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Barb's open letter to Susan Latvala
11 Sep 2003

Commissioner Latvala,

I read your recent response to a citizen's concerns about the abusive behavior of the Scientology organization and I have to tell you, I was disgusted by your answer. It is as if you didn't even bother to comprehend what this person was expressing.

The exchange is webbed, in part, on

a website dedicated to exposing the connection between Florida politicians and the "Church" of Scientology.

The writer is quoted as saying, "... I am deeply concerned about your involvement with the Scientology organisation. I would strongly suggest you take an inside look at their views and read the numerous statements of former parishioners, that suffered for long years and had a long struggle to get out of the claws of this organisation.


Somehow, your response falls short of the mark, and actually echos the standard arguments put forth by the Scientology organization itself when challenged on its abusive behavior. You state,

"Thank you for your email. I want to assure you that I am not involved with the Scientology organization. I have done quite a bit of research on this organization and have visited their drug treatment program because of my involvement with a local drug treatment program and my curiosity about their program. It turned out to be very similar to programs that I am familiar with."

I am very curious to know how many drug treatment programs you're familiar with that also administer toxic doses of Niacin to their clients. How many also believe that all toxins are stored in the body's fat? Surely you must be aware that distinguished, qualified medical people have discounted L. Ron Hubbard's theories regarding addiction and detoxification as "junk science." Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop had this to say about the "purification rundown," an integral part of Narconon's spurious treatment program.

"...It's dangerous. I don't think L. Ron Hubbard has credibility in the scientific world. The author's suggestions about detoxification can be detrimental to your health. " - C. Everett Koop, M.D.

In fact, many of the courses imposed upon Narconon clients are identical to those purchased by public Scientologists, and have nothing to do with substance abuse recovery.

Narconon has been heavily researched, and an extensive, well footnoted website that covers every aspect of Narconon. This site explains how Narconon can falsly claim a success rate of 70% by manipulating statistics, as well as outlining the dangers of the Purification Rundown to people with compromised liver function.

You would do well to familiarize yourself with the facts about Narconon, rather than relying on PR material from its promoters.

In your response to this letter writer, you go on to say, "I have taken a position as an elected official to represent all of the citizens of our county and I will not be a party to discrimination and the promotion of hatred. I do not understand "the Church" but recognize that there are church members who live, work and pay taxes in our county. These people have the same rights as anyone else."

How could you have possibly missed the point by such a distance? Was anyone asking you to be a party to "discrimination and the promotion of hatred?" Your absurd response to an expressed concern about your connection with an organization with a long history of criminal abuse of its members and people who try to expose those abuses, is a fabulous diversion from the issue. The writer's concern has nothing to do with discrimination or hatred, and your answer has definate parallels to those put forth by Scientology when challenged on its antisocial behavior.

Nobody is asking you to curtail the rights of Scientologists who live in your county. What the writer is asking is that you take the time to inform yourself about the Scientology organization. They have a 50 year history, which includes domestic espionage, harassment, intimidation and murder. You'll also find instances of suicide, deaths due to the unlicensed practice of medicine, people being held against their will, people driven to psychotic breaks, people being defrauded out of their life savings, peoples' careers being destroyed, and people being framed or falsely accused of horrific crimes, all this being directly perpetrated by the so-called "Church" of Scientology.

We do not take issue with the beliefs of Scientologists. We object to the criminal and immoral actions taken by the "Church" of Scientology.

Let's start with a recent case, the death of Lisa McPherson. It is a fact that she died after being held for seventeen days at the Ft. Harrison Hotel. It is a fact that she was restrained, and lost forty pounds, and that her body showed ligature marks on her wrists and evidence of insect bites while still alive. Records kept by the Scientologists watching her die reveal that medical treatment was not sought, that a medical doctor gave them sedatives to administer rather than treatment. Worse, she was required to pay for her own sustenance, and when that ran out, the quality of care deteriorated along with her health. The records reveal that she wanted to go home, but she was held against her will. You can learn a lot about Scientology by looking at their own records.

Recently, a series of agreement forms were publicized which reflect Scientology's paranoia and knowlege that some of their practices can have tragic results. Members are required to sign away their basic rights in order to continue receiving services, such as the agreement for the Introspection Rundown which killed Lisa McPherson. The form webbed here:

In part, this agreement states;

"I understand that the Introspection Rundown is an intensive, rigorous Religious Service that includes being isolated from all sources of potential spiritual upset, including but not limited to family members, friends or others with whom I might normally interact. As part of the Introspection Rundown, I specifically consent to Church members being with me 24 hours a day at the direction of my Case Supervisor, in accordance with the tenets and custom of the Scientology religion."

