European Parliament again: Scientology lied


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"Metin Aydin"

Some time ago I sent an email to the European Parliament informations officer in Copenhagen (there is one in every E.U. capital), and asked for confirmation on whether or not the E.P. has recognized L. Ron Hubbards succesfull drub rehab technology and Narconon in a 1988 resolution.

It took the informations officer some time to reply, maybe because he really had to look hard for such a resolution, but he finally replied with the following words:

"I can inform you, that I have not found one single E.P. document, which in any way supports the theories of the Church of Scientology".

This is significant because the 1998 edition of "What is Scientology?" says otherwise; that Narconon / LRH drug rehab tech. has been recognized by the E.P. in a 1988 resolution (apx. 10 pages into the chapter about Narconon).

I have a suggestion for all european ARS posters: E-mail your local E.P. informations officer and ask about a 1988 E.P. resolution which supports Narconon / LRH rehab tech.

2 reasons why you should (pick one or figure out another):

1) Maybe the danish E.P. informations officer just couldn't find the document in question, so maybe the other E.P. information officers can? And thus reestablish whatever belief readers of this post might have had in the trustworthyness of books published by scientology affiliated organizations. Justice done.

2) Maybe the other E.P. informations officers will verify the findings of the danish E.P. informations officer. And eventually these verifications will lead to the removal of a lie from a publication published by a scientology affiliated organization. Justice done.

I have been reading about scientology for apx. a year and been lurking around on ARS for about the same period of time. I received the email from the E.P. informations officer back in the beginning of March 2002. The reason why I haven't posted this tidbit of info untill now is that I really didn't believe it meant anything if I did or not. It does now though - since just a few days ago, I have received spam e-mails from a few odd places (ofcourse nasty, evil sex-emails and some other stuff too) which coincides with postings I have sent to ARS and to the "Safe Harbour" discussion group. I hope this post will teach whomever chose for me to receive nasty, evil sex emails a bit about Newtons 3.rd law:

"If one object exerts a force F on a second, then the second object exerts an equal but opposite force F on the first"

Let me interpret:

Whenever some idiot choses to exert a force on me I will exert a force not necessarely equal but certainly opposite on this idiot or his affiliates.

Btw. A suggestion for the Europeans: Post the response you receive from your E.P. informations officer on ARS, will ya'?

Metin Aydin,
Pissed Danish Citizen


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