Barbara Graham Covers The Rescue Workers Detoxification Project


NarCONon is Scientology!

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Barbara Graham Covers The Rescue Workers Detoxification Project
19 Jun 2004
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Nobody has connected the dots yet concerning The Rescue Workers Detoxification Project and Scientology's bogus front group, Narconon.

The "purification and detox" program utilized by this project is the same program used by Narconon, which is currently under scrutiny by the California public schools.

The San Francisco Chronicle first broke the story about Narconon's dubious theories being taught to public school children a couple of weeks ago. Following articles included evaluation of these theories by qualified medical personnel involved in legitimate detox programs, which debunked Narconon claims as junk science. The Narconon program has been criticized as ineffective at best, inaccurate in the extreme, and potentially dangerous to practitioners. These theories are the product of college dropout L. Ron Hubbard's imagination, and it is likely that Narconon programs will be banned by the public school system as a result. Children were being taught inaccuracies like these;

-- Drugs -- including ecstasy, LSD and marijuana -- accumulate indefinitely in body fat, where they cause recurring drug cravings for months or years.

-- Drugs in fat cause flashbacks even years after the user quits.

-- The vitamin niacin pulls drugs from fat, and saunas sweat them from the body.

-- Colored ooze is produced when drugs exit the body. from the body.

While none of these theories are scientifically based and easily disproven, of particular concern is the use of niacin in the detox program. The levels of niacin administered to detox clients are dangerous, and can cause permanent liver damage in people with compromised liver function.

Promoting this program to firefighters and rescue workers is irresponsible in the extreme, yet the "Church" of Scientology has no qualms about endangering the health of these wonderful people to further its own agenda, fostering good PR and public acceptance, as well as potential recruitment. It has been shown that, outside the sauna and vitamin regimens, the courses administered are identical to the courses purchased by Scientology publics.

The Rescue Workers Detoxification Project is nothing more than a covert attempt at recruitment. Anyone considering this program would do well to read the following websites, which clearly show the true nature of this cynical attempt to foster acceptance on the backs of New York City rescue workers.

barbara graham
san diego, california


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