30 Apr 2002
Newspaper article in ASCII


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From: Crackpots
To: bwarr1@cox.net
Date: 30 Apr 2002
Subject: Newspaper article in ASCII

>> The Scientologist named Tony Mariani called the Bowden
>> paper 7 times to set up and confirm their appointment,
>> claiming there would be six Scientologists coming in.
>> They stood him up but may actually be in town. I'm trying
>> to find information on this character. The spelling od
>> the first name is not known. He's supposedly coming out
>> of the Atlanta Scientology office.

> Why would the Scientologists want to meet with the paper? They're
> not connected to Narconon, nope, nuh-uh, nossir!

Yep! What's also amusing is that JP -- the reporter -- was somewhat amazed that their little paper had acquired world-wide exposure and he wondered how it happened. I said that I talked with some people and had posted what I knew to the Internet but that there's a large group of human rights activists that have opposed Narconon and that there's a lot of people who have been victims of Narconon who all share information.

It's amusing because JP said that it's almost as if there's another cult out there that opposes the Scientology cult. And hell, isn't there? The ARSCC may be a joke but I have to admit that the level of opposition to Scientology is -- and has to be -- as extreme some times as Scientology is only activists never break the law -- unless Mr. Minton did.

>> The Narconon crooks claimed that they were being funded
>> or were part of "Concerned black clergy" based in Atlanta.
>> I wanted to see if there's any background on this group
>> and if they have a web site that can be tracked to
>> Scientology.

> I've found Google references to this group. They are apparently legit,
> and listed as a CNBC Affiliate here: http://www.cnbc.org/affils.htm

We should try to find out if they're aware of the fact that Scientology is using their good name.

> I'm quite certain that the CBC has only heard what
> Scientology wants them to hear; either that, or they
> are being used to endorse the narconon scam without
> their knowlege. Either way, they should be contacted
> and informed. Incidentally, the pastor of the First
> Iconium Baptist Church in Atlanta, Rev. Timothy
> McDonald III, is also the president of CBC. His email
> addy is revtmac@aol.com

E-mail him! }:-} I will also and ask if they gave permission for Scientology to claim that the Concerned Black Clergy endorses Scientology.

>> You won't believe what the bastards did when they blew
>> in to town. They actually mailed everyone in Bowden with
>> a mailer making claims about the benefits of having a
>> "drug treatment" facility in their town. But then the
>> bastards actually went door-to-door asking people if they
>> thought there was a drug problem in Bowden and then
>> asking if drug treatment facilities are good things.

>Oh, I believe it!

The nerve of these fucks.

>> The cult actually took people's names who said that drug
>> treatment faclities are a good thing and reported that
>> the citizens of Bowden supportd Narconon -- even naming
>> some of the citizens, the bastards.

> We need copies of all material distributed by the
> cult to the good citizens of Bowden, if possible.
> Was this in a newspaper article, or what?

This was imparted to me by telephone. One could conceivably call up a citizen at random from the phone book, indicate that they're a reporter from the ARSCC newspaper, and ask questions about the cult that is still trying to sneak into their town.

Scientology paper mailed everyone in Bowden and then went door-to-door later.

>> The citizens were who threw the bastards out of town. It
>> was an overwhelming turn out for the meeting and the petition
>> that was circulated had signatory for a large chunk of
>> the populace.

> Supoib! They shoulda run the bums out on a rail! Let
> me get this straight; was Bowden the cult's first attempt
> to establish Narconon? Is this the same as the Carroll
> County deal?

The crooks are actually already in Georgia since there are apparently two offices already set up, one in Atlanta, I believe.

This is the first time they tried to set up shop in Bowden. That failed. On May 21'st they have another try using an obscure loophole to bypass the rezoning requirements. That's got to fail since the citizens are damn near up in arms.

>> Any information you can find on these names would be
>> appreciated.

> Oh, I'm workin' on it! Don't know the clams, but I
> might be able to run down some peripheral folks.



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