Hubbard's dangerous Purification Rundown


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Hubbard's dangerous Purification Rundown
29 Dec 2001

These are daily doses on the Purif "found to give best results", in addition to hours in a sauna, running, drinking oil, and an additional dosage of several cups of Calcium/Magnesium in solution.

This is a killer for the liver amongst other organs.

Niacin: 5,000 mg.
Vit. A: 50,000 IU
Vit. D: 2000 IU
Vit. C: 6 gm.
Vit. E: 2400 IU
B Comp: 6 "tabs"
Vit B1: 1300 mg.

Calcium: 3000 mg.
Magnesium: 1500 mg.
Iron: 108 mg.
Zinc: 90 mg.
Manganese: 24 mg.
Copper: 12 mg.
Potassium 270 mg.
Iodine 1.350 mg.


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