Leaflets at Boston Common "Volunteer Minister Cavalcade"


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David Turner <novalis@novalis.org>
Leaflets at Boston Common "Volunteer Minister Cavalcade"
21 Jun 2004

I handed out 200 leaflets ( from http://xenu.net/) at the Scientology "Volunteer Minister Cavalcade" at Boston Commons.

They were quite in my face, and one of them grabbed my arm (and threatened to call the cops). That's when I called the cops.

A cop came by on a bike (badge #1058) told me not to go in their tent (duh), and told the clams not to touch me. Naturally, the clams were all in my face, calling me a bigot, and a racist (wtf?), and a Nazi.

Also, they insulted my purple hair, which is, to be fair, a bit faded.

One guy kept telling passers by that I was selling hair dye.

The most awesome bit was my last flyer. When I was down to twenty or so, a woman came by in a motorized wheelchair. I have her a leaflet. One of the clams walked over and said, "you don't really want that, do you?" She surrendered it.

Then, when I was trying to give away my last flyer, she came back and said, "it made me uncomfortable how quickly that guy grabbed that flyer. Can I have another?" I gave her my last flyer, and shook her hand, and went home.

I also got a flyer to a local TV news person, and to a Boston Globe reporter.

I think I overheard them saying they would be there until Thursday, but I can't find any more data online.

Replies by e-mail please -- I'm not sure I'll have time to check this froup in the next few days.

-David Turner


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