Commission Ignores Narconon Request


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Commission Ignores Narconon ® Request For Newkirk Fire,
Ambulance Protection - 11 June 92

By Michael McNutt, Enid Bureau
Daily Oklahoman
June 11, 1992

(Excerpt from June 11, 1992 City Commission story)

City Manager David Haynes told the commission that the city has received a request from Narconon asking for fire and ambulance service to their facility at Chilocco. He also passed out copies of a letter from the city attorney of Arkansas City, Otis W. Morrow, to Narconon which said in part, "... the City (of Arkansas City) has concluded its relationship with (Narconon)... the city will no longer provide fire protection or ambulance service after May 25, 1992."

Morrow's letter cited Narconon's failure to complete a written contract for such services, and its failure to provide any kind of remuneration for services rendered during the past two years as reasons for the termination of services. The commission was uninterested in taking any action on the request.


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