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Coven Mondav, Feb. 24,11986

Cocaine rehab ads not allowed

Bv Tim Kraon

A drug-rehabilitation company which recently put up unauthorized publicity posters on several bulletin boards at Humber's North campus is not covered by OHIP.

The poster suggested that students who "can't stop using cocaine" call a company called Narconon on St. Clair Avenue in Toronto.

According to company spokesperson G. Pagliuso, fees for counselling and purification range from $50 t o "thousands of dollars for the complete program.

An OHIP spokesperson said the company's fees are not covered because they have no qualified doctors on staff.

Pagliuso confirmed that no doctors are on staff, but said everyone must have a physical examination before the purification process. That is a series of treatments to clean narcotics residue from the body.

Helen Swann, the health nurse at the North campus, said she "would certainly not refer anybody to Narconon."

Michael Rubenstein, a spokesman for the Better Business Bureau in Toronto, said "we tell people to stay away from Narconon."

According to Pagliuso, Narconon uses the technology of Dianetics to cure drug-addicts.

Dianetics is the book written by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology.

Rubenstein expressed concern that some groups use these kinds of programs to attract members.

"We had five calls in one month from people with severe drug problems who went into Narconon and then asked why they were being sold on Dianetics.

Rubenstein said "there is a strong likelihood that Narconon is used to recruit members for the Church of Scientoloy. "

Pagliuso said that is not true.

"The goal of Narconon is to rehabilitate people from drugs," she said.

Now, if they happen to see Scientology as something they want to pursue, that's fine. That's not our goal.'"


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