29 Apr 2002
Narconon - Bowdon, Ga


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Date: 29 Apr 2002
To: [censored]
From: Crackpots
Subject: Narconon - Bowdon, Ga

At 11:19 AM 27/04/2002 -0400, you wrote:

> Mr. Rice,

> I went to the zoning meeting where Narconon tried to
> have 60+ acres rezoned from agriculture to Office &
> Institutional. Narconon's application failed on a 5-2 vote.

Ah, I had heard that that was the vote. That means that two of the people didn't get all the news about Narconon/Scientology in time.

> They have the option to appeal to the Carroll County
> Board of Commissioners who could overturn the Zoning
> Boards original vote. However, an option was brought
> to their attention. If Narconon would cancel their
> original zoning request of O&I, they can re-apply for
> a "conditional" re-zoning of the 60+ acres.

That sounds bad.

> All that means is that they would achieve their goals
> of re-zoning, but that if they ever sold the land, it
> would revert back to the original zoning of agricultural.

That sounds like it's really bad.

> If Narconon reapplies for "conditional" zoning, there
> is one particular criteria that the Zoning board can
> use in determining to grant rezoning or not. It is
> whether or not the new land use would be detrimental
> to the surrounding land owners and communities.

Yes, but more so to the citizens of the area and to the emergency rooms of any hospitals and doctors offices in the area. I see that Tanner is a large medical facility that's fairly close. They would need to handle the trama causes that come out of every Narconon office on a regular basis. And of course all Narconon "patients" have no money to pay for their medical help and no insurance covers what Narconon does to its victims.

The economic impact of Narconon coming in to town has always been a major one to the detriment of the community. Look at what they did in Oklahoma and the local Native American Indian community. The claim was that Narconon would provide revenues to the area and it was a blatant lie. Police and local medical facilities had the extra burdon of saving Narconon "patients," some who were ambulatory asleep thanks to Narconon found walking around dazed at night by local patrols, and some mysteriously deposited at the doors of emergency rooms with no explanation and no idea how they got there.

> My request for help is for information on Narconon's past
> experiences in other states and communities which would
> show why there presence was "detrimental" to the community.

http://www.crackpots.org/ is a good place to start for background information which includes medical doctors' findings, investigative summaries of the quack medical frauds, and incidences of Scientology apparently dealing illegal narcotics out of their Oklahoma facility since a man was caught delivering dope there.

> One interesting thing that the Narconon folks said in
> the meeting was supposedly the Girl and Boy Scouts
> were interested in possibly using some of the land
> as well. Great, our children coexisting with a drug
> rehab center.

That would be putting children straight in to harm's way. The Scientology organization collects people who have drug abuse problems and psychological problems -- either because of the drugs else the drugs are because of the mental problems.

Scientology does not treat either psychological problems or drug addiction. The Narconon oganization is a recruitment front for the Scientology organization -- and that's proven in the court transcripts and even in some of the papers seized by Federal agents in 1977 when Scientology was raided across the board.

Because Scientology doesn't help people with mental or drug addiction problems, the people that sign up for Narconon "treatment" are a danger to the citizens in the surrounding area. But it gets worse: due to the "processing" which victims subject themselves to -- which include "TRs" -- "Training Routines" -- that are predominantly debilitative, Narconon makes its victims disconnected from reality in a variety of fairly mild ways -- at least at first.

Having children any where near a Narconon facility is looking for trouble. I wish I could come to the area and offer testimony and to present documentation which shows what Narconon is actually all about.

Check out http://www.crackpots.org/ please and if it will help, I'll ask Tory Magoo who was in Scientology for 30 years to offer some help.

You can help by sending me information on local newspapers, radio, or televisions in the form of e-mail addresses where I can write. If possible I'd like to get on the radio in the area and talk about what Narconon really means for the citizens.


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