Controversy as Scientologists visit Drogheda


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Controversy as Scientologists visit Drogheda
By Ken Griffin

A RECENT visit to Drogheda by members of the controversial Church of Scientology has been criticised by a trust that studies new religious movements.

A spokesperson for Dialogue Ireland, Mike Garde, has warned that the group may be trying to recruit members in the town. Members of the church had an anti-drugs stand in Drogheda Town Centre last week.

But the stand also contained books written by the church's founder L Ron Hubbard and members offered ‘stress tests' and ‘personality tests' to the public.

Mr Garde claims that these tests are designed to recruit members of the public. ‘The personality test is a complete fabrication and it is purely designed to get you going in a certain way,' he said.

The church's visit last week is believed to have been their first visit to Drogheda since they were invited to the town by former councillor Frank Godfrey almost 18 months ago.

On that occasion, the church said that they were not trying to recruit members but were educating people on the dangers of drugs.

Mr Garde, however, believes that the church believes that they ‘got the green light' to start recruiting people in the town.

But a director of the Irish Church of Scientology, Gerard Ryan, said that the church wasn't trying to convert anyone.

‘We're not interested in trying to convert anyone. We are trying to get people to look at their lives,' he said.

He said that the group which visited Drogheda shouldn't have been promoting an anti-drugs message and offering tests at the same time.

When asked about the controversial nature of the church, Mr Ryan said that anything relatively new was controversial.

‘We are not a Judaeo-Christian religion and historically there has been some opposition to this,' he said.


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