30 Apr 2002
Letter to Concerned Black Clergy


NarCONon is Scientology! Forward: For a systematic, detailed, professional exposure of Scientology's "Narconon" front group, visit the Narconon Exposed web site.

Date: 30 Apr 2002
To: revtmac@aol.com
Subject: Scientology claiming you endorse them

Greetings, Sir.

My name Crackpots

I've received an e-mail from someone in [Bowdon,] Georgia telling me that your organization endorses the rather notorious Scientology organization. Indeed, I was told that a Scientology spokesperson who came to the town of [Bowdon] specifically named your organization as endorsing them.

It seemed to me to be a rather curious claim given the organization's lengthy criminal history and its history of making unfounded claims so I thought I would write to you to at least let you know about the claim if in fact your offices were unaware that Scientology is using your organization's good name. Given Scientology's history, I'd expect their claim to sully CBC's name.

Can you confirm that your organization endorses Scientology? If not, I can provide contact information for an individual in [Bowdon] if you wish to persue the matter.

Thank you for your time.


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If you or a loved one needs help -- real help -- there are a number of rehabilitation programs you can contact. The real Narcotics Anonymous organization can get you in touch with real people who can help you. Click [HERE] to visit Narcotivs Anonymous's web site. Narcotics Anonymous's telephone number is 1 (818) 773-9999.

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