This agreement sounds like an effort by Scientology to cover themselves should another tragedy occur. Although couched in religious terminology, the intent is clear. You're giving your permission to be isolated, monitored, and held for an indefinate period of time. The Army taught me that these elements are part and parcel with coercive mental conditioning techniques. Taken in that context, this Agreement assumes a more sinister cast.

If you want to talk about discrimination and hatred, you need look no farther than some Scientology businesses, such as Daniela's Kitchen and the One Stop Shoppe in Clearwater, which refuse service to those people considered "enemies" of the church. And if you want to talk about hatred, there are many accounts of it perpetrated by the Scientologists. There are records of assaults, property destruction, and frightening mob displays against concerned citizens who protest abuses by the "Church."

I dare say that, if you took the time to research, you will find NO evidence of violence or hateful behavior against Scientologists from the people who protest the group's behavior. As a whole, we view Scientologists as victims of this destructive organization, and we also recognize their right to follow Hubbard's teachings if they wish. We also feel that they have the right to be free of harassment if they wish to leave, that they have the right to maintain their families, friendships, and lives without intervention, and that the "Church" of Scientology feels it has the right to curtail basic human rights of its members, thanks to the complicity of ignorant politicians who, out of sheer negligence, permit these abuses to continue.

We do not take issue with the beliefs of Scientologists. We object to the criminal and immoral actions taken by the "Church" of Scientology.

Let's list a few of those abuses, in case you're still not getting it, shall we? Any of these items can be put into a search engine for more information on them, if that's not asking too much of you.

Paulette Cooper, 1970s...framed with a forged bomb threat after writing a book, "The Scandal of Scientology"

Operation Snow White, 1970s...Scientology perpetrates the largest domestic espionage operation in U.S. history until FBI raids uncovered it and sent high level Scientologists to prison.

Judge Ronald Swearinger drowned during court case involving Scientology.

(excerpt:Fishman Affidavit)

"22. Mr. Leibowitz told me that when he arrived at the judge's house, he walked around the back of the house while Clarice Guidice remained in the jeep as she was driving. Mr. Leibowitz then threw the dog into the pool and "sat on the dog" until the dog drowned. Mr. Leibowitz also complained that his clothes were all wet and he foolishly had not brought a change of clothes with him. Mr. Leibowitz informed me that he was ordered to drown the dog by Kendrick "Rick" Moxon of the Office of Special Affairs of the Church of Scientology International."

Gabe Cazares, Mayor, Clearwater, Florida. This is a cautionary tale for all politicians who might choose to oppose Scientology's goals. The "Church" tried to frame him for a hit-and-run accident in Washington D.C. They tried to set him up with a prostitute. They tried to sue his pants off and destroy his career. He's still around to discuss it if you're ever so inclined.

More recently, and on a smaller scale, in 2002 three critics were falsely accused of serious felonies by the "Church." Two are from Florida, and I am the third. One was accused of arson, following a mysterious fire bombing at a Palm Springs mission. Although he has never been to Palm Springs, he was named by Scientologists as a probable suspect. A postal worker was accused of mail theft by the Scientologists. I was accused of planning to blow up a "Church" of Scientology by our friendly local religious establishment. All of us received visits from our respective local authorities. Why?

We do not take issue with the beliefs of Scientologists. We object to the criminal and immoral actions taken by the "Church" of Scientology.

It's no wonder ambitious politicians hesitate to offend this destructive organization. Stripped of its religious protection and facade, Scientology presents itself very much more like an organized criminal syndicate than a church. Careers and lives have been, and will continue to be destroyed by this terrible creation of L. Ron Hubbard as long as politicians remain too lazy, too fearful, or too corrupt to do anything about it.

Now, repeat this until you understand it.

We do not take issue with the beliefs of Scientologists. We object to the criminal and immoral actions taken by the "Church" of Scientology.

We do not take issue with the beliefs of Scientologists. We object to the criminal and immoral actions taken by the "Church" of Scientology.

We do not take issue with the beliefs of Scientologists. We object to the criminal and immoral actions taken by the "Church" of Scientology.


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