Narconon" scam, and found that the Judge was horribly embarrassed by her screw-up.

The media pressed further and the State found the cult had lied on their forms -- which if their D. A. had decided to do something about would have put some of the crooks in jail or would have resulted in fines.

The upshot of the fact that the identity of the criminal scam was found out was the end of the cult's contract with the State at the end of this month. No more will the State of Utah knowingly fund this criminal cult now that their real identity is known.

It's no wonder that the crooks are ashamed of their own Scientology.


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