03 Jul 2002
The final word from the Carroll Star News...


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From: jpilkonis1@aol.com (JPilkonis1)
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Date: 03 Jul 2002
Subject: The final word from the Carroll Star News...

On 03 Jul 2002 11:55:52 GMT, someone wrote:

>> If the only thing that is stopping them is a zoning
>> law and the Baptists (town), they may just find a zone
>> where they can set up in your town or go down the road
>> a couple miles and set up in the next town.

jpilkonis1@aol.com (JPilkonis1) wrote:

The thing here is that zoning wasn't what was stopping them at all. There are plenty of places they could have infiltrated without even having to deal with the zoning commission at all. What stopped them was public outrage, which, here in Carroll County, is an incredibly powerful force. If these people are as smart as everyone is telling me, that should be a major factor in where they decided to settle.

Another thing to consider is that, from the information I've gathered, the black preacher who was buying the land for them seems to have backed out of the project entirely. If this guy was just a front to buy a sympathetic ear from the baptists here, it failed dismally. So, if anything, the message is that Carroll County is NOT a good location for them. And believe me, it's not.


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